Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (360): COMPLETED!

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Into the Casino I went, and collected loads of skate pieces and chips, before making the mad dash back to the ranch avoiding the police. Which was really easy. I’m convinced it was bloody hard last time, but obviously not.

Either that or I have Mad Sk8 Skillz now.

And that was it. Green Pipes Point was mine (or rather, Iggy’s), and the credits rolled. Hurrahs!

Crackdown (360): COMPLETED!

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None of the remaining Shai Gen generals were that difficult to defeat, although the guy in the big dome thing took a few attempts, and the geneticist was difficult to reach (although not kill) as I missed an entrance to his “prison” complex. The kingpin was alarmingly simple, but then, I did skip most of his skyscraper by entering near the top instead of from the bottom.

And that all netted me three more achievements, and I gained another for killing loads of gang members with explosives and another for Rampage, which I don’t quite understand.

The ending had a twist, although I’ve played enough games now to expect what the twist actually was, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

Overall, a great game. I will probably go back to max out my stats, but I don’t think I can be bothered with all the races and stunts.

Mutant Storm Reloaded (360): COMPLETED!

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It seems I hadn’t actually completed this previously. I thought I had, but it seems I’d only reached level 60-something. Obviously, I then had to do something about that!

So I did, and lo, I completed it. Level 87 seemed to be the hardest one in the whole game (I died completely there several times), with 89 being mercifully easy (I didn’t have any spare bombs or lives at that point). What aceness. I even managed to net two more achievements today. Go me!

After all that excitement, I had a go on Tally Mode, but I’m not sure of the point. You play one level, then stop? Then play the next? But you get scored on a per-level basis? I don’t understand why.

3D Ultra Minigolf (360): COMPLETED!

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Had much better luck with on the Explorer course today, managing to finish with 7 under par. I was actually 15 under par way through the first day, but that stupid carnival level with the card suits that flash over a hole messed up on me, as I kept rebounding off the hole, or got stuck in it only to be launched over the course entirely. Rubbish.

Having done that, I moved on to Adventurer, which is two days of all 36 holes. After day one, I was at 7 under, but I finished at just -1 on the second and final day as once again the carnival card hole dropped me 8 shots. Grr!

But, all done now – just in time for more XBLA release goodness tomorrow!

Contact (DS): COMPLETED!

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I know I haven’t played this in almost two months, but other things arrived and got in the way. Anyway. Today I played it for about two or three hours, which was long enough to finish the next few islands and complete the game!

Harbira Island was fantastic. A giant shop full of nerdy pop-band fanboys, complete with geek dialogue and two arcade games which you play as yourself. As in, a racing game where you run round the track. And fight the cars.

Overall, a really good, original, funny and bizarre RPG.

Guitar Hero II (360): COMPLETED!

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In that, I’ve reached the end of Medium. Overall, it seems waaaaay easier than the first game, as I didn’t fail a single track. A few at the end (Psychobilly Freakout for one) are bloody difficult, but I have at least 3 stars on every track.

I then realised I hadn’t done the training, so did that to learn how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs – I can’t quite get the hang of them, but I think I’ll get there. Mastering them is the key to better scores and accuracy, it seems. Especially for fast songs. Practised a few tracks to try the “bass guitar” mode, and to have a go with these new-to-me techniques.

After that, I started working my way though Easy, and got my first perfect (and achievement to match!). Hard mode scares me.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360): COMPLETED!

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Super marathon session today, resulting in the end of the Shivering Isles expansion pack and questline. I’m classing it as a separate game to Oblivion, in terms of completion status for several reasons: the size, the cost, the fact you don’t need to have played the main game to “do” Shivering Isles, and it’s an entirely separate, self-contained world. Plus, Bethesda list in on their site as a separate game anyway, so if it’s good enough for them, I feel justified.

I don’t want to go into details, as that’ll spoil it for others who haven’t finished it yet. And there’s so much I did today that I can’t really be bothered retelling the lot. However, I will say a few things.

Firstly, I predicted the “twist” in the story. It gets more and more obvious as it comes to the big reveal, but it’s still possible to miss, I think. Not that predicting it changed my perception of the game or anything, but the whole plotline is a work of genius.

Things I did today included recreating the Gatekeeper from parts of my choosing, killing the head of a cult to find her eye, having a very bizarre encounter – with myself (which I tried to make easier by coming into the fight naked, hoping my clone would be too, but no), and using some friendly walking trees to halt the spread of Order. Yes indeed.

Oh, and I killed Jyggalag too. Hurrahs!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (360): COMPLETED!

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After killing another boss, I realised I had four of the five parts of Vlad already, meaning I was getting close to completing the game. However, it took me ages to figure out where the final piece was – and it turned out it was being held by Death in the Reverse Caverns area of the map.

I was expecting him to be hard, but in fact, since I’d just killed another Doppleganger of me which led me to a Dark Sword (which is really powerful against Dark-type enemies), Death died pretty quickly. My pet sword actualy finished off his second form on it’s own, which was quite good. In fact, my sword is getting very good now, actually aiming for baddies properly most of the time instead of randomly spinning in empty spaces on the screen.

With all Vlad’s bits, it was back to the upside-down big clock thing, and there was Shaft again. Who died so quick I hardly got a chance to see his attack pattern (mainly due to my sword pet again, actually). Then… Dracula himself. After a cringe-worthy bit of dialogue (complete with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation faux pas), I got to attack him.

He had piles of HP, and I didn’t have a crucifix on me to help. However, I did have some “resist Dark” potions, and a couple of smart-bomb type weapons. Then it was just a case of standing underneath him chucking axes up into his face(s). Luckily, since he filled almost the entire screen, my sword pet could get a load of hits in almost anywhere it span, so it wasn’t long before Dracula was dead and the dialogue got worse (in every respect). Finally – the credits! With spelling mistakes 🙂

So that’s another Castlevania game complete. I was hoping for an achievement for completing it (but no), and I didn’t unlock Richter Mode either, so I suspect I haven’t explored enough of the castle yet.

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS): COMPLETED!

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Finished working my way through the airship, and then fought Slival in his tank again at the end. Since he has no crew, he’s really easy – especially if you go over to keep him busy while your crew hammer the tank.

After that was Don Clawleone, who was pretty easy to beat, but then he turned into The Dark One, who was a giant dragon tank thing. Erk!

Tankfully (oho!), Slival joined forced with me, and we merged our tanks to take on The Dark One, who had a staggering 1500HP. He drained my HP in under a minute, be we’d barely dented his – leaving me with no choice but to go over and try to top the ammo being loaded.

Luckily, there was only the possessed Clawleone inside, who, although a pain to kill, was kept from the controls whilst Slival slowly depleted the HP, before joining me to rush the engine. And lo! Game win!

…or not. I only had 90 slimes rescued! So, no end of game sequence. Off I went to revisit the other areas looking for slimes. It took a couple of hours, but I managed it. Most were in tanks I’d not seen first time through, and all the tank battles were really easy as I had an ubar-tank by then. One of the tanks was destroying in one hit – ace! Eventually, then, all the slimes were back in the town (helpfully, the last slime I found was the one who runs the shop, meaning I wasn’t able to make use of the shop for the entire game…), and THEN it was game over and the credits rolled.

The pun-tacular credits. Listing all the “progoomers” and “gooduct management” team. The best one was the translation team – or rather, the “punslation” team. Now it all makes sense!

After that, I returned to the game as I’d unlocked Tank Masters mode – a series of tank-on-tank battles. Played through Rank C, then B, and now I’m on the last fight in Rank A. Incidently, my saved game file sits at about 14 hours.

What a great game. I’m amazed I really got into it, as I thought it was horrid just under a week ago…

Touch Detective (DS): COMPLETED!

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Although I’m not really sure I understand all the motives behind the final case, nor about the “earthquake!” scene. I’m still very confused.

But after doing the last case, I spent an hour or so clearing up the Bonus Episode, which although I seem to have finished (no-one else is giving me tasks), I haven’t filled the Investigation Journal. I wonder why? Anyway. The game is done and the touch log is at almost 100% done, so it’s not like I’ve just skipped half the stuff you can do.

Nice game – a bit short, a bit obtuse in some of the investigating, but fun all the same.

Worms (360): COMPLETED!

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I’ve been playing this a fair bit today, firstly in two-player with my wife, but then I went back to Challenge Mode and worked my way through the remaining few levels.

And I completed them! None of those left were especially hard (compared to Level 13, at any rate), although I only won the final one because it went to Sudden Death and the two remaining Boffins got drowned…

But that’s it complete – all single player modes and levels done, and all achievements gained!

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS): COMPLETED!

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Aaaaaaand done. Wow. That was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sucked into a game’s storyline. In fact, it isn’t a game. It’s a remarkable work of interactive fiction. Yeah, so it’s not “art”, and yeah, the dialogue could have done with some improvement, but the story wins out.

I can’t say much more, except the ending seemed to be a little, unfinished. I still have questions that need answers, and I need to know more about some of the links between characters. And why were there so many coincidences? I’ve put it down to the Wish room actually granting wishes, but that seems a bit too vague to me. Did Bradley arrange for everyone to be there? Where did Mila get the Hotel Dusk pamphlet? Surely she’d not hung onto it all that time.

Sequel, mayhaps?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (360): COMPLETED!

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What? Turtles? Eh? That’s right chums and chummettes – today’s XBLA download was the original 1989 TMNT arcade game. And look what I did! I downloaded it, and then completed it! Go me!

It was actually shorter than I expected, taking maybe 40 minutes to do in total. But then, how many people play a game in the arcade for longer than that?

Anyway, I played all the way through as Mikey (BECAUSE HE IS BEST), and now I can’t get “Cowabunga!”, “Shell shock!” and other sound-bites out of my head. If you’ve not got it already, GET IT NOW, for it is just 400 bargainlicious points.

Kirby Squeak Squad (DS): COMPLETED!

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What? Already? Yes indeed. I thought there was at least another world after 8, but no. And World 8 was somewhat shorter than previous ones too. The final boss battle was quite hard, until – yes – I got a Tornado power-up, and then after that there was another boss. I sort of expected it, as it seems to be the norm with Kirby games. You even get a weapon not unlike the Star Rod from Kirby’s Adventure.

I seem to have only 76 levels complete out of 120, however. I know I’ve missed three secret levels, but what about the rest, eh?

Kororinpa (Wii): COMPLETED!

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So it’s easier than Super Monkey Ball. That much is now very clear. But it’s not a totally fair comparison. Yeah, both games have you guiding balls through mazes, but Kororinpa is more about the vertical and the twisting and the almost-upside-downness of the mazes. And there’s the crystal collecting too. So it’s different enough to not be classed as a clone, in my opinion. Anyway.

I’ve finished Level 45, which it told me was the last one. Afterwards, there was the end of game sequence and the credits, and big letters that spelt out “THE END”, so I suspect that’s evidence enough to call the game complete.

However, there are still five squares remaining on the level select screen. I also have 9 of the 10 secret levels left to complete, and what looks like five more left to unlock. I’ve also just unlocked Mirror Mode, which I’m pretty sure is just the normal levels left-right mirrored.

So, “completed”, but not “done”. Yet.