de Blob 2 (360): COMPLETED!

With Back to the Future out of the way (at least until Telltale decide to actually release the next one) I returned to de Blob 2, which I was previously about a quarter of the way through.

It’s really very good. It improves over the first game in several areas, mainly with fewer required “paint these building specific colours” missions, and some great 2D platforming sections. The fact that you can save after any checkpoint is a big improvement too, as although it still means that you can still go aaaaages between checkpoints (which is a pain if you want to stop playing, but can’t), you don’t have to do entire levels in one sitting like in the first game. Just as well – some of them took two hours!

The final level was also much easier than the final level in the first game. Still not a complete pushover (and almost a clone of Super Mario Galaxy!), but far less frustrating. The boss, however, was much too easy. Actually, the bosses in general were pretty poor, which most of them actually being the same wheel ‘o turrets over and over.

Still, it was a super happy fun game with blue skies and excellent music, which you just don’t get enough of these days. I mean, I like the greyness of Fallout as much as the next man, but sometimes you just need something with more colours than your eyes can take, and de Blob 2 fits that hole nicely.

de Blob (Wii): COMPLETED!

I’ve played this a lot today. Which is evidenced by the fact I’ve completed the final four levels (and hence the game), getting a gold on each, and each taking (on average) an hour. Yes, so I played it a lot.

It started to get really tricky near the end, especially as it threw loads of tanks and turrets and inky walls and bottomless drops and all sorts at you. The final level, on a space ship, also had a boss – something there hasn’t really been previously in the game.

So it’s now complete, albeit missing the bonus missions I’ve unlocked along the way. Those I have completed there, though, have been much shorter than main levels however – around 5 minutes or less each – which is good for going back to and dipping in, I suppose.

Final thoughts? It’s an excellent game. It’s quite long, doesn’t get boring like you might expect it to (after all, you do little other than colour stuff), appeals to people like me with Gamer’s OCD, and has fantastic jazz funk music. My only minor complaint is lack of mid-level save points, which is a pain when the level might take 90 minutes to finish. but, as I said, a minor complaint.

de Blob (Wii)

Another level (the Gugentraz one) completed! It took over an hour though!

It’s getting quite tricky now too, and I’m not liking these Ink Bike things and Ink Turrets at all.

de Blob (Wii)

That’s 5 levels down now (and another couple of “secret” ones). I still can’t get over how much fun this is to play. There have been a couple of slightly challenging bits so far, but even when you fail a challenge you’re not punished – you just have to start them again, only anything you’ve already done is saved: e.g. You have to paint 20 buildings, you paint 19, then run out of time. You restart and 19 are still done. Without this, I can see frustration, but thankfully, there’s only Super Happy Fun.

de Blob (Wii)

Amazing! An absolutely amazing game! Fun to play, original, funny and excellent!

I’ve completed the first three levels, and one of the “secret” levels so far, and the difficulty ramping is perfect so far. It’s still easy, but it’s certainly getting trickier. I’ve spent ages longer on each level than necessary, simply because it’s so much fun to colour everything in. It’s almost a shame to go through the exit at the end of each level.