Crystal Defenders (iPod)

After a few weeks of uming and ahing about whether I wanted to buy a Tower Defence clone for my iPod, I caved in and bought it. I do have a tendency to get addicted to such games, but I didn’t think the iPod was up to it.

But it is. Oh yes.

The controls are a little fiddly, but aside from that it’s a perfectly capable and hugely addictive game. The basic Tower Defence unit types are swapped for Final Fantasy jobs (Soldier, Monk, Archer, Black Mage, etc.) and the baddies are FF-universe baddies, but essentially it’s the same game as found elsewhere. And very lovely it is too.

And only £3.99!

Assorted iPod games (iPod)

Seems like the iPod games store on iTunes has had quite a few games added recently that I hadn’t noticed. So I bought a few:

Trivial Pursuit
It’s the same game as you’d expect, only with multiple choice answers. And it’s pretty good, even if my wife did beat me (it has multiplayer) and the questions are too US-based. I don’t know anything about baseball or basketball! I mean, they’re not even proper sports! And since the only two books referenced seem to be Moby Dick and Tom Sawyer, and the history questions are usually about US presidents and stuff in the constitution, it does make playing it a bit difficult.

Tiger Woods
It’s just like every other golf game ever. Only instead of a triple-tap for power, you hold a button and release. And there’s no decent-sized overhead map. And I finished Pebble Beach 4 over par. But it was pretty good, nonetheless.

Or “Othello”, as us proper folk spell it. The reviews on iTunes are amazing – some guy saying how it is easier than Othello (it’s the same game!) and someone actually complaining the game isn’t worth the asking price – just 79p. SEVENTY NINE PENCE. Jesus. What do you want, blood?! It plays Othello. And well. What else does it need?

Song Summoner (iPod)

Created a few more characters this morning (no mages still, though), but actually spent time playing the missions. I’ve just found the back entrance to Full House’s tower, and had a fight there. I’ve also played and completed the Easy run of the Rehearsal Room.

I levelled up my monk too – he’s now Silver instead of Bronze, and is amazingly powerful!

Song Summoner (iPod)

Oh. Em. Eff. Gee.

It’s Final Fantasy Tactics. Only for the iPod. And just £4. Absolute BARGAIN. Well, it’s almost a Final Fantasy Tactics game. There’s less depth, you can’t change jobs, and there’s very little levelling up, but in essence, it’s almost there.

So far, I’ve played it for an hour and done just one mission. The mission took about 5 minutes to win. The other 55 minutes of play was going through my song collection and generating characters from the tracks on my iPod. Yes – really. That’s how you build your party up – with actual music from your mp3 library. Different tracks produce different classes of character, with different skills and different stats. It’s like the Barcode Battler!

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to generate any mages. Perhaps I need some opera or thrash metal or speed garage or something.

Peggle (iPod)

Working through the Challenge mode now, and some of them are bloody hard! Managed to do all the 35/45/55 peg challenges, and a few All Clears, but the 300,000 point ones are almost all beyond reach.

Peggle (iPod): COMPLETED!

I think this would be my very first completed iPod game. Hurrah! The last five levels were indeed somewhat hard, with the moving helix on the last one being a pain especially, but they’re all pretty tough.

And that’s it! Well, except all the Challenge Levels. Ace!

Peggle (iPod)

When I looked at the iTunes store last night, I intended to only buy the recently added Sonic the Hedgehog. But somehow, I bought Peggle as well. And ohmygodwhat? It’s a bit bloody addictive, isn’t it?

I played a bit at work (it is last day of term!), then in the pub waiting for my wife to finish work, then most of the evening. I’ve done 50 of the first 55 levels, and love it. So much fun for just £3.99! Amazing.

Phase (iPod)

Considering it is “just” an iPod game, Phase has had quite a bit of media attention this week. The main reason being it’s been done by none other than Guitar Hero and now Rock Band developers Harmonix, and it’s basically more of the same.

OK, so you only have three buttons (although there’s also “slide around the controller” sections), but it’s the same thing in essence. You also get to use your own music! To do this, just add tracks to the automatically-created “Phase Music” playlist in iTunes, and resync your iPod. Some tracks work better than others, though, and I’ve found ones with strong beats (bass or drums) are particularly successful.

Processed Beats (Kasabian)
Caught by the Fuzz (Supergrass)
Not Still Over (Yaida Hitomi)
The Legendary Theme (from Gitaroo Man)
Dare (Gorillaz)

Not so good:
Remote Control (Beastie Boys)
Life on Mars (David Bowie)