Doshin the Giant (GC)

No, that’s his belly button.

I’ve been playing this a lot over the last few days. It’s not perfect. From the outside it looks like a tedious tree moving game, and there’s not actually much more to it than that, but it has a hook.

Part of it is “growing”. At the start of each day, Doshin returns to his normal size, which means he can’t pick up certain things and flattens ground and walks slowly. Making the little people live (or alternatively, hate) him enough makes him grow, and therefore do more stuff more quickly.

doshinThe ultimate aim is to get all the little people to build every variation of monument they can. You do this by helping them expand their villages (provide them with trees and flat land, mainly), and if you populate them with the right colours of tribes, they create a statue. One of the statues looks like a poo.

So far, I’ve managed to coax them into creating 8 or 9 of the 16 or so required monuments.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (GC): COMPLETED!

Oh Tony, Tony, Tony. Where did it all go wrong? Why, after the utter perfection that is THPS3 did you let your amazing series of amazing games turn into the shambles that is Ride and Shred? Oh Tony! Why have you forsaken me, your most ardent of skateboard game fans? Me, who has completed every single one of your games, before that sorry pair, so many times on so many platforms. I even completed the original game on the N-Gage! The N-Gage!

With THPS HD on the way soon, I was itching for some proper THPS gaming in preparation. So I dug out my Wavebird, a GC memory card, and THPS3, and jammed them all in my Wii.


I do wonder if THPS3 is actually the best game ever made ever. Ever. Ever.