Fantasy Life (3DS)

tumblr_nhzgnw9waj1svmpf2o1_400I may have completed the story in this, but that was at around the 27 hour mark. Which, considering I’ve just scurried past 42 hours, was some time ago. As I’ve mentioned before, there are loads of side quests, but I’ve still hardly touched them. Instead, I’ve been changing Life and choosing different careers to master.

After playing the story as a Paladin, which, as I suspected, worked out well in terms of fighting things, I decided on a complete change of pace with Tailor. It’s entirely different. You have to collect wool and flowers, and buy some other materials like buttons and string, and then in a series of simple mini-games create clothes. It wasn’t hard, and I was a Master of that life in just three hours. The hardest part was finding shops that sold the necessary materials! Tailoring was a great way to make money though, as selling what you make nets a substantial profit.

HNI_0090After Tailor, I went with Hunter. Like Paladin it’s combat based, but with a bow. This actually makes defeating some of the harder enemies – like the virtually indestructible dragons – easier to take down as you can do so from a distance. It’s a very slow process though.

With Hunter done, I changed to Blacksmith. Like Tailor, it was all about picking up the raw materials – most of which I had to buy, unfortunately. I realised later that if I’d been a Miner first I’d be able to collect them as part of that career, then use them as a smithy. Still, the mini-game weapon and armour creation process yielded some pretty nice kit (most of which would have been useful as a Paladin, so a bit pointless now) which could be sold for a mountain of Dosh.

HNI_0089Realising how I’d done Blacksmith and Miner backwards, I then decided to do Woodcutter before Carpenter, and quickly mastered that life. Unlike the other lives (since Paladin, anyway), Woodcutter was a good source of XP, perhaps making up for not making a lot of money.

Then it was on to Miner, which was much like Woodcutter only with trees instead of rocks, and also good for levelling up, before my most recent Mastery – Alchemist. I decided to go for that so I’d be able to create the materials I expect will be useful as a Magician. Which is handy, as that’s what I chose next! I’ve only spent a few minutes in this life, though.

tumblr_nif5ka2een1svmpf2o1_400Still lots to do. I suspect Mercenary will be the most interesting of the remaining careers, so I’m going to leave that to last. Hopefully I’ll be up to Level 50 by then (I’m 42 at the moment) so should be able to slay pretty much everything. Then I might even make a start on some of the side quests that I’ve ignored. I have completed some, but only because I happened to have the items or killed the beasties as I wandered round everywhere, rather than because I went out of my way to do so.

Fantasy Life (3DS): COMPLETED!

Erm._Does_the_bread_look_like_this_intentionally__t__3DS_httpt.coTVtoMUQaJjAnd so it came to pass that my first completed game in the grand old year of 2015, was Fantasy Life. Do not be of the mind that just because I got it for Christmas, it’s somewhat short. No, somehow in just over a week I’ve crammed more than 27 hours into it. In fact, since my last post about it just 5 days have passed and 25 hours of game have been played. And that’s just on one of the many lives available to play.

First_life_mastered___t__3DS_httpt.coXwNgr0LAlUThat’s the story complete, then. The world saved, every region of the planet united, and The Power of Wishes realised. Thankfully, you can still continue playing after the end, so I did for a bit in order to become a Master Paladin and level my character up to 31. Clearly there is a lot more levelling still to do, as most of the dragons roaming the map would appear to still be indestructible. With two able fighters as companions, I barely managed to scratch the blue one on the snowy mountain before my healing items were severely depleted and I had to run away with my tail between my legs.

Clash_of_titans__t__3DS_httpt.coGOSwRmOgO5On I went then, picking a new role for myself – a tailor. It could not be more different to being a Paladin. Instead of wandering round finding monsters to smack and performing deeds of derring do for a tall man with a ridiculous moustache and the shiniest of armour, you pick flowers and buy material to sew together and make clothes in a Cooking Mama style mini-game. It isn’t as fun as being a soldier, but then, how exciting could they have made tailoring, realistically? It’s impressive how totally distinct two game styles have been used in the same game, though. I wonder how the other lives fare?

Things I’ve been playing recently

Fantasy Life (3DS)

I_m_a_pretty_boy__t_httpt.coZ9NL1XkMp4It’s like 8 RPGs in one! I chose my first life to be a Paladin, applying the logic that any combat required in the other lives may benefit from my skills as a trained killer. Or something. I’m not very far in, only a couple of hours, but I’m already engrossed in the seemingly endless number of sidequests (which, unlike most RPGs, actually affect your progression in the game in a big way), and the game is both charming and interesting. I think I’ve guessed the real identity of Flutter the butterfly already, though, but then perhaps I’m meant to.

A “doom stone” has just smashed into the roof of my house, which can’t be a good thing. Now I have to go off and find another one.

Persona 4 Golden (Vita)

tumblr_ngyez0p4no1svmpf2o1_1280It took a lot of attempts, but I finally managed to defeat the boss at the top of Yukiko’s castle. Having done so, I asked around about it and it seems that having all your characters on around level 15 (the same level Yukiko is when she joins your party afterwards) is recommended.

All mine were on 10 or 11. Yeah, that’ll be why it was hard.

Once_you_pop___t_httpt.cof7YNA00Kv7I’m a bit concerned about the inability to grind and the forced time limit on defeating each boss before the fog claims the next victim, but I’ve been assured that you can still grind as much as you want (until you run low on SP) by revisiting completed dungeons and never leaving. So, after rescuing Yukiko I spent some time redoing her castle to level up. Reached a new boss at the end of it, which can wipe out my entire party in a single hit. Methinks I should probably avoid him for a bit…

Super Smash Bros U (Wii U)

WIN (1)I’ve barely touched it so far, but have played through some of the single player modes a bit, and had a few fights online (which, sadly, were so badly lagged they were impossible to play), but I can already see that the huge amount of content and collectables will keep me coming back. Hopefully it’ll be a return to the greatness of the Gamecube game, as the Wii one wasn’t great (although I put that mainly down to the controls).

Scribble Shooter (Vita)

tumblr_ngwlhdv8j01svmpf2o1_1280This may be a demo, but it’s hard to tell. It’s a Playstation Home Arcade game, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to purchase the full version so I don’t know if it’s just very, very short or what. It was quite good fun but over very quickly.

Wipeout 2D (Vita)

tumblr_ngwk8xmxnc1svmpf2o1_1280Another Playstation Home Arcade game. It’s exactly what it suggests – Wipeout in 2D. It plays like Super Sprint, but the handling feels terrible and I didn’t really enjoy it. Motorstorm RC is a billion times better, and the similar F-Zero themed minigame in Nintendoland is what Wipeout 2D wishes it was.

Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

One_left_to_open__Probably_6__of_the_game_complete_overall.Of course. This just keeps on giving! I’ve a single square in Adventure Mode left to open now, and it’s proving pretty difficult. I’m having to level up some rarely used characters to build up to another attempt, but I keep getting sidetracked and hunt for better weapons and stuff instead.

I’ve bought my first Amiibo this week, and, which Hyrule Warriors in mind, it had to be Link. He unlocked the Spinner weapon which is awesome to use. Sadly, it’s only a Level 1 weapon so only does 80 damage. It’s kind of made up for with Link himself being on Level 112, but a 420 damage Spinner would be nice!

Apparently I can use the Amiibo once a day to unlock more stuff, so I’ll be giving that a go.

Hello Kitty Happy Happy Family (Demo) (3DS)

tumblr_ngoy7mbxfj1svmpf2o1_1280Sadly, not a return to form for Kitty. I was hoping for something more like the fantastic (truthfully) Hello Kitty Roller Rescue, or even the GBA Happy Party Pals game, but no – it’s a sub-Cooking Mama set of rubbish minigames. What a shame, although I did expect this was how it was going to be.

Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS)

tumblr_nh7nfs6h1d1svmpf2o1_400All the Level 5 Guild 01/02 games have been on offer recently, so I picked this up cheap along with The Starship Damrey. I haven’t played it a great deal yet, only through the tutorial and as far as the french bloke and the two girls returning from their quests. Seems quite good so far though – a sort of rhythm action game where you make the weapons and level them up by sending them out with adventurers. It’s pretty funny too, especially the almost Twitter-like Grindcast, which updates you on the quests your customers go on.