Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Like Atari MagiMix Sexy Razor Happy Girls 10 Game below, this game also arrived today. And, it too was on offer from Play Asia. I missed out when it first came out as I was worried it might be a little bit dull. I mean, it’s a game about lawyers, right? How wrong I was.

I played through the first trial this evening – I was defending a friend who was framed for murder. There were plenty of plot twists, which made for a great story, and it was fun finding all the contradictions in the testamonies and evidence. And even finding new uses for evidence too…

I can’t say too much as it’d be a huge spoiler, but it is great.

After winning that case, I played through the first chapter of the second case. Which, again, I can’t say too much about. Phoenix has been dropped in at the deep end, though, and so far doesn’t seem to have a hope in hell of winning. Cliffhanger!

Another Code: Two Memories: REMEMBERED!

Gosh – that was quick! According to the game clock, it took me five hours 43 minutes in total, but the story was so good it was still well worth playing. I’ve found out about both D’s and Ashley’s pasts, used Another, found Jessica and Richards, and seen the credits. Hurrah!

Another Code: Two Memories

The story in this is great, but I don’t want to reveal too much here for fear of spoiling it for anyone. Ditto the puzzles from here on in.

Which I realise leaves me not very much to talk about while I’m playing it, but that’s the way it is. So there. Anyway, I’m up to Chapter 3 now, and am finding more and more out about the Edward family who lived in the mansion. I have a few ideas who D might be now too, but I am expecting a twist later on.

No sign of Jessica, or Ashley’s dad yet, and I’m stuck on a puzzle involving a photo frame. I was stuck earlier on a bit using some woodcut stamps, but solved that by thinking “outside the game”, as it were. I wonder if the photo frame puzzle is similar?

Another Code: Two Memories

Inside the mansion, there are more puzzles to solve. They’re not that difficult yet though, still. I had to takes some photos and superimpose one over the other, I had a slide puzzle to do, and some books and to rearrange. I just need to find some more books…

Another Code: Two Memories

In an unusual step, Nintendo released this game here in Europe before the US release, so I had to break my 20-odd strong run of imported DS games and buy my first European title.

And, it’s very good. It is pretty much a Myst-like point and click adventure, with a story involving a young girl named Ashley who has found her not-actually-as-dead-as-she’d-thought Dad is actually alive and well on an island. Taking a trip over there, she loses her aunt, and finds a ghost named D.

I’ve done the first chapter so far, which had a few fairly simple puzzles. I’ve also taken some photos in game just in case I’ll need them later on. You never know. I’m now about to enter a mansion, where Ashley’s father supposedly is…