Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Aha! I figured out what it is I needed to know (and find) in order to get past Moe and Acro’s “lies”. I’ve uncovered stuff about the “accident” six months ago that put Acro in a wheelchair, and now I’ve made a start on cross-examining Acro in the court. Phoenix seems to know that Acro did it, but I’m not sure…

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

So that bit of trial went well, finally, and I’m back in the circus questioning people again. I’ve found that two of the performers (Moe and Acro)
both have secrets I need to unlock with the stone thing that Maya gave me, but I don’t think I have the evidence I need in order to do so.

It seems there’s something about an accident six months ago too, but I haven’t figured out what…

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Hmm. This seems to be the only game I’ve actually played all day. Which is a bit unusual for a lazy Sunday.

I’m getting stuck into (but not actually “stuck”) Case 3 now, and it’s all set in a circus. There are some great characters again here – even better than most of them in the previous two cases. Max is FABULOUS, and Moe the Clown is hilarious (but mainly for all the wrong reasons). For example, see here.

I’ve done all the investigation work for the case, and have started working through the first day’s court stuff. I’m up against Franziska and her whip again. Nice.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

Case 2 Completed! It turned out the thing I though had happened, had actually happened. Hurrah!

That case was really rather long. I don’t recall any of the first four cases in the first game being that long (although the fifth case was huge), so I wonder if Case 3 will be even longer? I haven’t started it yet.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

I finished the next bit of trial, and then it was back to the scene of the crime to uncover more clues. Upon on uncovering one of them (and opening up the Hotti Clinic, where a seemingly-fake hospital director resides, and is somewhat lecherous), I think I’ve figured out the whole case. How I go about proving that in court, however, I don’t know. Yet.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)

I’m finding this second case somewhat harder than the first! I’ve had to restart Gumshoe’s cross-examination several times as I missed things and had no idea what to present. It threw me that you have to present the same bit of evidence more than once.

Anyway, managed to get past that bit now, and have another witness to “play” with.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)


I’ve completed the first case! Hurrah! The problem with talking about playing this game on my diary, is that it’s all too easy to spoil things for my millions of readers who haven’t yet played it. So there’s not really a lot to say, aside from the fact it was actually a pretty simple case, and really quite short too. But then, it is more of a “training” case.

I’ve made a bit of a start on Case 2, which has Maya in it (and some other people from the first game), and some kid who is obviously trying to make me vomit due to her cuteness.

Needless to say, a murder is committed, and Maya is arrested. Looks bad for her too…

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (DS)


Oh my. Phoenix is just ace, isn’t he? This, the sequel to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (wot I completed last year) arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to get started. So I didn’t!

Straight off, Phoenix gets smacked about with a fire extinguisher and loses his memory. This conveniently allows a tutorial trial to take place, with you defending the lovely Maggey who is charged with killing her boyfriend. It was amazing how quickly I got back into the “action”, and was soon through with the first section of the game. It’s been ACEBEST so far!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: CASE CLOSED!

After a somewhat marathon session on this today, some four hours or so, at least, I completed it!

There are no end of twists and turns and stuff, and some double bluffing and lies upon lies, but I saw through them and won. I did, however, mess up at a critical point near the end and gave away some evidence at the wrong time, which ended the game. Bah. But I won the next time!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This chapter seem to go on for ever! I’ve just been through the courtroom section of the second day, but it took aaaaaaaages. I’m sure I spent about two hours on it. I think the length of the game is mainly due to the huge amount of text that requires reading, but I messed up the cross-examination a few times so ended up having to redo it. Tch.

Anyway. Only half of the final chapter left!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Finished the first day in court, and cross-examined two witnesses. It took ages! I’ve also spent quite a while on the “end of day detective work” that seems to go on every day in this game, and am about to begin the second day of court “drama”. Or something.

Oh! And I can find fingerprints now! Hurrah!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Blimey. This final case is a bit long! I’ve spent hours on it this evening, and not only is it more complicated than the previous ones, but you get new “investigating powers” (like examining objects in 3D and stuff). And it’s really long. I’m expecting it to be three days of trial (like most of the other cases), but so far I’ve spent several hours doing detective work and haven’t really started in the courts yet.

And this Angel Starr woman is a bit suspicious…

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


And Game Over. Only not! As Jimmy Cricket once said, “There’s more!”. A whole case more too.

Anyway. Case 4 was a long one. And, like the others, twisted and turned all over the place. Surprises around every corner. And other clichés.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Well into Case 4 now, and have completed my first day in court against the evil von Karma prosecution lawyer. He’s a bit scary.

There’s not a lot I can say about the case really, without spoiling stuff again.

I can say that it involves a murder on a boat, on a lake. And a Loch Ness Monster type side-story. And a giant inflatable Samurai.

Just picked up some more clues from the crime scene too. Another day in court must be around the corner, I think…

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Spent most of today with the third case. It is much longer than either of the first two, and quite a bit more complicated. There’s this great character you meet – a director called Sal Manella, who talks in 1337 speak all the time. He’s hilarious.

Again, I won’t spoilt it for you if you haven’t played it, but rest assured there are more twists than a twisted up twisty thing twisting around.