Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (DS)

Really getting into this now, even though it is almost entirely guesswork. I think it’s the high rating it scores on the Quirkometer. And I do like games with high quirkery.

My bodyguard died, and I hired another (a clown) who was totally useless. Hurrah! And I found a load of pearls, sold them, and made loads of money. And paid the Village People construction worker bloke to fix a bridge. And mapped some stuff.

Amazing scenes!

More Brain Training (DS)

The confusion continues! I did worse on all three tests than I did yesterday, and got an age of 22 – one year better than yesterday.

I think the maths in this game is up the spout. OH! THE IRONING!

More Brain Training (DS)

I’m even more confused now. I did worse than yesterday, only ended up with an improved age: 23. I seem to recall similar anomalies in the first game too. How odd.

I then played Hard Mode of Germ Buster for a bit. It’s very hard – not least because you have three “pills” dropping at once.

More Brain Training (DS)

Today’s age was 26, even though I did better on two tests than yesterday, and was only very slightly (less than a second) over on the other one. Very odd.

It would seem that, like the older Brain Age (the US version of the first Brain Training game) the minimum brain age possible is actually 20. Bah.

Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (DS)

With the first boss dead, I went over to the pool near my house and chucked pretty much all my rupees in. This made the pool rise into the air, as a tower, and the bloke-in-a-nappy reappeared – now in a suit. Hmm. Get the impression he’s making you work for him?

The tower allowed me to access the next area (or continent, as the game calls it, although they’re a bit small for that, I’d say). I wandered round there for a bit, hired another bodyguard, and beat some baddies up with him. I’m out of money (well, almost) now, so can’t do anything else until I do some cooking and selling.

Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (DS)

I had some time before bed, and my DS was out anyway (for the brain games), and so I thought I’d have a quick go. So I’ve done the first dungeon, along with a bodyguard I had to pay (twice!) which was pretty easy. I’m not sure I like the combat (run into baddies, hammer the screen), but the dungeon puzzles – and sound effects – are suitably Zelda-esque. Which is good!

The boss was pretty good, if a little simple. Tingle gets his balloons (from Link’s Awakening!) and has to drop bombs on a giant slug-thing’s eyes. Aces!

Some Brain Games (DS)

Maths Training and More Brain Training both arrived today, so I gave them both a go.

The former seems a bit shallow. Yeah, I know they’re not supposed to be game-games, but still – there’s only really variations on simple sums. Surely they could have been more creative, and it remain maths-based?

The latter is much better. Aside from the return of the Sudoku puzzles, it’s all new since the first Brain Training game. There’s a rock-paper-scissors game, a “count the change” game, and even a “hidden” version of Dr Mario.

Both games, however, are having problems recognising my 8s. I draw them the opposite way to how the game expects, so it keeps thinking they’re 6s or 0s. I had this problem with the older title too, but I don’t remember it being so profound.