Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4): COMPLETED!

Disney Infinity 3.0

How, you are undoubtably asking, has he managed to complete Disney Infinity 3.0? Well, I’ll tell you how: my copy came with the Twilight of the Republic playset, and it’s that (along with all the main actions you can do in the main Disney Infinity hub outside of that) which I have completed. In co-op with my daughter, actually.

It was rubbish.

I suppose, if I were a Disney and/or a Star Wars fan, I’d have enjoyed it more, but then I loved the Lego Star Wars games so perhaps that doesn’t hold true. The Disney Infinity version of the Clone Wars universe is very much like that in Lego Star Wars, and is filled with sections that made me think, ah yes, they did this bit better in Lego Star Wars.

Disney Infinity 3.0

The fighting is boring. The camera is broken when you’re up near a wall. The side quests are all utterly tedious skill-free fetch quests. Even the big set pieces – boss fights, the pod racing, space battles – are all better handled in Lego Star Wars. I simply didn’t enjoy it very much, and what fun I did have was from kicking people off cliffs (which is never not hilarious) and playing co-op (although in numerous places having to revive 2P or not accidentally fight her because the camera has spun round again was not great).

I poked around in the level editor side, which was clumsy, and tried a few highly rated player made levels which were ALL dire. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the game, but what I actually found was I disliked it even more. The bugs, including a flickering screen and sometimes falling through floors and platforms, were just some sort of crap icing on a terrible cake. And JarJar Binks. Oh god just make him die.

Disney Infinity 3.0 (PS4)

I have no interest in Disney, and no interest in Star Wars, so obviously I was going to buy the Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Starter Kit when I say it cheap. It’s terrible.

Disney Infinity
Even a thousand Fixit Felixes can’t fix this.

Let me qualify that a little. It isn’t exactly really terrible, but it is a confusing mess. There’s a hub, right, which is called a Toy Box, but then there are other toy boxes, then rooms in the toy box that are almost completely empty. There’s very little to do in the toy box itself, and the other toy boxes that I downloaded are jerky and slow and despite being listed as made by Disney seem to be made by five year olds. Every time we play, my daughter is told she has to sign into PSN (she can’t – she’s not old enough to legitimately have a PSN account), then the game complains she isn’t signed in. Every so often when the game loads a new area or toy box or something, it complains again.

Disney Infinity
Oh look. You have two light sabres. Yay.

The supplied toy box (I presume that is what it is, anyway) is a very short level from The Clone Wars (again, I presume) where you infiltrate a droid factory and defeat General Grievous, in a way which is much less fun than when you did it in Lego Star Wars III. Once the “story” is complete, you wander round the level doing inane tasks for characters who have magically populated the place. Find my pet. Find my toy. Find the spies. Find me. Yawn.

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The graphics are decidedly last gen. The actual construction stuff is too complicated. It’s possible to get stuck in areas with no way of resetting your position or restarting the level. When you record a video it sticks a big DISNEY INFINITY logo in the top left of the screen.

It’s terrible.

BUT. But. There’s a saving grace. A game changing victory. A killer USP. What is this feature? You can pick up Ewoks, and dropkick them off a cliff. YES. In fact, you can pick up pretty much any character and dropkick them anywhere. Over and over again. With no penalty! Best game ever.