Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Kid Icarus UprisingIn my quest to mop up some of the outstanding part-complete games I’ve started over the last couple of months, I went back to KI:U the other day. I hadn’t given up on it, or tired of it, it’s just other games happened. You know how it is.

I wasn’t as close to the end as I’d anticipated. I thought, although I’m not sure what made me think this, that Chapter 17 was the final chapter. It isn’t: Chapter 25 is. So I had a bit more to do than I’d expected.

Due to spoilers, I won’t go into the twists or plot in the end few chapters, but it’s not really a spoiler to say the final battle against Hades was pretty epic. On the way there was another minor SuckySuck(TM) bit, but thankfully only with three bosses (all of whom were much easier than previously – probably due to my Pudgy Palm being somewhat powerful).

Of course, the best bit of the game is the dialogue. It’s awesome. And funny too. I particularly liked Pit trying to point out how one type of enemy looks like a Metroid, while Viridi tries to shush him and points out they’re two completely different game worlds. Also, Viridi and Palutena comparing Brain Ages was ace.

Overall, a great game. The land battles are a little dull (well, some of them anyway), and least impressive graphically, but the air battles and most of the bosses more than make up for it. I’m likely to go back and try some of the levels on a higher intensity too, but I’ll get some other games out of the way first.

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

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Went through another couple of levels, embarrassingly only on intensity 2.4. They were quite easy though, with my new Pudgy Palm of Awezom Power. Its range is a bit feeble though, so I had to change my attack style to suit. It seems there’s a whole second set of achievements for the game too, having unlocked a new page of them today. Only have about 15% of them overall!

After that I went and played the first level again – this time on intensity 6.5. So many baddies! Still reasonably easy though, and I suspect it’ll be even easier next time as I’ve picked up another Pudgy Palm that’s even better!

Finally, I played a few games online. It was surprisingly good, and I even won my first match. It’s certainly unusual for me to play something competitive online and not be completely outclassed by everyone, instantly. Maybe I was lucky and just got noobs in the room. Didn’t win the second match, sadly, but it was very close.

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

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Complet…oh, wait.

Seems that the end, which was heavily signposted, even with the “This is the final battle!” speech, turned out to not only be not the end, but actually be the beginning. What.

I won’t say why (spoilers), but I was wondering why the game felt so short!

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

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I am wondering if I might actually have too many games on the go at the moment. Mainly Skyrim, Skylanders, 3D Dot Game Heroes, VVVVVV and now this. Hmm.

Not being a fan of the original Kid Icarus from all those many years ago, I wasn’t really looking forward to the 3DS game. Until I saw some videos and reviews a few months back. Then it was an instant NEED.

Frankly, it’s fantastic. It looks great, and I really like the constant banter between Palutena and Pit. The on-rails shooting bits are excellent, and, despite the nasty camera on-foot, those sections are fun too. Loving all the massive silly baddies too. One turned me into an aubergine. No, really.

There are a billion and one things to collect. Weapons of many kinds to collect, fuse and modify. You can “bet” on each level, offering up currency for better rewards on harder difficulties. So far, I’ve cowardly stuck to 2.2 (out of 9).

I’m four episodes in, and really enjoying it. However, I can’t play it for more than an episode at a time because the way you have to hold the 3DS and stylus is awkward and painful. Oh well.