Super Castlevania IV (Wii): COMPLETED!

It was waaaaaaay harder than I remember it from 12 or so years ago, but today I conquered the game. Excellent.

Dracula took 8 attempts (although I’d tried yesterday about 20 or 30 times), but in fact, his final “form” was much easier than his first few. I managed to force myself to only get a hit in when it was safe, concentrating on avoiding projectiles rather that smacking him in the face. This really helped. Getting my health back up to full twice during the fight helped too.

Game over then!

New Rally-X (360): COMPLETED!

Yes, I am well aware that it’s one of those goes-on-forever games, but the thing is, it has 12 Achievements. And I Achieved the last two of them today: get over 100,000 points (which for some reason isn’t listed on my score table, even though the achievement itself is – bizarre) and Complete Stage 16. So I’ve never managed to “do” all of the achievements on any 360 games before, and then I do two in three days. Ace.

Viva Pinata (360): COMPLETED!

Right, before I start I really should qualify my “completed” status thing for this game. Yeah, so I haven’t done every last thing possible (yet), but I have had every single pinata resident at some point, and – most importantly – I have not gained all 1000 points worth of achievements. That’s 50/50 achievements. All of them. So I can take that as “complete”, seeing as there’s not really another way of completing it, is there? Well, aside from the few remaining awards, I suppose. And the maximum level gainable is 108 (and I’m on 94), but still. Complete. No arguments.

So aside from getting the last achievement this evening (50 hours play), I also made the last few pinatas resident (all of which were various coloured Flutterscotches). I romanced a pair of Goobaas (which I’d not done, even though I thought I had), Master Romanced the Badgesicles (and got all the variants of them), got some Fudgehogs into the garden, and started the arduous task of romancing pink, purple and brown Flutterscotches. Oh, and I got the Visitor Award for a Galagoogoo too.

And this is my first completed game of 2007. Amazing.

ToeJam and Earl (Wii): COMPLETED!

Just squeezing in at the end of the year is this, my 45th completed title of 2006.

I got as far as Level 24, and was knocked down accidentally to Level 23, so I decided to keep falling until I reached 17 to see if there was a ship piece I’d missed – and there was. Found that, then dropped all the way to Level 1, used an innertube to swim to the island in the bottom left, dropped to Level 0 from there, got another life (just as well, as I had only one left), then returned to 24 again. On 25 I got myself two more lives (one from a promotion to Funk Lord, the other in a present), and then went up to 26 and found the final piece.

And then it was over! I did the “bonus” level back on Funkotron (which isn’t really a level as such), and then reset the game. Aces.

We Love Katamari (PS2): COMPLETED!

After much playing of this today, and rolling up piles of animals, some clouds, loads more flowers, a gingerbread house, the sumo bloke again, and entire continents (including volcanoes, some sort of god, and a giant 1km octopus), I completed it.

I finally created enough celestial bodies to allow me to roll up the Earth, into these planets and moons and stuff, and then move on and actually roll up the Sun. No, really.

Excellent. And an excellent game too. I may only have been playing it for three days, but I’ve played it a lot, and I can see there’s a load of replay value too. That’s game number 44 for the year then, just in time for the end of 2006!

Guitar Hero (PS2): COMPLETED!

Hurrah! Many more attempts at “Bark at the Moon” later, and I’d finally done it. The trick, in the end, was to save my Star Power for a difficult section and use it then, so that missed notes matter less and hit notes count double. Aces.

I then went back and did the few tracks I hadn’t needed to do, and so Medium is now complete.

After that, I made a start on Hard. And oh my, is it hard. I’d only just got used to using my little finger on the blue fret, but now the orange one exists and I’ve run out of fingers…

Super Mario 64 (Wii): COMPLETED!

Right. So that’s now two Wii games completed, but both are actually old titles. Ho hum.

Anyway. Most of the rest of the required stars came from Jolly Roger Bay, Tall Tall Mountain, Dire Dire Docks, and the ghost house. Also picked up a few secret stars (two from the rabbit included), and one or two each from Rainbow Ride and Tick Tock Clock.

Finally, it was on to Bowser, who I defeated first time (I didn’t even die on the level reaching him), and then the end of game sequence and credits. 70 stars done. I’ve done the 120 several times before, so I might not bother again. Ace game though!

Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii): COMPLETED!

How strange that the first game I complete on the my new Wii console, is the first console games I ever owned. Well, one of two – I got Altered Beast on the same day, but that doesn’t count…

So I managed to make up for missing out on two Chaos Emeralds by carefully getting to the end of the remaining Acts with 50 or more rings, and got myself all six emeralds by the time I’d done Starlight Zone Act 2. Just as well – that’s the last chance you get at trying for them.

And then I completed it. Although I’ve completed it about a million times before, this was the first time I’ve done it in at least a couple of years, and the first time with all the emeralds in even longer.

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (360): COMPLETED!

I’m in Project 8! OK, so I’m only 7th in Project 8, but I’m still there. I completed the challenges Tony set me (which were actually pretty easy), and made it to Rank 8 (and saw the credits and stuff), then did some more goals (including two Pro Challenges) which bumped me up to 7th.

After that, I switched to Free Skate mode and did a few timed runs. Having found an ideal spot in the Funpark (up and to the left as you enter, there’s a large bowl), I then proceeded to get the two achievements for a 500,000 point combo (I actually got 800,000+), and a 1 million point score (actually, 1,800,000).

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS): COMPLETED!

Surprise last minute witness! I won’t say who, but it is most bizarre.

The last hour of play twisted the plot all over the place. One minute I was defending my client, the next accusing him, then back again. Then Edgeworth was on the same side as me, we swapped sides, swapped back, and then von Karma joined in! Confused? You will be!

And then I had a choice of two routes to take – declare my client guilty or not-guilty. I suspect one gives the “good” ending, and the other the “bad” one. I chose correctly for the best, and then I won! Hurrah!