Impossible Mission (C64): COMPLETED!

I don’t know how my mind works regarding which game I want to play next. The thought thread here was along these lines: Oh, there’s a new C64 game out that looks good (despite being a C64 game lol) I wonder if I can play it on my RetroFlag GPi? I’ll test it. What’s a game I could test it with? Impossible Mission is decent on the C64 right? OK, I’ll test that. Oh, VICE doesn’t work well on here at all. But Impossible Mission is great maybe I should play another version of it. Not the Spectrum one as that’s broken (a bug means you often can’t finish it), what about the Master System version? That should be good on a GPi. Hmm, this isn’t right. I can’t seem to go near robots without dying. Can’t jump them. That’s not right. Gah, now I really want to play Impossible Mission. VICE on the laptop and the C64 version it is then.

And so here we are. Yes, it’s great. Yes, I completed it. Yes, the puzzles are flipping hard and not just because you have to flip the pieces (oh ho ho!). Stick a (working) version of this on the Evercade please someone.

Midnight Resistance (C64): COMPLETED!

Midnight Resistance
Taking down a gunship. Of course.

Yes, I know. It’s the same damn game again. Or is it? This time it’s the C64 version which has a great soundtrack and less slowdown than the Speccy one, but the sprites are much less impressive. The level layouts are, again, much the same, and all the bosses are represented even if the final boss was a complete walkover.

Midnight Resistance
He’s electric. He’s got a family full of eccentrics.

I actually had to complete the game twice, because the first time I struggled to take screenshots (there’s no quick way in VICE on the Raspberry Pi) and so I used a cheat mode for the second run-through in order to get some – hence my bullet counter remaining at 500 the entire time. This had the bizarre side-effect of trying to skip a level every time I pressed down, so I actually had to play through it again as I missed stuff. The things I do for my single reader. Sigh.

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