Geometry Wars 3 (Vita): COMPLETED!

tumblr_nr6uffdgpu1svmpf2o1_1280Like the awesome but mostly ignored Wii version of Geometry Wars, Geometry Wars 3 (which was a free PS+ rental this month) has a great single player “adventure” mode. Each level takes one of the main score attack modes and requires you to beat a certain score or clear a level in under a certain time with the rules of that mode, or perhaps with no smart bomb or extra lives.

In addition, every so many levels, there’s a boss (which is a new thing in the series, I think?). All the bosses are superficially the same, consisting of a large gemstone type enemy who periodically drops its shield while spawning standard Geometry Wars enemies and occasionally rushing you.

tumblr_nr8p4yjb0x1svmpf2o1_1280It all feels a bit like a “best of” Geometry Wars, really. It has the stuff from the first two games, and from the Wii game, and then nicks a chunk from the also excellent  Nano Assault Neo by setting many of the levels on the surface of a 3D shape rather than on a flat plane. As you progress through Adventure mode, the score multiplier Geom items also act as currency with which to buy or upgrade special weapons and drones.

Frankly, it’s superb and my only issue with the Adventure mode is that the final boss is a massive, massive difficulty spike. I easily spent as long attempting that single level than I did on the previous 49 levels combined! A single life and multiple “phases” and attack patterns, along with insta-death walls did not make it simple.

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii): COMPLETED!

With two earlier levels completed on Silver (actually one was Silver, the other Gold), I had enough geoms to unlock the final planet. Which was really easy – I even got Gold on it!

So that’s it – all done. Apart from going back and bettering my scores and leveling up the other drone states I’d not used much. Sweep and Turret are at max, Attack is almost there, but pretty much everything else is untouched.

After completing the game, I went back to Retro Evolved mode, and totally failed to beat my high score. Pff.

But what an excellent, excellent game. And for £17? Bargainlicious!

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii)

I’ve done all the levels now, bar the final planet on the final galaxy. I’ve got 140,000 geoms, and need 200,000 to unlock it – that’s two more Bronze-to-Silver improvements.

I’ve just realised – why is each galaxy a galaxy? They’re clearly solar systems. Hmm.

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii)

All these Geoms I’ve been collecting – hundreds of thousands of them – were all used up by the last few planets in the penultimate galaxy. Meaning I didn’t have enough to open the final galaxy. So I went back to some earlier levels and managed Gold where previously, I’d only managed Bronze. That let me in, and with the first three planets there all Gold’ed, I’m back in huge credit!

Sadly, it costs LOADS to unlock each planet, so it looks like I’ll need to get golds on them all in order to continue. Bah!

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii)

Right, I’m on the penultimate galaxy, and I’ve done three of the planets there. Not many left now! They’re all getting a bit hard though, and I haven’t managed a Silver rank in ages.

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii)

I don’t really know what to write. I really love the game, but it’s just “shoot stuff”, so there’s no real way of making an interesting diary post out of that…

I’m over halfway through unlocking the galaxies, though.

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii)

This just gets better! Every planet has a different “quirk”, like you’ve only got one life, or you have huge splitting baddies, or there’s no break from the action at all, or the “grid” is a maze with walls.

I’ve been powering up my Turret, which seems great for taking down huge swarms, especially on the more open levels. I had plenty of opportunity to power it up too, considering the number of times I had to attempt a level that needed 30 million points – just for Bronze!

Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii/DS)

That’s right – Wii and DS. The Wii game arrived today, and, to my surprise, it lets you send a copy of a port of Retro Evolved to your DS. Hurrah!

First up was the Wii “Galaxies” mode. It is ACE. I was expecting a slight drop in clarity of visuals (over the 360 Retro Evolved) but there isn’t really. It’s just not HD, that’s all. The level-based nature is a big difference to the game, but it works really well. I’ve worked through the first set of planets, and then two from the second set.

After that I had a go at the included Retro Evolved game, managing a feeble 300,000-ish points, ranking me 212th in the world. Ste Parker, of posting-in-ugvm “fame” is at 7th or 8th! Pff.

Finally, I played the DS version for a while, getting 360,000 points, even though it seemed much harder. How odd.

Geometry Wars Evolved (360)

One go on this, just to see how crap I have become in the time I haven’t played it. And? A rubbish score of about 130,000 points. Five months ago, that would have been great, but anything short of half a million these days is just weak.

Geometry Wars Evolved (360)

Ubarpowaz! On my second attempt today (after a long break from the game) I managed about 340,000 points! OK, so compared to others it is still pretty crap (although I went up about 10 places in my friend list leaderboard), but it’s a big improvement on the 240,000-odd previous best. And it got me another two achievements – 250,000 Points, and Survived 250,000 Points – the latter as I’d not died until after 300,000. And then lost all five lives in quick succession. Bah.

Geometry Wars Evolved (360)

Once again, things started well (188,000 points), but successive games got progressively worse (ending at about 20,000). I’m rubbish at this, when I know I can do so much better.

And it makes my eyes bleed real actual blood.