Mr Driller: Drill Spirits

With Zoo Keeper now le completé, I went back to Mr Driller. It is TOO HARD. FACT.

I can’t do 800m for the life of me, even with extra items. 400m down and I’m dead. Or less. How I’ll ever manage 2000m is beyond me.


And I didn’t even know you could complete it! It turns out there are only 20 levels in the main game, and once you finish them, you win. There then follows a slightly disturbing end of game sequence, involving love, death, children, animals, and the dark decent into overpowering insanity. No, really. It’s like, deep, man.

Paper Mario 2

Cripes. 8 puzzle rooms in one building? The “clues” don’t really help either, but luckily one or two are obvious, and the others are made easier by Goombella effectively telling you exactly what to do. Thank god for that, eh?

After that, it’s on to another bit of Shadow Castle thingie, and Gloomtail. Who killed me, as I forgot to heal up before opening a door. Ooops.

Zoo Keeper

Played “standard” mode for a while, and managed 7th on the hiscore table. Once again I ran out of time because there was only one possible move and I couldn’t see it. Grr.

Paper Mario 2

I thought the Moon was the last chapter, but I was wrong. Obviously, the Thousand Year Door would be, and this appears to be the case, but I didn’t think it would be such a large level! I was expecting a boss and that’d be it. But no.

Zoo Keeper

Tokoton MASTER! Well, not quite. I managed 5th on the score table, after jumping from 9th to 6th in about twelve seconds. I was only a few points from 4th as well, which was a pain.

Paper Mario 2

So General White wasn’t as hard to find as it appeared. It made the trek around the entire world even more pointless though, as you’ll find out if you play it. Anyhoo – TO THE MOON!

And on the Moon, there are lots of baddies. And the gravity makes you walk slow, and jump fast (and high). Found the base on the Moon where Peach’s sections take place, and there are quite a few puzzles to solve. And one of them grabbing-crane thingies. Best!

Zoo Keeper

Managed a whopping FIFTH on the main game hiscore table today. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the top though – the game doesn’t give you enough time!

Played Time Attack mode too, but didn’t do as well there. Got about 9th on that mode’s table.

Paper Mario 2

I hate tedious fetch quests. Especially when you’re not actually fetching anything! I found Goldbob (I realised I knew who it was), and then went back to Fahr Outpost. Now I needed to find General White, and so spent an hour going to every town I’d visited over the course of the game looking for him. And guess what? He’s not in any of them! But you have to go to all of them anyway!

Paper Mario 2

After wandering aimlessly in the sewers looking for the Ultra-hammer, I went back to Rogueport Square, and it became obvious where it was. So, picking up that, I went back down the sewers, and made my way to Fahr Outpost. Went up a couple more levels, and boosted my Badge Points. I have so many badges now, I look like Ace from Dr. Who.

I now have to find General White and Goldbob. Whoever, and wherever they are. No-one mentions them, and a bit of grafitti says that General White is also looking for Goldbob. Where the heck am I supposed to go?

Zoo Keeper

Quest mode is too hard. FACT. I’ve had a few attempts at it, and I’ve managed a whopping 555 points – which, considering 10th place on the hiscore table is 1000, is pants.

I do well in several of the challenges, and then get one where I completely mess up, and I lose almost all my points. Boo.

If you don’t have a DS, but want to play this ace game, you could always try this link.

Zoo Keeper

The DS version of this arrived today, and it’s one of those games that glues itself to your hand. I had a quick go, which was an hour long! Played “normal” mode for a bit, then had a go at “Tokoton” mode, and lasted more than 30 minutes. I thought I’d done great, but only came 7th on the hiscore table. Played Time Attack mode then, and managed to come 6th.

It’s even better than I thought it was going to be, and is ideal for the DS’s stylus. Oh, and it has cute squarical animals in it, which is always a bonus.

Paper Mario 2

Flew through another chapter today. Completed everything to be done on the train (and the train station en route), and fought the Smoog boss at the end. Bobbery’s blow-up-everything move was more than handy.

Finally got to Poshley Heights, where getting the Crystal Star was incredibly easy. Picked up a badge that made me dress as Luigi too. So, with the chapter finished, I did the Peach and Bowser sections, and set off under Rogueport to find a hammer. Got a few shines along the way too, and picked a couple of items up from the tree where the Punies live as well. No Ultra-hammer yet though.

Paper Mario 2

Whew! A bit of a marathon session on this today. I really want to complete it soon; not because it isn’t any good, far from it, but because I have stacks of other games to play and I’m trying not to have too many “on the go” at once.

I got the “turn into a boat” ability, as suspected, and then went off and defeated Cortez at the end of the Pirate’s cave. He was actually pretty hard, with his four swords and stuff, and the fact he can heal himself by eating the audience! That done, I had another boss battle before finally completing the chapter properly, and did the usual Peach and Bowser bits. I’m slightly alarmed at the amount of time Peach spends undressed in this game too.

Back at Rogueport, I had a few subquests to go on (one of which allowed me to put my partners up another level), and had to return to the island to fetch some Piantas. I’m now into Chapter 6, which is some kind of Murder on the Orient Express skit. Bizarre.

Mario 64DS

Just a quick play on this today. Got another star (by getting red coins from all the Boos in the courtyard), and caught three more rabbits to unlock some more mini-games. Played them for a while too. The shell-smacking one is ace.