Canis Canem Edit (PS2): COMPLETED!

I won’t go into too much detail of the remainder of the game in case I spoil it for anyone reading, but most of the last hour or so involved beating up, then working with, the townies. I also had to vandalise the house of a teacher, and then there was a huge school-wide punchup, which almost became a SuckySuck(TM) bit as I had to take down all the clique leaders again.

Finally, there was the inevitable showdown with Gary, who had be strangely absent since Chapter 2 or 3. He was very, very easy to beat – I didn’t even take a hit – and then the game was over. Of course, there’s a Chapter 6, which exists solely to finish any remaining tasks, but the story is complete.

Oh, and I was wrong about Gary being the head’s son. Bah.

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

With the nerds totally won over (again), we set about taking out the jocks. This mainly involved humiliating them to varying degrees (taking pictures of a cheerleader in the shower, gluing the american footballers to a bench, etc.) and eventually I had to take out the entire team on the field. Which was alarmingly easy.

And then Chapter 5!

And it’s all gone wrong. All the gangs hate me (again), and I had to do something to help each one. Johnny Vincent had gone missing (he’d been locked up in a loony bin, and there was a sneak-a-thon to get him out, and I hate them), the gym was on fire and I had to save all the girly jocks, and so on. And I had to trap a teacher in a portaloo and push it down a hill. Nice!

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Well, that’s all the Greasers dealt with. This chapter seemed somewhat short, but perhaps it’s just I found it easier and didn’t have to redo any bits.

Now I’m onto Chapter 4 – and time to take down the final clique (which is constantly pronounced as “click” by the characters in the game, much to my irritation – it should be “cleek”), which is the Jocks. Why, then, do I appear to be at war with the nerds again? Tch.

So I smacked them about a lot, broke into the observatory, took down their “leader”, aquired a spud gun, and now it’s time to team up with them and take the jocks down. As it were.

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

I seem to have had a huge break from this, as I was a bit lost when I started playing – mainly with the awful controls. However, I soon picked up the plot from where I’d left off.

It’s Christmas, and I got a tasteful knitted festive jumper from my mum. I then had a few fights with Greasers, and the rich kids (caused by breaking into their “house” and killing a giant venus fly trap), and have become part of a love triangle (or square, or even hexagonal) with Johnny and Lola and Gord and just about everyone. Dirty girl.

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Completed Chapter Two today. This involved lots of punching posh kids, egging their house (with the help of Russell), bike racing, and taking some posh girl out on a date and winning her a teddy at the fair.

The “boss” was another posh kid who kept hiding behind a bar whilst sending minions out to smack me about, but they were weak and easily brushed aside. Gary had been winding them all up with lies about things I’d said about them.

So, now it’s almost Christmas and Chapter Three awaits!

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Didn’t progress the story all that much today, mainly just causing havok (well, as much havok as a catapult and some itching powder can, anyway) and attending classes. I’ve completed Art and Chemistry completely now, and managed Shop 2 as well. Still having real issues with the PS2 pad, but then, there’s nothing new about that.

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Russell DEFEATED! I think “blockhead” is the correct term for him. He’s a bit stupid, anyway. So I beat him up when Gary went a bit nasty and basically declared war on me (and the school). I’m starting to think Gary might actually be the headteacher’s son or something. There’s bound to be a twist like that somewhere.

After that, I ran some errands for the cook (opening up the town outside the school), entered a boxing competition and won a lighthouse (no, really), and failed Art 5 and Chemistry 5 (bloody PS2 pad). And got busted when I accidentally punched Beatrice in the face when I meant to kiss her. Again, complaints aimed at the PS2 pad. My detention was to mow some grass.

I’ve also acquired a camera from the filthy Ms Philips (who teaches Art) and taken and passed my first Photography class. And! I have a BMX now!

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Yes. It really has been over a month since I last played this. But, well, Forza 2 happened, and Carcassonne happened, and Retro Week happened and so on…

But anyway. So I’ve progressed in Art, Chemistry, English and Gym quite a bit. I’ve got a skateboard, helped a freaky hobo, taken part in some Halloween pranks, beaten lots of people up, raided a locker in the girl’s changing rooms, protected some nerds, and assorted other things.

Still not happy with the PS2 pad, but then, I rarely am.

Canis Canem Edit (PS2)

Tim has been playing this recently, and it reminded me that I’d bought it a while ago but not actually started playing it yet.

So I started playing it. Yet.

Or at least, I tried, but it was a good half an hour between turning the PS2 on (having removed the inch of dust covering it) and actually doing some proper “game” as the intro and chat takes ages.

Anyway. I’ve started school. My first two lessons were Chemistry and Art, gaining me the abilities to make firecrackers and get kisses from teh laydeez in return for chocolates and/or flowers. I beat up a load of bullies, played the arcade game in the boys’ dorm, threw firecrackers at girls, and had a sleep.

The next day, I beat up a prefect (and was busted), took my English class (and passed), and beat up some nerds. I then followed some guy to the “auto shop” which was neither a shop, nor containing any “autos”, and was ambushed by some bullies. Beat them up, then chucked bricks in the face of the one I chased, and gained a catapult. Used that to shoot some rats, made some more firecrackers, skived my afternoon lesson, and finished the day in bed.

So far: Not bad. The PS2 pad is making me cry (especially the Chemistry “rhythm game” as I don’t know the location of any of the buttons on the pad), and the jaggy graphics actually hurt my eyes a little, but it’s not a bad game. Yet. I can see the lessons really getting in the way of things sooner rather than later, though.