Dragon’s Curse (Wii)

Too hard! It really is very hard indeed. I think I’d missed something in the desert – in the pyramid, it seems, so I went back there and found a passageway with lots of shooting things on the floor and ceiling. At the end of the passage was a door, and behind that, a dragon.

Who vomits green stuff and killed me. Back to the town we go! Gnnh.

Dragon’s Curse (Wii)

Once again, it’s a Sunday, and once again, it’s New Game Time! Hurrah!

This week, it’s Dragon’s Curse on the Wii. Or rather, on the PC Engine on the Wii Virtual Console, if you see what I mean. Or even, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap on the Master System on the PC Engine on the Wii Virtual Console. Yes. That.

It’s a bit bloody hard, isn’t it? I’ve killed the dragon, been turned into Lizard Man, escaped the castle, ended up in the town, explored the beach area, found a key, found two hearts, been in the desert, and generally died a lot. I’ve bought some better armour, but I have no idea how to get through the lava section without dying, as each hit I take wipes out most of my energy.

Also: Castlevania has broken this game, as I keep trying to slash the candles to get hearts. Which (obviously) doesn’t work.