Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta (360): COMPLETED!

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Fallout New Vegas, the next Fallout game, is out soon. Just over a month, in fact. So I thought I’d best get back into Fallout 3 and mop up the two remaining DLC quests, the first of which being Mothership Zeta.

I’d actually bought the downloads a while back, when they were on offer, but decided not to play them so that I could eke out the Fallout 3 “experience” over the course of the huge wait before New Vegas. A wait that is about to end before I’ve had a chance to play them. But anyway.

So I started playing on Friday night, and completed it tonight. I think maybe 4 or 5 hours were plugged into it, but I was very thorough with my map exploration (mainly to obtain all the audio recordings in order to get the achievement) so less intensively OCD players could probably clear it in 2 or 3.

Many people have complained that Mothership Zeta is pretty poor. They moan at the linearity, the un-Fallout-ness of it all, and say it’s just not fun. To them I say: Tosh! You missed the best bits!

Highlights included the cargo hold, filled with “Earth memorabilia”, including a lander module from a Moon mission and a vast factory building nothing but robotic “Buttercup” horses. A robot horse army! Then there’s the audio logs of those people captured, including an ex-US senator and the CEO of Vault-Tec. These recordings range from hilarious to harrowing, but they’re an excellent find. I also enjoyed all the references to Sci Fi, and when the samurai appeared on the bridge and (perhaps coincidentally) stood where Sulu would on the Enterprise, I giggled.

And chasing Alien Workers down never gets tiring. Onto The Pitt, now then…

Fallout 3: Point Lookout (360): COMPLETED!

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Immediately after completing Broken Steel, I downloaded and started playing Point Lookout. And oh, is it lovely. It’s the best DLC for the game I’ve played so far (and from what I’ve heard, The Pitt and Mothership Zeta, the two I’ve yet to try, aren’t as good) but it’s HUGE. I’ve done pretty much everything I can – all the achievements, all the quests and side quests, and all the incidental stuff I can find along the way. And it’s taken me over 20 hours. 20 hours! For what was about 6 quid! Bargain.

And excellent it was too. I won’t be getting into any of the other DLC for a little while yet, though, for two reasons: 1) there’s a rumour it’ll be getting a 50% price drop just after Christmas, and 2) I will almost certainly be getting other games for Christmas I’ll be wanting to play. So for now, it’s goodbye (again) to The Wasteland.

Fallout 3: Broken Steel (360): COMPLETED!

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After around 12 hours play (yes, I got a bit distracted for a few missions, as usual), I completed Broken Steel. The level cap increase is great, and the addition of the new baddies have made the game hard again (only the Deathclaws ever gave me a challenge once I hit level 20 – and even then only in packs). The Feral Ghoul Reavers, though, are more than a bit hard, are they not?! Even with a weapon that does 100 damage, they take a good 15 or more headshots to take down!

I’m now on Level 24, I think, and have already lapsed back into the whole OCDness of The Wasteland. Every item, bar the very useless, but be picked up. As many weapons as possible – even those I’ll never use – must be carried at all times. And now I have a use for the cameras and sensor modules my inventory management has never been such a mammoth task. But yes, I love it.

Fallout 3: Broken Steel (360)

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I felt it was finally time to return to The Wasteland. So I did.

Part of the reason was that I wanted a game to fill the gap before Christmas, and a Fallout expansion fits the bill. Another reason was that I’ve really got into music from the 40s and Fallout is full of it. No, really – I have.

I bought and downloaded Broken Steel, and have so far completed the mission with the satellite linkup thing. Of course, I dragged things out a bit by doing some hunting, walking not warping, and detouring to a few places I’d not visited on the way. I’ve gained a level already too. It’s great to be back!

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (360): COMPLETED!

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It would appear that the entire Anchorage simulation within Fallout 3 is only about 4 hours long in total. That’s not really a bad thing as such, it’s just I was hoping it might be a little bit longer.

Having said that, I enjoyed it despite it not really feeling like Fallout 3 much. It was very linear, heavy on the shooting, and completely different in terms of ammo and health management.

Looking forward to the other two planned extra content releases now!

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (360)

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Yes! It’s back to Fallout 3! There was a new expansion recently, called Operation Anchorage, and with Lego Indiana Jones completed, I decided to make a start on it.

Once in the game, you get a message saying there’s a radio signal from the Brotherhood Outcasts, and a new marker on the map. Once there, you help them out for a bit, then you’re put in a computer simulator (like the Tranquillity Lane ones), and take part in a recreation of the liberation of Anchorage from the Chinese. Which only happened in the Fallout universe, of course.

I’m not very far in yet – only about 45 minutes – but so far it’s clear the expansion plays somewhat differently from the rest of the game. You’ve still got VATS and stuff, but you’ve none of your weapons (only some provided ones), no stimpacks (you need to up your health at machines in the game), and you can’t ransack boxes and crates. It’s also very shooty-based, which, if you’ve been a melee character would make it a bit of a change.

It’s good to be back in Fallout though, even if it isn’t quite how I remember it!

Fallout 3 (360)

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That’s it. I’m retiring from Fallout 3 for a while – probably until the downloadable content arrives, anyway. I’m not bored with it, there are still things left to see and do, but I’ve hit 1000 achievement points and 100 hours play, so it seems like a natural place to pause and move on to other games.

And what an amazing 100 hours it was. I loved every minute, was totally engrossed in the world, and so long as there’s things left to do, I can’t see myself ever becoming tired of playing it.

Certainly the best game of the year for me, and not far off the best game of all time.

Fallout 3 (360)

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Yeah, yeah – another week, another 7 days of emptiness on this diary. It’s not my fault – it’s Fallout 3. Because Fallout 3 is the greatest game ever made ever. Possibly. Well, since the last greatest game ever, anyway.

I am now more than 77 hours in. 77 hours. That’s a long, long time. It’s more than three whole actual days. And am I bored yet? Of course not.

Having said that, I am starting to run out of “main” things to do. I’ve done all of the achievement-able quests (bar one, which I can’t do since I killed someone needed to complete it), killed all the super mutant behemoths, found all bar one of the bobbleheads, and found about 120 locations on the map (I think there are around 140 in total?).

I’m most impressed that I’ve managed all this without using a guide, and with only the minimal amount of being pointed in the right direction by people on a forum.

Fallout 3 (360)

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The clock ticked past 60 hours play this evening. Very few games ever get to this point. GTA IV did. Oblivion did. Both Viva Pinatas did. But most games are over and done with before they even get to 25 hours. 60+ is for something special.

And Fallout 3 is special. It’s everything I hoped for, and more. It’s Oblivion, without being Oblivion.

And I’m still nowhere near done.

Today I found Oasis. Not the band, but a… place. A place of trees! Real actual trees! With leaves and everything! And in Oasis, I found a tree that speaks! A tree that speaks, and what he said was – “Kiiiillll meeeee”.

Oasis is a silly place.

Fallout 3 (360)

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Yes, look. I know I haven’t updated this diary again for several days, but the thing is, I’ve only really been playing Fallout 3. A lot. And more.

58 and a half hours elapsed, says my saved game. That’s a lot of hours. And I’m still not done with it. I’ve a fair few quests yet to even find, let alone start, and loads of locations yet to see. I picked the “Explorer” perk as the final one upon reaching Level 20, and was amazed at how many locations it added to the map. I’ve been slowly working my way around them all, exploring, but not really doing a lot.

Things I have achieved this week include completing the Agatha’s Song and Big Town quests, and I’ve also found myself a dog (called Dog Meat). He’s currently waiting at my Megaton house with Fawkes, my Super Mutant chum.

Fallout 3 (360)

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Two more days play, another, erm, 12 hours clocked on the game. Completing it seems a distant memory now, as more important tasks in-game have replaced the fate of the DC Wasteland.

Tasks such as finding four people and not killing them as asked. Well, except Tenpenny, but he deserved it. I put a grenade in his pocket. Anyway, these four people gave up some keys and as the great Lord Atari once said: “Save keys to open doors!”. Doors in the basement of Fort Constantine, of course. I was supposed to return the keys to Mister Crowley in the Underworld, but I decided to take a look at what he wanted to use them for. And I found some AMAZING armour. And a bobblehead!

But that wasn’t all, of course. I helped some Brotherhood of Steel chaps rescue an initiate from a building, I found and plundered the Bethesda Ruins (another bobblehead!), and finally completed the very first side-quest I was given in the game: Moira’s Wasteland Survival Guide.

Oh, and I moved some people into The Lincoln Memorial. And! I’m now on Level 20, so I’m maxed out as far as levelling up will take me. Mind you, I’m pretty powerful now, with small guns (my preferred method of execution) up to 75, and that can still be increased by finding a bobblehead and reading some associated literature.

And am I still enjoying the game? Bloody hell yes.

Fallout 3 (360): COMPLETED!

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To my regular readers, it may appear I’ve taken a break from gaming for the last week or so. This is not quite the case. In fact, I’ve probably squeezed more gaming hours into the last seven days than any other seven days in the last 15 years or more. Yes, that’s a lot of gaming.

All of it (bar a 10 minute Lego Batman demo blip) on Fallout 3.

Today, I completed the main story after a total recorded time of 38 and a half hours. In reality, this figure is actually closer to 45 hours, as I spent a lot of time Doing Things I Wouldn’t Normally Do Just To See What Happens. Such as Fat Man everyone in Megaton into the aether. Yes, that makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t obtained a Fat Man in the game.

I won’t even begin to describe the wonders of the game so far (yes, I’m not done with it yet), but there are so many amazing bits. The reveal in Vault 87. Liberty Prime’s dialogue. The kids in the caverns. Eulogy Jones and His Pimp Hat of Small Guns Power. Mercs, fire ants, and all sorts. Fantastic!

Fallout 3 (360)

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Two days of play in one handy diary entry. Hurrah!

I was heading for Rivet City, at first through the Metro, then overland along the river. Found a house where a drunk called Dukov lived with his two lady friends, and considered killing him, but decided against it. Found loads of bandits and super mutants on the way down the riverside, as well as some centaurs, who are like squid-faced man-crabs that spit actual crap at you. Nice action!

Eventually made it to Rivet City (after rescuing two hostages from the million mutants on the way), and talked to as many people as I could. Found Doctor Li, who told me my father and her had a lab in the old Jefferson Monument. Before heading over there (although it was just next door to Rivet City), I got roped into the Blade Runner ripp-off storyline of an escaped android. Dr Zimmer wanted me to find and return him, but I bumped into another android who gave me an android bodypart with which to convince Zimmer that his android was dead. He’s not, but Achievement Get! anyway.

I had a sneaky look in some places I shouldn’t onboard the Good Ship Rivet, then went over to the Monument to kill more mutants and find my father’s audio journals. They implied he’d gone way west of Megaton, to Vault 112, so I returned to Megaton and set out.

I reached an old Metro station half way to the vault marker on the map, and was then attacked by mercenaries out to kill me. A mini-nuke not only killed all three of them at once, but launched the body of one onto the roof of an abandoned diner. Thankfully, he left a leg behind for me to search and obtain all his goodies. Killed a raider called Sam who was also not only shooting the mercs, but me as well! He left me a sniper rifle. Aces!

Then I found a church, which was obviously a raider hideout, as once I’d entered they came home. Luckily, I saw them and laid mines out in the doorway. Boom!

Finally (for now), I came across a mercenary barracks. REVENGE! Killed all the mercs there, then had a kip in their bed. Now I’ve just found an entrance to their officer’s quarters…

Oh, and I’m now on level 12 after almost 20 hours play. I gained two levels in quick succession as one of the perks is to instantly gain another level, so it was rude not to!

Fallout 3 (360)

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GNR Relay dish GET!

So many Super Mutants and Super Mutant Brutes to kill both in the museum and on the run to the Washington Monument! And then I found a barracks, full of brutes, so I ran away.

I’m on Level 8 now too. Still loving it!

Fallout 3 (360)

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Today I managed to make it to the Galaxy News radio tower, where I had to see off a giant super mutant outside it, before being given a quest by Three Dog to go to a museum.

Took aaaaages to get there, mainly because I kept getting lost in the metro system. And, when I did get to the museum, I found a million super mutants waiting outside. They took some taking down!

I’ve played for about 14 hours now, although my in-game clock says 12. I know it’s more due to a few reloads I had to do because I did stuff wrong, or forgot to actually reach and “find” a location before fast-travelling away (meaning I couldn’t fast-travel back!).