Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4): COMPLETED!

I have always maintained that the best Burnout, is Burnout Paradise. And I was slightly concerned going into this that perhaps my memory is faulty and maybe the eleven years that have passed since I played the original version on the Xbox 360 have not been kind. I needn’t have worried – it’s still excellent.

However, the passage of time has still had an effect. The main thing being that the massive open world map doesn’t feel massive any more. Or even big. In fact, since you can drive from one side to the other in about two minutes, it actually feels small. Perhaps other games I’ve played since, like the spiritual sequel Need for Speed Underground, or Forza Horizon, just raised the bar. It’s also not quite as much fun as I remember, but only because of niggles like no instant restart and having to go back to the junk yard every time you want to change car. I’d bet these would be fixed in a new game these days.

I went into the game in a lot more detail on episode 26 of the ugvm Podcast if you want to hear more, but overall it was a lovely £5 trip back to a great driving game and I enjoyed playing it all again. DJ Atomika or no.

Burnout Paradise (360)

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Played the main game in this some more this week, mopping up the few remaining billboards, trying to find the last 6 superjumps (I only found one!) and then setting Time and Showtime road rules. Managed to do all the Showtime rules, and have about half of the Time rules completed.

Ran into all sorts of bugs with the road rules though – sometimes I’d get one and it wouldn’t mark it as done on the map, other times I’d set the Showtime, and somehow get the Time one at the same time, and other times I’d not get the required damage for Showtime, but get the rule anyway. Bizarre.

Going to give the game a break for a bit now though. Setting all the times is tedious.

Burnout Paradise: Big Surf (360): COMPLETED!

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Yesterday morning, I downloaded the Big Surf add-on for Burnout Paradise. This afternoon, I completed everything it had to offer.

Which was actually more than it would appear from that timescale. I got a good 6 hours out of it, finding the smashes, billboards and mega-jumps, as well as completing all the new events. Strangely, I really wanted to 100% it, whereas with the main game, I wasn’t so interested. Perhaps the smaller area just made it seem more feasible or something.

Burnout Paradise (360): COMPLETED!

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Flew through the remaining 20 or so events needed in order to get my Burnout Licence. Most of them were Road Rage events, which are by far the easiest (unless you count the drive-slow “cheat” for Marked Man). A few were stunt runs.

Now I can, if I want, go for a Burnout Elite Licence. I don’t really think I can be bothered, as it’s just a repeat of all the previous events again, only slightly harder. I did have a drive round looking for Smashes though, and now only have 5 left!

Burnout Paradise (360)

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‘A’ Licence GET!

I hadn’t realised that by not doing any of the races, Marked Man events, or Road Rage events (well, not many) for most of the game, it had left them all pretty easy to complete. So I finished off the 25 wins with mostly races and Road Rages, getting me my A licence.

I found a cheat, of sorts, for Marked Man too. Just drive very slowly. You can’t get hit hard enough to crash, so it’s really easy to finish. A bit stupid, really!

Also went looking for more banners, smashes, super jumps and so on, but didn’t find very many. I have around 75-80% of each now, though. Still have 5 events and 3 drive throughs to find too.

Burnout Paradise (360)

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It seems I did get quite a few new games this week – Burnout Paradise, Adventure Island, Bit Trip Beat, Strong Bad Episode 5, Trivial Pursuit…

On Friday I made a start on Burnout Paradise. Very quickly, I’d managed to get my C licence, and then I played online for a couple of hours. Most of my game time since then has been spent just cruising the streets, looking for smashes, jumps and billboards; of which I have found at least half of each.

Today I gained my B licence, and then set about doing lots of stunt runs and road rage events – the two types of event I prefer. I’m really enjoying the game, actually. Far more than I thought I would. However, I’m sort of dreading the millions of races I’ll need to complete in order to gain my A licence, and the licence you get after that.