Some Brain Games (DS)

Maths Training and More Brain Training both arrived today, so I gave them both a go.

The former seems a bit shallow. Yeah, I know they’re not supposed to be game-games, but still – there’s only really variations on simple sums. Surely they could have been more creative, and it remain maths-based?

The latter is much better. Aside from the return of the Sudoku puzzles, it’s all new since the first Brain Training game. There’s a rock-paper-scissors game, a “count the change” game, and even a “hidden” version of Dr Mario.

Both games, however, are having problems recognising my 8s. I draw them the opposite way to how the game expects, so it keeps thinking they’re 6s or 0s. I had this problem with the older title too, but I don’t remember it being so profound.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii)

Hurrah! I managed a score of over 1400g! Still not as good as some of those people on my list, but certainly better than more than previously. I would have had a slightly higher score if I’d not hit a wrong answer through a mis-pointing of the remote too. Annoying.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii)

1315g today. I’m really doing badly when compared to the people I’m sharing brain info with, and my wife is beating me too.

I did get my own back on her though, by beating her several times in the multiplayer modes.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii)

1245g today. Still not my best attempt, and not the 1400g “average” that Professor Condom suggests.

My main problems are with Memorise (especially French-numbers-in-reverse) and not recognising animals quickly enough on Identify.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii)

Aces, I thought – I’ve beaten Daren and Neil with my 1356g brain score.

Sadly, this was not to be, as not only did Daren post an improved score soon afterwards, but two other people joined my record list and both had 1450+ scores. One is even on over 1600g. Kill them both!

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii)

I saw this for cheap in Asda this evening, and as I was going to buy it at some point anyway, I picked it up.

It’s the same sort of thing as the DS version I played a fair bit of last year, only with mostly different activities and some over-the-internet stats comparison with other people in your Wii contacts list.

First off, I went straight into a test. I’m really not good at the memorise stuff. Firstly, I can’t remember stuff anyway, and secondly, remembering it backwards? Just, no. And then they read out five numbers in French and then asked me to recite them backwards? I think not, monsieur. Total score – 1117g.

A few practices, and then another test, and I was up to 1126. I thought that was pretty good, but then Daren and Neil on my contacts sent me their records and they’re both over 1250g. Bah.