Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (DS): COMPLETED!

It would actually appear that the point I saved at yesterday was actually immediately before the final conversation in the game, so technically I completed it then.

It took me ages (a couple of months, I think) to finish, but it’s not through lack of interest – more lack of time. I played it for 20 to 30 minutes a night, most nights, for that time.

Anyway, the verdict on the game? Excellent. It’s Phoenix Wright only different only the same. Only different. That doesn’t make sense unless you’ve played it.

Most of the loose ends were tied up in the last bit of the game, although some new questions were opened up in the final section. There’d best be a sequel!

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (DS)

Played a bit more of this over the week, and I’m now into the first day’s trial of the fourth (and, I believe, final) case. I’m really hoping for some expansion of the Phoenix Wright/Seven Years Ago backstory here, because being drip-fed tantalising snippits of it is driving me nuts (in a good way!).

Games played this week

I’ve not had time to update this week, but, unusually, I’ve managed to play a fair amount.

Apollo Justice (DS)
Still plowing through the second case. I’ve started cross-examining the accused’s girlfriend. I think I know what the story is, and who did it, and why. Hurrah!

Animal Crossing (Wii)
Same as it ever is, really. Played for about 20 minutes each day, just pottering round Cheese; a bit of fishing, some fossil collecting, weeding, chatting to the other residents, and that sort of thing. Also had a visit from The Rev on Friday night, and he left me some fruit. Thanks much!

Swords and Soldiers (Wii)
Stuck. On the third (I think?) mission of the Chinese campaign. Bah.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed (360)
With my 360 back, I bought this as it was on offer this week at 400 points instead of the usual 800. It’s pretty good, actually, although I have started several levels I’ve been unable to progress in as I keep hitting dead ends. And it’s hard.

Assorted Xbox Live Arcade Games (360)
On the ugvm group, there’s a competition running to find who is the bestest of the best at a range of 360 games. I had a go at getting up the leaderboards on Frogger, Geometry Wars 2, Marble Blast Ultra, Pac-Man CE and Track and Field. I didn’t do well. Boo!

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (DS)

I finished the first case, which yes, was pretty short. It didn’t really explain a lot about Phoenix and Trucy, but I expect later cases will do that.

Now I’m onto the second case, and have done all the pre-trial investigations, and am cross-examining the witness, who is a stuck-up student. I think he did it. Maybe.

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (DS)

I’ve had this for aaaaages, but haven’t played it. Then I forgot I had it. Then, this week, I was looking for something I could play for reasonably short bursts on my DS and I stumbled across it on my shelf. Game get!

And, it’s more of the same. Only different. Sort of. The first trial is more tutorial than anything else, but it has some Phoenix Wright backstory, introduces Apollo, and implicates his mentor. So, quite a bit in such a short time.

And, of course, it is totally acebest.