Brain Challenge (Demo) (360)

This is such a rip-off of Big Brain Academy! So much so, it was actually quite embarrassing to play! It’s also not actually very good, as the not-a-pointer controls hamper the game more than I was expecting.

More Brain Training (DS)

The confusion continues! I did worse on all three tests than I did yesterday, and got an age of 22 – one year better than yesterday.

I think the maths in this game is up the spout. OH! THE IRONING!

More Brain Training (DS)

I’m even more confused now. I did worse than yesterday, only ended up with an improved age: 23. I seem to recall similar anomalies in the first game too. How odd.

I then played Hard Mode of Germ Buster for a bit. It’s very hard – not least because you have three “pills” dropping at once.

More Brain Training (DS)

Today’s age was 26, even though I did better on two tests than yesterday, and was only very slightly (less than a second) over on the other one. Very odd.

It would seem that, like the older Brain Age (the US version of the first Brain Training game) the minimum brain age possible is actually 20. Bah.