Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS)

OK, I’m starting to flag now. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the size of the levels – which are HUGE. Probably too huge, actually. When was the last time you played a 2D platformer where some levels were almost an hour long? Yes, some of the time is spent puzzling not run-and-jumping, but still – it’s ages. Especially since you can’t save mid-level.

It’s getting harder too. I’ve lost a few lives now, but still have over 20 in reserve so I’m not worried yet. My save file says I’m 50% done, but I don’t know if that includes secrets and hidden exits and stuff.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS)

I’m having a bit of a DS kick at the moment. Perhaps it’s the soon-to-be-released 3DS that’s reminded me about it? Or maybe the fun I had at the ugvm meet playing Mario Kart? Who knows!

Henry Hatsworth is a game I’ve had on my shelf, unplayed, for some time now. Much like many games I own. When it came out, many people bought it thinking it was going to be like Professor Layton, but I was not one of those because I’d actually seen at least one screenshot 🙂

It’s a platformer. And a pretty basic one at that. Except there’s a massive twist – every time you kill baddie, they don’t die. Instead, they move to the bottom screen and become blocks in a sort of Bejewelled type puzzle game. You can switch to this puzzle (and back) by pressing X, and then eradicate the baddies once and for all by matching them up in a row of three or more. If you don’t, they reach the top of the bottom screen and return to the platformy bit to kill you.

It’s pretty good, too, although the swapping does get a bit annoying – especially if you forget to keep an eye on the puzzle and the screen fills up with baddies almost ready to pounce back on you. It is very easy (so far) though. I’m half way through the second world (about 20% complete, according to the save file) and haven’t died yet. In fact, I’ve now got 20 or more lives, and the only time I even came close to pegging it was on the end of world boss.

Fun though, so I’ll stick with it.