Another Code:R (Wii): COMPLETED!

It’s the only thing I’ve played since my last post (well, aside from the usual iPhone trio of Words with Friends, Carcassonne, and THPS2), and somehow over the weekend and today I plugged enough hours into it in order to finish it last night.  I was convinced there was only an hour or two left, so started at 8:30 this evening and – well – it was almost midnight when I’d read the end credits.

As with CiNG’s other titles (e.g. the original Another Code and Hotel Dusk), the game’s “win” is in the story. Particularly in this case, the pacing of the story – how little side stories end up becoming parts of other stories, how bits of information are dropped here and there throughout the course of the game, and how some connections are just left to you to make yourself. The “game” is secondary to the plot, and it kind of shows in that it consists of little more than a few puzzles. Very few puzzles, when you think about it – especially since it took 16 hours to play through.

Some of those puzzles are great, though. The starting-the-clock-tower one was an excellent, more traditional, puzzle, whereas the item-in-the-box puzzle from the game’s final chapter was outside-the-box genius. The TAS door lock puzzles, however, started to grate near the end of the game (especially since the last few hours has so damn many of them), and when they started needing you to rotate the Wii remote in addition to button presses, they just got frustrating rather than hard.

As I said though, story is everything here, and it really makes you want to progress. Just don’t be afraid of a lot of reading!

Another Code:R (Wii)

Before I rushed back into Super Mario Galaxy 2 to get a load more stars, I decided to play something else I’ve had on my To Do list for ages. Something a bit different to Bioshock 2 and Mario.  So I chose point-and-clicker Another Code:R for the Wii.

I played, loved, and completed the original on the DS what seems like ages ago. Oh, it was – just over 5 years ago! Good lord.

5 years in real life have passed but only 3 in Ashley’s world. The intro and some of the first flashbacks helped remind me of what happened in the first game, which was very helpful as (ironically, given the plot) I’d forgotten most of it. Actually, it seems so had Ashley. Silly girl.

I’ve put almost two and a half hours into it so far, but there’s very little story yet, despite the masses and masses of dialogue I’ve read through. I suppose so some people that would be annoying – it is very chatty – but I’m taking it as an interactive book, like the original, so it’s fine.

Slightly disappointed there haven’t really been any puzzles so far though. The only difficulties have been how to use the controller to do something (like moving a door – that was a pain), but then, I am only half way through Chapter 2 so it’s still in-game-tutorial territory.

Another Code: Two Memories: REMEMBERED!

Gosh – that was quick! According to the game clock, it took me five hours 43 minutes in total, but the story was so good it was still well worth playing. I’ve found out about both D’s and Ashley’s pasts, used Another, found Jessica and Richards, and seen the credits. Hurrah!

Another Code: Two Memories

The story in this is great, but I don’t want to reveal too much here for fear of spoiling it for anyone. Ditto the puzzles from here on in.

Which I realise leaves me not very much to talk about while I’m playing it, but that’s the way it is. So there. Anyway, I’m up to Chapter 3 now, and am finding more and more out about the Edward family who lived in the mansion. I have a few ideas who D might be now too, but I am expecting a twist later on.

No sign of Jessica, or Ashley’s dad yet, and I’m stuck on a puzzle involving a photo frame. I was stuck earlier on a bit using some woodcut stamps, but solved that by thinking “outside the game”, as it were. I wonder if the photo frame puzzle is similar?

Another Code: Two Memories

Inside the mansion, there are more puzzles to solve. They’re not that difficult yet though, still. I had to takes some photos and superimpose one over the other, I had a slide puzzle to do, and some books and to rearrange. I just need to find some more books…

Another Code: Two Memories

In an unusual step, Nintendo released this game here in Europe before the US release, so I had to break my 20-odd strong run of imported DS games and buy my first European title.

And, it’s very good. It is pretty much a Myst-like point and click adventure, with a story involving a young girl named Ashley who has found her not-actually-as-dead-as-she’d-thought Dad is actually alive and well on an island. Taking a trip over there, she loses her aunt, and finds a ghost named D.

I’ve done the first chapter so far, which had a few fairly simple puzzles. I’ve also taken some photos in game just in case I’ll need them later on. You never know. I’m now about to enter a mansion, where Ashley’s father supposedly is…