Endless Ocean (Wii)

I went into The Abyss today. It’s a bit bloody dark down there, but I did find a sperm whale and loads of new (and mostly bizarre) fish species, including a really long stringy jellyfish thing.

Also found a load of dolphins too, although I couldn’t make any of them my “partner”. And there was a walrus on my boat when I re-surfaced!

Endless Ocean (Wii)

Hmm. I’ve just realised that I didn’t add this game to my database when I was updating it yesterday. Hence no little box art thing. Bah.

Anyway. Today I took Oldman for another dive (isn’t there anyone else who needs a tour?), and found a few more items (like a picture frame). I also unlock the Aquarium, which I filled with assorted fishes. Mostly sharks and rays, of course. And a sea lion.

After that, I went night diving looking for the Mermaid’s Cave, and supposedly “saw” a mermaid. I don’t think. There’s a maze down there and I got completely lost and couldn’t find the way into the big hall I could see through some cracks. I did find some green turtles though. Which are actually orange – rather like how the tiger ray thing has a leopard pattern.

Endless Ocean (Wii)

I HAVE A DOLPHIN! And, in a rare moment of humour, I named it “John West”. We did some tricks, although I’m not really sure how, and went swimming.

Then I took Oldman for another swim to find a clown triggerfish (which we did), and he sent me an email with some gloves as an attachment. I assume I must have printed them out and folded them up to wear them, or something.

And then I went and found loads of sharks, although, sadly, not of the killing variety. Found a hammerhead, and lots of zebra sharks. Zebra sharks with leopard print on them. Makes no sense!

Endless Ocean (Wii)

Would you believe it – the Wii’s disc slot actually takes games that aren’t Mario Galaxy! I’m shocked and amazed! Although technically, I suppose, Endless Ocean isn’t a game, as it’s more of a diving simulator.

I played it for about an hour, and found around 15 species of fish. Also found a dolphin medal, have acquired a pet penguin, chased a dolphin, took some old bloke for a swim to look for wrasse, and found a bit of a bronze mirror.

It’s all very nice and everything, and it does suck you in, but I can’t really see the point. Of course, there may not actually be a point, and that’s just fine, but still…

Poking fish in the face is ace though.