Adventure Island (3DS): COMPLETED!

This was up on the 3DS VC this week. I wasn’t going to get it, as I had other things to be playing, but when I hopped on to the eShop to see what else was newly available, I suddenly got the urge to play it.

An hour and a half later, I’d finished it.

I actually really enjoyed it. Sure, it’s a bit simple. Yes, it’s pretty easy (especially the bosses – if you’ve got a dinosaur to ride when you get there, they’re defeated in seconds). Indeed, it is quite repetitive with each island having a similar looking set of levels to each previous one. But I liked it.

One of the major differences between the Adventure Island games and other platformers is that you have a very strict time limit, which you can delay by collecting fruit. You can’t explore much or you’ll run out of time, so I didn’t. However, I wish I had done some more exploring, as I found a secret warp on World 6 (of 8 ) and realised I’d probably missed loads of secrets. Tch.

Adventure Island: The Beginning (Wii): COMPLETED!

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I know I was saying how hard this was, but in fact, it got easier as it went along. This was mainly due to being able to buy new moves and upgraded weapons; the double-jump and flying jump combined made some bits of the later levels very, very easy.

I’m also convinced the end of game boss was easier than the second boss too. Once I’d figured out his pattern, anyway.

After completing the game, you get another marker on the map – Relics. I was hoping it was going to be some extra hard level or a link to an entirely new world or something, but sadly it wasn’t. It’s just a Boss Rush. Boo!

Adventure Island: The Beginning (Wii)

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Whilst having another loads-of-points-in-my-account-but-I-am-weak moment, I bought this from the Wii Ware shop in the week.

I’m not impressed with the quality of the presentation, to be honest. The graphics are a bit shoddy, in that 2.5D way games sometimes are, and the screen fonts look like they’re poorly scaled, and it’s not in widescreen. However, it plays like a great platformer from days gone by. It’s hard (I’m at World 2-2 and it’s difficult already), but that’s good – yes?