Guitar Hero Live (PS4): COMPLETED!

As in, the main mode completed. As in, all the tracks unlocked, played and finished in each of the festival sets.

Things that I liked about this version of Guitar Hero: The new fret button layout is actually better than the old one.

Things that I didn’t like about this version of Guitar Hero: Most of the other stuff.

The tracklist is terrible. Yes, GHTV sort of makes up for it with it’s constant stream of mostly poor quality (and wrong aspect ratio) music videos, but even the music catalogue here isn’t a patch on previous games in the series. There are some big names – but not their best, biggest, most guitar-y tracks. It’s very disappointing.

Also, in GHTV mode, the controls seem to be very unresponsive. I didn’t have a single issue in Live mode (the “story” mode), but strums often failed to register on GHTV. The guitar completely disconnected once!

It only cost me £15 so I’m not too bothered by all the negatives, and there’s enough good in it to make it worth that much anyway.

Weekend Catch Up Fighter II Turbo X

Well, it’s whole week really, not just a weekend. I have recently played these:

Guitar Hero World Tour (360)
Meh. It’s very Meh now. And Meh isn’t good. Some of the tracks are OK, but very few are excellent. And what’s with all the country and western? Pah.

Street Fighter IV (360)
I’m rubbish. Really rubbish. Even on Easy I’m having difficulty beating Seth. And El Fuerte is the most ridiculous to control character ever, Ever!

Scribblenauts (DS)
Still excellent and hilarious. Funny for mainly the wrong reasons when things don’t happen as expected. On World 8 now, I think.

And the return of my (well, someone else’s, it seems) repaired Wii meant a splurge and the purchase of three downloadable games:

Pilotwings (Wii)
It’s not actually great. In fact, it’s a bit pants. What a shame.

Solomon’s Key (Wii)
Fun platformy-puzzle thing. It’s getting very hard very quickly, though.

“Aha! I Got It!” Escape Game (Wii)

Guitar Hero World Tour (360)

After I dropped off my broken Wii at the post office yesterday, I went next door to Blockbuster and accidentally bought Guitar Hero World Tour and Street Fighter IV in a two for £30 deal.

And? Well, it’s Guitar Hero. Only with a pants setlist. Also, I know that it’s now a full-band title so some tracks will be better for guitar than others, but tracks like No Sleep Til Brooklyn actually allow the guitar player to sleep through.

It’s not that the songs are bad, they’re just not a lot of fun to play. Well, not many of them are, anyway.

Whoever put the Mario and Zelda tracks in the GHTunes store though – genius!

Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS): COMPLETED!

Well, hand cramp or no, I completed it this afternoon. It had to be done in three sittings as it hurt so much, but eventually I managed it.

So, yeah. Not a bad game, just not really suited for the DS. And the track list is, aside from a few songs, somewhat worse than other Guitar Hero games. But I only paid £12 for it, so I’m not going to complain too much.

Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

It’s Guitar Hero! On the DS! With added hand cramp!

That’s right – hand cramp. It’s pretty much all the DS version brings to the game, actually. No matter which way I hold it, I get cramp on my little finger and wrist. Not that my little finger is of much use, as I can barely reach the blue button with it, meaning I have no hope at all with the harder difficulty levels.

But I persevered with it, and it is really just more of the same. Actually, the way you strum (with a pick-stylus) is probably better than in the “grown up” console versions, but that doesn’t really make up for the hand cramps… Oh, and the track list isn’t all that great.

Anyway, I made it to half-way through the third “level”, which, if the menu screens are anything to go by, is half-way through the game.

Guitar Hero III (360)

Just a few tracks on this to kill a bit of time before New Year actually happens. Improved my scores on two Medium tracks, and did a new track for the first time.

A friend of mine played too, on Easy. He was crap.

Guitar Hero III (360): COMPLETED!

“Lou” was totally impossible yesterday. I couldn’t even come close to beating him. And yet, for some reason, I managed it on my first try today without realising I was almost there. Amazing.

You have to “finish him” after that (which is basically just finishing the song), and then it was credits time – complete with another track to play over (or, more literally, under) them. With that all done, I went and bought all the rest of the bonus tracks, and played a few, then went back and played the few tracks I’d missed in Career Mode.

Finally, I played a few tracks on Easy, and then tried to play randoms on Xbox Live Ranked Mode, but the game crashed every time it said “Joining Game…”. Pff.

Guitar Hero III (360)

So I beat Slash and made it up as far as Satan. Sorry, Lou, not Satan. Pff. And he’s impossible as the notes are completely random and move far too fast for mere humans. Which is probably why he wins, what with not being human and all.

It’s a shame, because I’d managed to 4 or 5 star every track leading up to him without too much difficulty. I even mastered hammer-ons and pull-offs, but only for one track, but couldn’t defeat Lou.

So I bought a couple more tracks (Ruby and She Bangs the Drums) which are both better than half the main set of tracks (although I did unearth a few more decent ones), and then set about THRASHING SomethingWitty on Xbox Live. HA! I’M WINNER!

Guitar Hero III (360)

Rock! Again!

This arrived yesterday, but I was out all evening so didn’t give it a play until this evening. I’m not really sure what to say, actually. It’s just more of the same. Sort of.

Of course, there’s the new track listing, but I’m finding it somewhat lacking at the moment. There haven’t been many great songs (yet) – no Bowie, nothing like Bark at the Moon or Surrender, and lots of those available I’ve never even heard of (which wasn’t the case with the previous two games).

I’m playing through on Medium, and haven’t failed a track yet. Well, I say that – I did fail at defeating Slash on the “end of level boss” section (new to this version). I don’t like those bits, and stopped playing after that.

Assorted 360 Demos (360)

Four game demos tested today. Three were new on the downloads and the other has been there a while but I haven’t played it until now. Anyway – the games!

Battlestar Galactica:
Crap. It’s basically the same game as Wing Commander Arena, which was also crap (and by the same people) with slightly different graphics. Rubbish.

Guitar Hero III:
AMAZING. But then, that was obvious, yes?

Would be great if it ran at least three times faster than it does. What idiot thought that making a puzzle (or rather, “pazzle”, as the dashboard describes it) game which is against the clock run at a snail’s pace would be a good idea? Stupid.

Virtua Fighter 5:
Ooooh! Looks fantastic, plays well, just… I don’t know. I’ve not really played a 3D fighter I’ve really enjoyed since Soul Calibur 2, and although this seems excellent, I’m not sure I want to bother with it.

Guitar Hero II (360)

OH. MY. LORD. Not only did I manage to complete a track on Hard mode, but I then went on to complete FOUR more afterwards! To you rock gods, this is like walking and talking, but to me it’s like flying and shooting lasers from my eyes. Amazing!

And I also completed a couple more bought tracks on Medium, finding them alarmingly easy in the process.

Guitar Hero II (360)

“Jordan” on Expert is impossible. I would just like to make that known.

I mean, everything on Hard is impossible (for me) anyway, but I though I’d just have a try of Jordan on Expert as it nets you an achievement if you beat it. 3% complete. 4%. 5%. Then 3% again. Not a chance in hell.

So I tried practising it. On the slowest setting. And still I couldn’t really progress without nine out of ten notes being somewhat bum. Then, the solo near the end just made me cry. As I wrote elsewhere:

Even on the slowest practice setting, it weren’t doing. Especially the bit near the end, where you seem to have to press three buttons at once, but randomly change which three every one thousandth of a second.

That’s a no, then.

Then I decided to play on Easy for a bit. Having Perfected two songs in a row, I’d managed a note streak of 315 or so, then 460. I was going to get myself the 1000-note streak achievement, wasn’t I?

No, I wasn’t. Halfway into the next song, “Achievement Unlocked!” appeared. ACES! I thought. And paused the game to check. Only to find it actually said “Buckskin is Online”. Unpausing, and I lost it. HATE.

I will be removing everyone from my friends list so that this will never happen again.

Guitar Hero II (360)

Played through a few more tracks today, mainly on easy but also unlocked Jordan and had a go at that on Medium, which wasn’t too hard. I managed a couple more achievements too.

Guitar Hero II (360)

It seems I gained another achievement today, for buying all the guitar finishes. Again, I haven’t actually bought them all, but I got the achievement anyway.

Also tried a few of the “bought” bonus tracks, including Trogdor (which was a bit bloody hard). Played through some of the existing tracks as well, to bump my stars and scores up a little. Psychobilly Freakout is still impossible, however.

Guitar Hero II (360)

With all the tracks on Medium now done, it was time to start going for 5 Star rankings on them all, and bump myself up the leaderboards a little. In fact, there’s not much bumping up the leaderboards I can do, on my friends list at least – I’m first, second or third for almost every track, and am second overall for the career. Aces!

Anyway. I have at least the first 24 (of 48) tracks now 5 Star ranked, and bumped a few 3s to 4s. Psychobilly Freakout is plainly impossible, though.