Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Really need to finish up with this soon. It’s just not fun any more, and I’m only going through the motions each time I play it.

K.K. Slider played me King K.K. today, no-one has moved out (or is trying to) and my notice board says there will be a snow blizzard tomorrow. Looks like winter is about to begin – and it was winter when I started playing. Come in AC, your time is up. Nearly.

Elite Beat Agents (DS)

Finally got back into this today, having finished some other games and stuff in the last couple of weeks. And it’s still ace.

I’d previously only completed the one level on Hard, but I rattled through about 8 or 9 of them, including “ABC” which I unlocked. I also ranked up a couple of times too, and managed my first Perfect (on “YMCA”). Excellentia.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Really getting somewhat bored of this now, especially in the wake of Viva Pinata. It’s not that VP is better, it’s just newer and stuff. Probably.

So I visited K.K. Slider as usual for a Saturday night, and he played me Aloha K.K., which was actually pretty crap. It was also the flea market today, so I bought some stuff from my anteater since he had some stuff I hadn’t seen before. Mallary is trying to move out too, but I don’t think I care if she does or not.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Another dull day in Cheese today. Nothing was going on at all, and even Redd’s visit providing me with a Frog Woman Pole (or something equally ridiculous), there’s not really much to write about.

Except Boone is ill, the stupid monkey.

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

K.K. Slider night again. This evening, he played me K.K. Gumbo. After listening to that, I went off weeding, and then chatting with my animals.

Boone appears to have vanished already. He didn’t send me a letter, but his house has gone, and isn’t even on the map. Bizarre. None of my other animals had much to say, although a few were asleep.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS): COMPLETED!

Surprise last minute witness! I won’t say who, but it is most bizarre.

The last hour of play twisted the plot all over the place. One minute I was defending my client, the next accusing him, then back again. Then Edgeworth was on the same side as me, we swapped sides, swapped back, and then von Karma joined in! Confused? You will be!

And then I had a choice of two routes to take – declare my client guilty or not-guilty. I suspect one gives the “good” ending, and the other the “bad” one. I chose correctly for the best, and then I won! Hurrah!

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

And now there’s some more investigationing. I’ve been everywhere again, found some interesting evidence which makes my client look somewhat guilty, been to where Maya is (but didn’t see her!) and have broken some psyche-locks on Engard. Yeah, that means my client had a secret. A nasty one at that.

I won’t spoil it for my readers by mentioning it, though. That would be evil…

I now have to break Adrian’s psyche-lock too, and I assume I have all the evidence needed since the game has forced me back to where she is ready to have a crack at it!

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

Still nothing much going down in Cheese town. As it were. Word. I have a new resident called Boone (he’s a baboon), who looks rubbish so I don’t like him. Kabuki has sent me a letter to say it’s his birthday on November the 29th. I don’t care. I’m not buying him anything.

Aside from talking to my animals, I did a load of weeding too. Weeds are rubbish.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Finally, I’ve finished off the first day’s trial. It seemed to go on and on forever, and just when I was about to get the Not Guilty verdict, it all went horribly wrong and I didn’t. The trial is going to be extended by another day (which is bad for Maya – for reasons I won’t spoil), and Edgeworth is at his most strange at the moment.

It’s all still good though!

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Good grief. This trial really does go on forever! Having cross-examined Gumshoe for quite some time, hours seemed to go by with questioning Wendy Oldbag. There haven’t really been any twists so far, and I was quite pleased with some of my deductions – especially those to do with the next witness after Oldbag. It’s all getting quite interesting now too…

Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

No new animals today, and no sick or dying ones either. How disappointing. It was K.K. Slider day, however, so I went off to see him.

Having watched a short documentary on t’t’tinternet, I decided to request he play “K.K. Song”, and he did. It’s the “secret” tune hidden in many Nintendo games. He gave me the bootleg of it too, as usual.

Not a lot else was going on this evening, although I did give Nibbles the clothes that Kabuki hated the other day. She’s obviously less picky.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Finally, I’m into the trial on Case 4. It took ages talking to people to get the evidence needed to move on, and it all got a bit odd when Edgeworth returned. Phoenix seems to hate him, but I can’t recall why from the end of the first game – especially since Edgeworth essentially handed the final case from that over to Phoenix. Perhaps my memory isn’t all it once was…

Much of this trial looks like it’ll rotate around some stuff that happened to the lovely Adrian Andrews, the defendant’s manager, a couple of years ago. And yes, she is lovely, as you can see from the picture…

Anyway. I’ve just heard Gumshoe’s testimony, and am now about to start on the cross-examination.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Blimey. It’s taking a while to get anywhere with this one. I’ve spent quite a while talking to the accused, examining the crime scene, talking with some witnesses, and all sorts, and I’ve still not even started the trial yet.

And three people have psyche-locks on them. Two of them have FOUR locks. This case is going to take forever, isn’t it? And why is Adrian Andrews a woman?

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

After this weekend’s dual diversions of Elite Beat Agents and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, it was back to the serious matter of acquitting people of murder.

I’ve made a start on Case 4, the last one in the game. So far, I’ve been at a fancy awards ceremony, someone has died, Maya has been kidnapped, and lots of people from the previous game have reappeared. I haven’t even started investigating the murder yet, and I’ve been playing for about half an hour. I suspect this case is going to go on a bit longer than the others…

Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All (DS)

Case 3 completed! Quite a difficult bit of cross-examining later, as well as some sideways thinking, and the real culprit was found.

There was (as I expected, but not what I expected, if you see what I mean) a huge twist near the end, but it was all great anyway. And now, on to Case 4!