Bioshock (360)

As I was leaving Neptune’s Bounty on the way to the submarine, I was told I hadn’t harvested or rescued all the Little Sisters in the area. I hadn’t actually seen any, so I had no idea where they were. I looked around a bit and found a couple more Big Daddies (who were pretty easy to kill with my grenade launcher thing) with Little Sisters in tow. Rescued them both, but forgot to “buy” anything with my Adam. Oh well.

Then it was off to the submarine, which somehow blew up (something to do with Andrew Ryan, I think). Now I’ve just stepped into Arcadia…

Bioshock (360)

Sometimes a game comes along which is great, but I don’t actually play it because I feel I have too many other, shorter, games that I should be getting out of the way so I can play it uninterrupted. In some cases, those great games just never seem to get played at all – I still haven’t really started Zelda on the Wii yet, even though I’ve owned it for the best part of a year.

For some reason, I played Bioshock today. I was going to wait until Sonic Rush Adventure was completed and I’d tired of MySims, but I was in the mood for some shootin’ and stuff rather than runnin’ and jumpin’ and/or buildin’ and growin’. So, how did I do?

Well, I died a lot. Of course, technically you never actually die as such – you’re regenerated over and over – but you know what I mean. I’ve killed a couple of “bosses” (if you can call them that), passed through the Medical Facility and into Neptune’s Bounty. I found my first Little Sister, and because I’m Nice and Good I saved her rather than harvested her. I hope that doesn’t make the game more difficult in the future though.

I’ve killed a few Big Daddies. Although I think, in fact, only one was actually a Big Daddy as only one had a Little Sister in tow. The rest appeared to be called “Rosie” anyway, and they’re all a bit bloody hard. I also had to go on a photographing spree to get into what seemed to be a cold store, where I had to fight a bloke Atlas seemed to think was on my side as well as a million Splicers. And now it’s on to the next bit!

Bioshock (360)

It would appear that not only was Monday a “new game day”, but today was too! Both this and Phoenix Wright 3 for the DS arrived from Play Asia today.

I didn’t play Bioshock much, as I’m concentrating on Super Paper Mario at the moment, but I wanted to make sure it worked since it’s the NTSC-J version that Play Asia are selling.

Imagine my horror when it didn’t work. I put the disc it, it started to load, and then a message came up telling me that in order to play the game I needed to put the disc in an Xbox 360 console. Oh noes!

Luckily, removing the disc and putting back in again and all was well. Phew!

And it is, of course, ace. I played through the same bit that was in the demo, and found it much easier going. Apparently, this is because they filled the demo with extra splicers to make it a bit more exciting. It certainly feels less like a FPS and more like an exploration-game-with-combat title, which is a Very Good Thing.

And the water is still gorgeous.

Bioshock (Demo) (360)

Oh. My. Word.

This has to be the best looking console game ever made. Nothing I’ve seen (not even Oblivion) comes even close. The attention to detail, the water and fire effects, the style, the smoothness – everything. Amazing.

And the game? Staggering. It’s fantastic. If this isn’t voted Game of the Year, then either the demo isn’t a representation of the full game at all, or people need their heads seeing to.

The setting (a 1950s underwater city) is genius. The concept is genius. The execution is flawless. I’m really looking forward to the full game now, and I haven’t anticipated an Xbox 360 game this much before. Aces.