Code of Princess EX (Switch): COMPLETED!

I was a big fan of the 3DS original version of this, what with it basically being a new Guardian Heroes game and all. A while back, the Switch HD remaster was cheap on the eShop, so I picked it up.

Since then, I’ve dipped in and out every so often. It’s a bit grindy once you get about halfway through, which isn’t a problem as the fighting is great, but it doesn’t real lend itself to long periods of playing. Besides, other games kept getting in the way.

But, I finally reached the end today. After a very difficult level, around three from that point, the boss was actually pretty easy. That said, I had ground (grinded?) one hell of a lot to get past the difficult level so was probably well overpowered after that.

Code of Princess is just fun. It has the smacking enjoyment of Golden Axe but with far more moves and with actual almost-RPG progression, and everyone knows what a draw the Numbers Go Up game is. Plus there’s the stupid dialogue which makes me laugh, although I don’t know if it’s good-bad intentionally or not…

Stuff I’ve Been Playing Recently

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Wow. Been a while since I did this.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (Switch)

I’d finished it with Gunvolt previously, but now I’ve completed it with Copen. Who, despite feeling like the game was much harder with him, actually turned out to be much easier as, if you pay attention, he’s pretty much invulnerable. He does have some tricky platforming bits Gunvolt doesn’t, though.

After that, it turns out you have to beat the final boss again, as each character again. So, with that boss dead as Gunvolt, you then face Copen, and vice-versa. Gunvolt vs Copen was really difficult (Copen vs Gunvolt was a walkover), so I was stuck there for a while, but finally did it. Both True Endings get!

Code of Princess EX (Switch)

Another 3DS game I loved, and it’s just as good on the Switch. Unlike Gunvolt, everything here has been redrawn so there’s no jagged pixels. They’ve also taken out the bit where you spend gained stat points from level increases on better stats – it’s all done for you now. Not sure if that’s better or worse – you don’t need to bother with it and sometimes choice is paralysing – but also some stats aren’t of any use to some characters so I wouldn’t “spend” my points there.

I’m about half way through the game, although I’ve also played most of the unlocked quests in that extra mode, and also played in two player co-op, which I never did in the original for obvious reasons.

Pokémon Sword (Switch)

Went back to this for a bit, mainly to get the DLC promo Slowpoke, but have also started getting the various Milcery and Eevee evolutions.

Code of Princess (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Do you like Guardian Heroes? Of course you do. Everyone with any sort of soul does.

As a direct consequence of liking Guardian Heroes, you also (even if you haven’t played it) like Code of Princess. It’s a sequel that never was, with no link to the original. Save for playing out very similarly and being awesome. I won’t describe how to play Code of Princess because you already know (and if you don’t, go away and read about Guardian Heroes).

Six hours in, and I’ve fought wave after wave of various monsters, soldiers, boss characters, dragons, trees and robots. Over and over. Yet, somehow, the repetition wasn’t repetitious. I know! It sounds impossible, but still – fighting everything, repeatedly, remains fun! Even when you replay the same level multiple times to gain XP!

But six hours, and I’ve completed it. Pretty short, yes?

Not when you consider that I’ve only completed the main story. With one character (the titular Princess, in all her nudeness, with her massive sword). I’ve only just started to play through as a second character (there are four). And then there’s the quest mode, with piles more levels and loads more characters to play as (that you unlock during the main game). And then there’s the Free Play mode where you can play levels as any character – including all the minions and monsters and useless peasants and overpowered superbosses. YES.


Then there’s online co-op! And online vs modes!

Six hours was a lie. That’s how long it took to get to the credits. I’m actually 13 hours in, and I’ve barely touched the content. Fantastic!