Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

I’m now fully settled into the town of Cheese, and have planted all the trees and expanded my house a bit. Not that I’m making best use of the space in my house:

But anyway. I’ve built two bridges, a street lamp, and the Dream Suite too. I’ve only used the latter to update my “dream”, and haven’t actually visited anyone yet. I’ve been far too busy making all the Bells.

Although I’ve not ditched the traditional TURNIP FRENZY method of getting rich, I’ve found a much more reliable source of the janglies – perfect fruit. For each perfect pear (my native perfect fruit – no other perfect fruit will grow in your town) I sell at Re-Tail in someone else’s town (providing, of course, pears aren’t their native fruit either) I get 3,000 bells. I have over 40 Perfect Pear trees, giving me 3 PPs every few days. I’ve made over a million bells this way in less than a week.

I still have 5,000 turnips to offload before the weekend though, so I’m hoping for a big price somewhere!

More frequently updated Animal Crossing news on my Tumblr:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

It is The End Times. Again.

Remember Animal Crossing on the Gamecube? I played it daily for months. Remember Animal Crossing on the DS? I played it daily for over a year. Remember Animal Crossing on the Wii? I played it daily for three months until my Wii died and I lost my saved game.

I now have the 3DS version.

In the first week of owning it, I’d played it for 34 hours. It became my most played 3DS game in 5 days – despite having owned a 3DS for more than two years. Not bad considering “it’s not a game”, “it’s boring” and “there’s nothing to do in it”.

All these things there isn’t to do that I’ve done include getting my house, expanding it several times, becoming Mayor, getting a new bridge built, planting all the fruits, winning the first Bug Off, getting lots of Nintendo-themed prizes in fortune cookies, having mysterious people from other towns visit my town and leave me messages and presents, planting more fruits, visiting other people’s towns and giving them fruit and leaving them messages, making not much money on the Stalk Market, taking a boat ride with Kapp’n (who is a bit creepy) to an island and playing “island games”, and digging lots of holes. And planting fruit. All the fruit.

Since this new Animal Crossing game lets you share screenshots on t’tinternets, I even braved Tumblr to create this masterpiece of storytelling:

Am I loving the game? Yes. Yes I am. Even Nook’s evil moneygrabbingness. It’s all awesome.

Animal Crossing (Wii)

Over the last week, I bought some turnips (eating nearly 15,000 bells worth by accident), then watched in horror as the price from Nook dropped each day, finishing at just 39 bells yesterday when I was forced to sell them or lose out entirely. I’d paid 117 each for them! Rubbish.

Stupid ugly frog girl moved out a few days ago, and now Caroline the Squirrel has moved in. She’s much better.

I also got the final house upgrade this week, and have been given the last mortgage cost – just under 600,000 bells. I’m sure in earlier Animal Crossing games it’s nearer a million? Anyway, with all the money I gave Nook he turned his shop into Nookingtons this week too.

Animal Crossing (Wii)

Made a reasonable profit on turnips this week – around 60,000 bells. Some of that I held back for the next lot, but most of the returned investment went on my mortgage. I’ve planted an orchard this week too, meaning every few days I have a big pile of money to harvest.

Oh, and Rod the mouse moved in on Thursday, presumably to replace Drift.

Animal Crossing (Wii)

I have actually been playing this for 20 minutes or so almost every day since I got it almost a month ago, but as is the laid back way of the game, not a huge amount actually happens.

In the last week, I made very little selling turnips (around 5,000 bells in total, I think) and Drift has moved out. Most of the remaining animals have taken to wearing my designed shirt though – ace!

Games played this week

I’ve not had time to update this week, but, unusually, I’ve managed to play a fair amount.

Apollo Justice (DS)
Still plowing through the second case. I’ve started cross-examining the accused’s girlfriend. I think I know what the story is, and who did it, and why. Hurrah!

Animal Crossing (Wii)
Same as it ever is, really. Played for about 20 minutes each day, just pottering round Cheese; a bit of fishing, some fossil collecting, weeding, chatting to the other residents, and that sort of thing. Also had a visit from The Rev on Friday night, and he left me some fruit. Thanks much!

Swords and Soldiers (Wii)
Stuck. On the third (I think?) mission of the Chinese campaign. Bah.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed (360)
With my 360 back, I bought this as it was on offer this week at 400 points instead of the usual 800. It’s pretty good, actually, although I have started several levels I’ve been unable to progress in as I keep hitting dead ends. And it’s hard.

Assorted Xbox Live Arcade Games (360)
On the ugvm group, there’s a competition running to find who is the bestest of the best at a range of 360 games. I had a go at getting up the leaderboards on Frogger, Geometry Wars 2, Marble Blast Ultra, Pac-Man CE and Track and Field. I didn’t do well. Boo!

Animal Crossing (Wii)

I’ve managed to play this every day, bar one, so far, which is pretty good going. I’m taking it slower than in previous versions, but already I’ve managed to pay off my first mortgage and almost half of my second.

Bunnie came and visited my house yesterday. She said it was a bit sparse (I have virtually no furniture) and gave me three stars. The cow.

I’ve also joined Redd’s club, which I know is a bad idea as I remember virtually every painting I ever bought from him was a fake. It seems to be just about the only way of getting hold of some of them, though.

Animal Crossing (Wii)

My wife bought me this for my birthday yesterday. Doesn’t she realise I lost three months of my like to the Gamecube version, and a whole year to the DS one? Surely that means I’ll be old and dead before the Wii iteration relents?

Anyway, I moved in, met everyone, got my mortgage, went to the city, watched Dr. Shrunk, and entered myself into the fishing competition. As I left it, I was winning with a Black Bass of 27 inches or so.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

I forgot to play yesterday to see the “snow blizzard” that was promised, so I set the clock on my DS back a day and went to see.

It wasn’t very exciting. In fact, it wasn’t a blizzard at all – just a few flakes of snow, none of which settled. Went and had a chat with most of my animals (most of whom complained about the cold, or remarked about footprints in the – non-existent – snow). Nibbles is trying to move out. I’m past caring, to be honest.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Really need to finish up with this soon. It’s just not fun any more, and I’m only going through the motions each time I play it.

K.K. Slider played me King K.K. today, no-one has moved out (or is trying to) and my notice board says there will be a snow blizzard tomorrow. Looks like winter is about to begin – and it was winter when I started playing. Come in AC, your time is up. Nearly.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Really getting somewhat bored of this now, especially in the wake of Viva Pinata. It’s not that VP is better, it’s just newer and stuff. Probably.

So I visited K.K. Slider as usual for a Saturday night, and he played me Aloha K.K., which was actually pretty crap. It was also the flea market today, so I bought some stuff from my anteater since he had some stuff I hadn’t seen before. Mallary is trying to move out too, but I don’t think I care if she does or not.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Another dull day in Cheese today. Nothing was going on at all, and even Redd’s visit providing me with a Frog Woman Pole (or something equally ridiculous), there’s not really much to write about.

Except Boone is ill, the stupid monkey.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

K.K. Slider night again. This evening, he played me K.K. Gumbo. After listening to that, I went off weeding, and then chatting with my animals.

Boone appears to have vanished already. He didn’t send me a letter, but his house has gone, and isn’t even on the map. Bizarre. None of my other animals had much to say, although a few were asleep.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Still nothing much going down in Cheese town. As it were. Word. I have a new resident called Boone (he’s a baboon), who looks rubbish so I don’t like him. Kabuki has sent me a letter to say it’s his birthday on November the 29th. I don’t care. I’m not buying him anything.

Aside from talking to my animals, I did a load of weeding too. Weeds are rubbish.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

No new animals today, and no sick or dying ones either. How disappointing. It was K.K. Slider day, however, so I went off to see him.

Having watched a short documentary on t’t’tinternet, I decided to request he play “K.K. Song”, and he did. It’s the “secret” tune hidden in many Nintendo games. He gave me the bootleg of it too, as usual.

Not a lot else was going on this evening, although I did give Nibbles the clothes that Kabuki hated the other day. She’s obviously less picky.