Fallout 3 (360)

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Oh, it’s just like Oblivion all over again! It’s impossible to stop playing! Nooooo!

Today, where I only played for four hours, I managed to find Lucy West’s Brother, went exploring a lot, and started making my way over to the Galaxy News radio tower. Found the Metro entrance you need to take to get there. There was a raider waiting outside, so I shot at him with my hunting rifle. My first shot missed, but hit the car he was standing in front off, which then exploded taking him out.

But the best bit? Just as it went bang, “I don’t want to set the world on fi-yure” started on the radio. B-E-A-U-TIFUL.

And setting the Protectron robot on the raiders in the supermarket = aces.

Fallout 3 (360)

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I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forever. Forever since Oblivion, anyway. It’s like every other game between Oblivion and Fallout 3 has existed solely to pass the time. Anyway, I’ve spend five hours game-time (but actually, longer – read on) already today. That’s a lot for me. Addicted? Of course not. Honest.

I’m really, really enjoying it.

The opening sequence in the vault was brilliant. I redid a bit of the escape as I didn’t manage to save Butch’s mother first time, so my five hours is a bit longer there. Then when I made it to Megaton, I told the Sheriff about Mr Burke’s plans, he went an confronted him, and to cut a long story short, I ended up accidentally getting the Sheriff, Burke, two bystanders and Moriarty all killed. I was shocked with myself.

After about half an hour’s more play, I was overcome with grief, so reloaded an earlier save and prevented the deaths. So add *another* 45 minutes or so to that 5 hours 🙂

Then I went on Lucy West’s Sexy Quest (it isn’t sexy) and found… spoiler. But on the way, I stumbled across Vault 106, so after the Best West Test Quest Fest, I went in. Amazing! Found my first bobblehead in there (well, second really – there was one in the game box ;P) which gave me +10 Science. And now? I have no idea! So much to do! So many places to explore!