All sorts of things (Wii)

I’ve been playing quite a few different things on my Wii today:

I’m up to level 6 (although I’ve not done all of the lettered variants on previous levels) now, and although I can get it down to just a few blocks each time, I can’t complete it. It gives me too few of each colour, and insists on giving me colours I’ve already removed all of, which is annoying. It seems I can only do it if I fluke it, or I get a Bonus Time or something.

Mayhem in Monsterland
The jumping is really annoying me now. Why can’t I map jump to a button instead of up? It just doesn’t work often enough, and as a result I died a lot from not jumping properly. Which is a shame, as it’s a pretty nice game otherwise.

Mario’s Super Picross
I’m onto Level 10 now. This game has kept me going for quite a while, hasn’t it? I’ve dipped in and out for months and months now. I have only 8 or so puzzles remaining now though.

Pit Crew Panic!
That’s it. I’ve had enough. As soon as I realised it isn’t a game, but a drag-and-drop simulator crossed with a Game and Watch, I stopped liking it. It’s quirky and sort of fun, but it’s not great really. So off onto the SD card it goes. Bye!

Cubello (Wii)

I’m sort of enjoying it. Sort of. The way the colours are often too similar puts me off a bit, and the way when you have just one colour of block remaining (and yet the game throws other colours at you that you can’t use) is really annoying, but it’s fun.

I think.

I played through 1-B to 1-F, and then 2-B today. Some were harder than others, but only in that I struggled at the end and often died. It seems if you don’t get Bonus Time when you’ve only a few blocks remaining, you’re buggered.

Cubello (Wii)

Today was New WiiWare Download Game Day on the Wii’s Shopping Channel, and I bought this and Strong Bad Episode 3. Just in case I run out of Fallout 3 to play, or something.

I gave Cubello a bit of a go, and it seems quite nice. I think I need to fiddle with the brightness settings or something though, as the black and grey blocks are both black, and the white and light blue blocks look the same.