Halo (Xbox)

Have I mentioned how tedious it is playing this? How little fun I’m getting out of it? How I can’t wait until it’s all over? No? Well, I am now.

Today was spent working through the same three areas over and over again. First, there’s The Big Almost Circular Room (with smaller circular room within it). Then, there’s One Of Three Styles of Tunnel, and finally Jesus Christ Not Another Bloody Bridge. Intersperse these with Boring Lift Journeys, and you have what can only be described as the worst part of any FPS I’ve ever played.

Finally, though, I made it out into the open again. Lets hope that was all the crap for a while, yes?

Halo (Xbox)

Sigh. If “The Silent Cartographer” is supposed to be a highlight of the game, then it really does need putting down. It was awful. More corridors that look the same. Areas of the map too dark to see in (and no, the flashlight doesn’t really help). Wave after wave after wave of the same baddies again and again and again.


I thought things might have improved when I got to the next bit (which starts with more identical rooms and corridors), where you move out into the snowy open areas. You’re given a Warthog! A Ghost! And a tank! And they’re all crap, and progress is easier with just your rocket launcher.

Well, I will make a concession – flying the Ghost is a good idea, because if you don’t one of your marine “chums” will fly it instead. And run you down in it. So that you die. Three times in a row. In the end, I blew it up before they got a chance to pilot it.

Please tell me it gets better. Please?

Halo (Xbox)

And so it gets worse. The same corridors over and over and over and over again on the alien space ship. The way you go through essentially the same hanger 5 times. The fact everything is too dark to see. The annoying little baddies that sound like Ewoks. The way I had to complete almost the entire chapter with just one block of health. That chapter really was horrible.

But then it was onto The Silent Cartographer. I recall from various forums and newsgroups, several years ago, that this chapter was a highlight in the game. It certainly started well, with a beach landing and a big gunfight. However, then it was back into the Warthog and round and round the island I went trying to find a pathway further inland, only to discover it’s behind a tree and you don’t need (in fact, can’t use) the Warthog at all.

And then wave after wave after wave of the same baddies over and over again, in the dark again. Tedious. Anyway, I’ve reached a building now. Lets hope it’s the same rooms over and over!

Halo (Xbox)

I’ve played it before. And didn’t like it. And I tried again on the PC. And didn’t like it. I’ve always found it dull, dark, slow and boring.

So, having bought it at a car boot sale yesterday for the princely sum of £1.50, I thought I’d play it again. Not least because I got the sequel at the same time (for the same price), and I have a mostly unplayed Halo 3 for the 360 sat on a shelf. About time I played the trilogy, yes?

Or no. I just can’t like it. As a FPS, Timesplitter 2 (and 3) and Half-Life (and HL2) kick it into a cocked hat. Its story is yawnsome – aliens attack your ship, you escape and crash land on alien planet, you have to find survivorzzzzzzz. Seen and done before. Before Halo originally came out, even.

And the Warthog is is rubbish. The controls are just ridiculous for it. Why you can’t use a trigger button to accelerate, I don’t know.

But I’m on the alien ship bit, and it’s just wave after wave after wave of tedious fighting in dark warehouses and dark corridors and I’m really not enjoying it at all. At least I’ve gotten further than I’ve ever done previously. That’s something, I suppose.

Halo 3 (360)

I turned my 360 on to find a couple of friends from work in a Halo 3 Campaign lobby, so I put the game in and joined them. It turned out that they were starting on the final level, although I didn’t realise this. Well, not until I completed it for them.

Um, that’s it really. Too much jeep-thing action and not enough shooting. And you can’t drive properly as you have to steer with the camera controls, and everything is just so slow. And you have to jump off bits in the jeep-thing and you can’t tell if there’s anything to land on, so the level is just a test of memory and trial and error. Rubbish.

Halo 3 (360)

Well, the ugvm boys were supposedly going to play this tonight. But they didn’t turn up until I’d been hanging around for an hour so I left. Pff.

I’d played a few match-making games while waiting, and didn’t lose any (although I didn’t do especially well), but it just isn’t fun when you don’t know the people you’re playing with (unlike Team Fortress 2 which is ace regardless).

Halo 3 (360)

Ssh! Don’t tell anyone, but I played this for over an hour and a half this evening. And not all of it was rubbish! Of course, I was playing with lots of people from ugvm, and all on multiplayer modes that weren’t co-op campaign, so it was all pretty good.

Well, I wasn’t. I held my own for a few games when there were only four or five of us, but then more people turned up and I was demoted to whipping boy. Pff.

We played Slayer for a few games, then had a go at a few other modes. Rocket Thingie was most bizarre, as we were set up in four teams of two, me paired with co-crap-player Lufferov, and my jeep thing (it’s probably not a jeep but named after some sort of animal – I don’t know) wouldn’t turn right. We got nil points. In the next round, we got THREE! Sadly, this still put us in last place.

Then we played Ninjaball, which I was (again) crap at, but I did managed to kill SomethingWitty about a million times, totally unnecessarily as he didn’t have the ball at the time. Here are some pictures of me beating him to death:

I’m the one in green, by the way.

After that, it was Capture the Flag, and my team lost. Not because of me though, oh no. I was was more ace than everyone else put together. Maybe.

Halo 3 (360)

It was decreed that after work today, Halo 3 was to be played on two system-linked 360s and huge projected screens. And so it came to pass, and there was much shooting of each other and baddies as we three played some Slayer (I came second) and some co-op until it was time to go home.

And ye, Halo 3 still isn’t fantastic but verily in a group Slayer is much fun.

Halo 3 Beta (360)

No, I’m not impressed. Halo and Halo 2 both left me cold, and after several days of Crackdown this just feels slow, clunky and, well, dull.

FPS games aren’t really my thing at the best of times, and deathmatch type things even less so. Unless the full game has an outstanding single player mode (and to do this, it’ll have to be different to the previous two games), I don’t think I’ll bother.

As for how I got on with it today, I played several games online, and came 3rd or 4th each time. Which isn’t bad seeing as I kept grenading myself by pressing LT to lock on. Which doesn’t work in Halo 3, unlike in Crackdown