Isoland 2 (Switch): COMPLETED!

Well, there was no way I could not play the sequel after the first game, was there? Especially since they’re both so cheap!

Isoland is, as expected, more of the same. A different island to the first game, but the story is linked. The main difference here, though, is there’s a time-travel element which affects some of the puzzles.

A Clue

Other than that, it’s the usual Cottongame point and click stuff with tile-slidey/combination-findy puzzle elements. Also like the first game, you have to complete this twice, with extra and altered puzzles the second time, in order to get the true ending.

Hoping Isoland 3 comes Switchward now!

Isoland (Switch): COMPLETED!

Ages ago, I played a graphical adventure game called Mr Pumpkin Adventure. It was good, but very, very bizarre. Isoland is by the same guy and is also very bizarre, although perhaps not quite so much.

You begin on an island, and although it seems your job might be to figure out where everyone has gone, in fact you mainly just discover the presence of aliens, and find clues and items to crack codes to open areas or activate things.

Like Mr Pumpkin Adventure, it’s pretty short – but once you complete Isoland you don’t get the full story, and have to run through it again in what is essentially hard mode, with more puzzles. It’s a nice little game.