Excite Truck (Wii)

You know how last time I played this, I spent about 57235428737 hours trying to get an A Rank on the second Bronze race on Super Excite mode? And I couldn’t even get near it?

Well, on my first (and only) go today, I not only managed it without trying, but beat the required number of stars by about 40 points. Amazing.

Sadly, it was still only an A Rank, and not an S. Bah.

Excite Truck (Wii)

Good lord. This Super Excite mode is a bit on the difficult side, isn’t it? I mean, I spent a good hour on it tonight, and managed to scrape through the first Bronze race, eventually (81 points gained, 80 needed), and can’t even get near the amount needed for the second race. I did, however, unlock a new truck which is a bit slower that my previous one, but has much better steering and more scope for aerial tricks.

It didn’t help.

Excite Truck (Wii)

Excite Mode DONE! S ranks GET! Super Excite Mode UNLOCKED! Game Hardness INCREASED! Frustration Factor ENHANCED! Wii Controller NEAR BREAKING POINT!


Excite Truck (Wii)

ACES! All Silver races S ranked!

Of course, I did have to spent quite a while on a couple of them. Being just two stars out of the required total at the end of the race isn’t nice.

I’ve now made a start on the Gold races, and have managed to S rank two of them. I’d already S ranked one, somehow. I have a new truck now too, which isn’t so hot in the air, but is waaaaay faster on the ground.

Excite Truck (Wii)

Hurrahs! I realised that changing my truck for another one might be a good idea. And lo, it was – I stormed through the last three Platinum races without much in the way of problems, although I only got A and B ranks for them.

So that was all the races done. Sort of – I now have to unlock “Super Excite” mode, by getting all S ranks for all races. What? How? That can’t be possible.

Or so I thought. It seems I hadn’t actually done all the training modes, and so had no idea you could do Truck Spin. Or do a boost if you land perfectly. They could quite easily make enough difference to manage S ranks!

Off I went to Bronze again, and S ranked those courses I hadn’t previously managed. Then I got another S rank for Silver. That extra training really did help! I’ll have a go at the rest later.

Excite Truck (Wii)

I decided to Keep on Truckin’. Ahahahahahaaha. Haha. Ha. DYSWIDT? DY? DY?

And I’m stuck now. I’ve managed just two of the Platinum races in about an hour’s play. Two. In an hour. That’s got to be some kind of rubbish record. I only just scraped through on them both in the end as well, so no chance of an S rank on either of those.

Excite Truck (Wii)

I’ve come to the conclusion that Excite Truck is one part F-Zero GX, two parts Super Off Road, one part Project Gotham Racing and a dash of Pilotwings, all mixed together in a big pot with liberal application of the Photoshop motion blur and lens flare tools.

Today, I finished all the Silver races, will at least B ranks in everything (actually, I got one S rank too), and then attempted the Gold races. And passed all them too (with another S rank!).

Platinum, though. Well. That doesn’t seem to be quite so easy. At all.

Excite Truck (Wii)

To hell with the 8917286 not-yet-completed games I have currently on the go, and hurrah for New Games Day! Excite Truck and Kororinpa both arrived from Choices today (cost me less than £50 for the two, which was nice).

Excite Truck then. It’s, erm, fast, yes? And a bit bloody hard to control. But ooooooo is it fun. I’ve done all the Bronze races, getting three A ranks and a B rank without much difficulty, but then the Silver races are a huge step up in terms of difficulty, netting me two Cs. I really need to suss the controls, I think…