Crackdown (360)

Hmm. Bumping up my driving stats was a real pain. I had to restart the game with all the gangs resurrected (to give me some to mow down), but I’d wiped out all of Los Muertos and most of the Volk before I managed the 4 star rating. That gave me four stars for everything, though.

Then, I set about getting some of the achievements for stunts in cars, managing a few of them by taking an SUV up the lift in one of the Shai Gen buildings and jumping off the roof. Ace!

Crackdown (360): COMPLETED!

None of the remaining Shai Gen generals were that difficult to defeat, although the guy in the big dome thing took a few attempts, and the geneticist was difficult to reach (although not kill) as I missed an entrance to his “prison” complex. The kingpin was alarmingly simple, but then, I did skip most of his skyscraper by entering near the top instead of from the bottom.

And that all netted me three more achievements, and I gained another for killing loads of gang members with explosives and another for Rampage, which I don’t quite understand.

The ending had a twist, although I’ve played enough games now to expect what the twist actually was, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

Overall, a great game. I will probably go back to max out my stats, but I don’t think I can be bothered with all the races and stunts.

Crackdown (360)

Yes, I finally got round to scanning the boxart in, as you can see…

Anyway. I wiped out two more Shai Gen generals this evening, and attempted another (but failed). I managed a few achievements though, including ones for juggling a body with explosives, and juggling a car with explosives. Both were made easier due to the homing rocket launcher I acquired.

In fact, everything is made easier due to the homing rocket launcher I acquired…

Crackdown (360)

Volks DEAD! Hurrahs!

And more agility orbs got. And some more hidden ones. And my driving skill was boosted too, although I’m not sure how as I don’t “do” driving. And I’ve taken down one of the Shi Gen fellas too. Busy!

Crackdown (360)

Two more Volk generals down, and loads more Orbs got!

In fact, I’ve not maxed out my agility and strength stats, meaning I can jump about a million miles, and lift and throw entire planets. Almost.

I’m having problems killing the general in the mines though. If I actually manage to make it into the mine, I’m killed instantly by rockets that juggle me. I can’t see a way of preventing it from happening, either. Bah.

Crackdown (360)

Los Muertos killed! All of them! All gone!

Was actually pretty easy too, as I found a way into the kingpin’s mansion area where no-one could really shoot me but I could shoot him. Oh, and the rocket launcher I’d found elsewhere helped somewhat too…

As well as that, I’m well over 250 agility orbs in pocket now, and even managed to scale the Agency Tower, despite it making me feel ill half way up and looking up even further. Urgh. At least it got me two achievements – one for getting up there, and another for jumping off and into the water.

Crackdown (360)

And again with the loon jumping. Lots of it too. I’m up to 180-ish Agility Orbs now, and have killed all bar one of the remaining Los Muertos generals. I’ve also explored a load of the Volks territory, and killed one general there.

I also jumped around like, you know, an actual loon.

Crackdown (360)

Yes, I bought it. It was absurdly cheap at Play Asia, so it was rude not to, really. Besides, I had previously changed my mind on the demo having realised it was 28364 times more fun to play if you leapt about like a loon rather than played it as a serious third-person shooter.

Anyway. So far, I’ve leapt about like a loon a lot, found about 60 agility orbs, 5 hidden orbs (and know where two more are, but can’t reach them yet), shot loads of Los Muertos baddies, killed two generals (I think they’re called generals, anyway), and jumped around like a loon.

Haven’t found a use for vehicles yet though. Jumping everywhere (like a loon) is way more fun.

Crackdown (360) (Demo)

Last time I played this, I didn’t really like it. It seems that, according to People On The Internet, I’ve been playing it all wrong. I shouldn’t treat it as a GTA clone, but instead as a superhero jumpy-leapy-throwy game.

So I did.

And it’s WAAAAAAAAY better! In fact, it takes the way I play GTA (try to go where you’re not supposed to) into the actual proper way to play! Aces. I’m converted then.

Crackdown (360) (Demo)

It’s Saints Row! In the future! And you’re the police! And it’s not as nice looking! And it has some kind of lock-on targetting! And I don’t really like it all that much!