Midnight Resistance (Spectrum): COMPLETED!

Still nothing to do with midnight, but at least due to the restricted colour palette some levels now seem to be set at night.

Midnight Resistance
Midnight Resistance
Taking down a gunship. Of course.

Hey whoa what what what? Didn’t I just complete this only a few days ago? Well actually, yes I did! Fancy that!

After doing so, I was curious about the Spectrum version. And, since RetroPie (which isn’t half getting a lot of use at the moment) does Spectrum games too, I gave it a go on there as well – completing it in the process.

Midnight Resistance
He’s electric. He’s got a family full of eccentrics.

I was quite amazed at it really. Certainly, it isn’t as good looking or sounding (or controlling, sadly) as the Mega Drive version I played the other day, but what was impressive is just how much of the game was the same. The levels, the bosses and the weapons were all present and correct, with only a few slightly shortened sections in the whole game. Even some of the bits I’d have considered pretty hard to manage on the poor little Spectrum, like the ascent into the tree, the massive several-screens-wide gunship, and the huge final boss-head with all his brains and worms were present and well represented. Just look at the screenshots and compare with my other post!

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