Kirby’s Adventure (Switch): COMPLETED!

There’s no way it has been nearly six years since I last completed this, surely? That’s absurd. I’m sure I complete it every few months. The Diary, however, Cannot Lie.

Yes, it’s easy. Yes, I had 45 lives left at the end. And no, I haven’t 100%ed it because I need to go back and find a few secret buttons. But Kirby is always fun to play. And being essentially “free” as one of the NES games that comes with the Switch online service, that makes it even better.

Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS): COMPLETED!

You know, I hadn’t even realised Kirby: Planet Robobot was out already, and then I got it as a Father’s Day present. And it’s only bloody excellent.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

I know some recent-ish Kirby games have been a step away from the normal “inhale baddies, copy their abilities” model of old, so I was a little worried Planet Robobot might be similar, especially as the core addition is Kirby’s new mech suit. I needn’t have worried though, as this is proper Kirby – and when in the mech? It’s still proper Kirby.

Kirby: Planet RobobotHappy colourful levels with definitely Kirby-sounding music mixes with metallic surfaces and robots, but it’s clearly a standard Kirby game. There are multiple (usually two, sometimes more) planes of play, with Kirby popping into and out of the screen in fantastic 3D, but this just adds to the game rather than change anything fundamental. Some puzzles (mostly to obtain Core Cubes, needed to unlock boss levels) use this fore- and background swapping to great effect.

Kirby: Planet RobobotThe levels themselves are pretty big, although with 6 worlds (and a final boss fight 7th world) and just 4 or 5 levels in each it isn’t a large game overall. At least, I thought that until I’d beaten the game and two more modes unlocked! One of which is to play a modified “remix” of the game again, only as Meta Knight, who doesn’t have any copy ability nor does he have a mech suit. That will make some of the mini boss fights interesting!

Kirby: Planet RobobotThe game itself was incredibly good fun. I raced through it in just a few days mainly because it was so much fun I couldn’t put it down. Sure, it isn’t difficult either (I died maybe five times in total, ending the game with over 40 lives) although getting a few Core Cubes is pretty tricky – I’ve not collected them all so that’s something left to do. My only complaint would be in the SuckySuck(TM) Bit at the end where there’s a Boss Rush (albeit with a powered up suit which makes short work of them all) and then the final boss has a multitude of additional forms. Not hard, so not frustrating, but a bit clichéd.

Best Kirby game in ages. Probably since the SNES Kirby’s Dreamland 3, in fact.

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Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (Wii U): COMPLETED!

Kirby and the Rainbow Painbrush

After seeing the MechaKirby 3DS game on this week’s Nintendo Direct, I was reminded that I hadn’t finished Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush yet. I think, as is often the case, something else came along instead. Maybe Super Mario Maker? Or Lego Jurassic World. I can’t remember. Anyway!

In one sitting, with my daughter on Waddle-Dee duty, I completed the rest of the game. Which was all of worlds 3 to 7, as it turned out. Like pretty much all Kirby games, it was easy. A couple of tricky forced scroll levels caused a few deaths, but picking up extra lives was such a frequent occurrence that I had about 40 spare by the time I reached the end.

tumblr_o0agznmr691svmpf2o1_1280Along the way, as is so often the case with Nintendo platformers in particular, there was so much inventiveness to find. In a few stages, Kirby rides a gondola, with your rainbow rope acting as a “track” for it to hang from. In another, you have to escape from a gunship you’ve just triggered the auto-destruct on, and you’re given a map on which to draw your intended exit route. Near the end there’s a section where Kirby is split into two Kirbys, at first separate from each other (so you have to guide both to switches and out of danger), and then together, where you can hit one with the other to cause it to fire off at speed, ricocheting off everything and smashing through blocks. As soon as you’re used to one new mechanic in the game, it throws another at you, or combines two or three earlier ones. It definitely doesn’t let you get bored.

KirbyIt’s odd, then, that the bosses are repeated with only minor differences. There are only eight in total, and three are used twice. They don’t even get harder. It’s only a small negative point, but for such a varied title it’s a bit out of place. Another niggle I have only happens when you’re playing co-op: periodically, a fight with a detatched hand will trigger. Kirby can’t defeat it as it tries to grab him and drag him off-screen (to his death), so Waddle-Dee has to do it. All I could do as Kirby was try to keep him away from the hand, and when invariably snatched, provide rainbow ropes for Waddle-Dee to reach the hand (if necessary) and smack it.

That aside, it’s a fun, gorgeous looking (everything is made from clay!) and inventive platformer. Exactly what you’d expect from Nintendo, really. It’s quite short, although collecting all the hidden treasure chests in each level and completing all the unlockable challenges will provide a great deal of extra length, but Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush clever and varied. And so, so pretty.

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Kirby’s Adventure (Wii U): COMPLETED!

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In those infrequent times recently, when I’ve not wanted to play Monster Hunter and my wife has stolen Animal Crossing, I’ve been skipping merrily through Kirby’s Aventure. Yes, again.

Having already completed various incarnations of it on this Diary over the last 7 or 8 years, I was surprised to find it surprisingly hard this time. Well, not hard. Harder. A bit.

This evening I polished off the last of world 6, finished world 7, and beat the boss(es).


Stuff I’ve been playing recently

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Or the “can’t be bothered with lots of posts” post. Woo!

Super Mario World (Wii U)

Bought this on the Wii U VC as an upgrade to the Wii VC version I have. It is, as it always was, fantastic. But much harder than I recall. Losing it in my old age! I have managed to clear the forest though, so I’m what, half way? A bit further than half way? Something like that.

Kirby’s Adventure (Wii U)

Oh no! 50Hz! I have no way of telling! Good job someone else pointed it out so I could be angry! That aside, Kirby’s Adventure is also still excellent fun. Yeah, it’s one of the easiest games in all creation (well, except for Where’s Waldo on the Megadrive, obviously), but that matters this much: not at all. Just about to complete Butter Building.

Crimson Shroud (3DS)

I have no idea what I’m doing. Still. At three hours in I’d have hoped I’d at least understand the game by now, but I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m supposed to be doing, so I’m aimlessly wandering round all the locations I’ve been in already in the hope I’ll stumble across the next bit I’m supposed to do. I like the game, and the combat is lovely, I’m just… lost.

Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U)

I bought some more tables as they were on offer. I’ve tried them all (some of which I already have on the 3DS or the 360), and none of them are bad. The Avengers table is probably my favourite though. The high score tables seem oddly empty amongst my friends though, even though some I’m sure have some of the tables. One guy even shows up twice on one table, with one of his scores being identical to mine – which I find highly unlikely. Server issues, maybe.

Kirby’s Pinball Land (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Easiest pinball game ever!

OK, so pinball games just go on for ever and ever, but there’s a definite target in this one – to beat the three table bosses and then defeat Dedede.

So that’s what I did. And it didn’t take very long as it’s pretty easy, not least because when you lose the “ball” (i.e., Kirby) you get a chance to get it back. Every time.

The physics are a bit shonky too, but other than that, it was still fun.

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (3DS): COMPLETED!

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With all my now-playing games completed, it was time to start something new. So, instead of starting one of the games on my Pile of Shame, I bought Kirby’s Dream Land 2 on the 3DS Virtual Console. Because, y’know, I didn’t have enough games already.

And then I completed it.

It wasn’t especially short (especially for a kirby game), but it was pretty easy. It was also much closer to Kirby’s Adventure (for the NES) than the original Kirby’s Dream Land, what with the “world hubs”, more levels, copy ability, and puzzle bits to reach the Tears you need to get the real ending. Which I also did, after getting the “bad” ending.

It’s a great little game, and I’m just surprised I’d never played it before.

Kirby’s Block Ball (3DS): COMPLETED!

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I did start this a few months ago, and got to the end of World 4 (of 10). I don’t recall why I stopped playing as it isn’t a bad game. Probably something else caught my eye.

Since I’m in the mood for mopping up started-but-unfinished games at the moment, I continued with it and after a couple of hours had smashed my way through to the end of the game. It was pretty good fun, but frustrating in that, as a Breakout type game, you’d expect more control over the rebound angle of the ball (or rather, Kirby) with the bat. You get very little, and it sometimes seems a bit random. Also, everything is a bit big for the small playfield, so some levels are very cramped (and difficult as a result).

Anyway, it’s still worth playing.

Games I’ve Played Recently

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Roundup time!

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (3DS)

Actually, the GBA version I got as part of the 3DS Ambassador thing. I thought I’d played it before, but I don’t actually remember any of it. It’s very confusing, as there’s no linear progression from level to level (like in Kirby’s Dream Land) or a map where you can replay previous levels (like in Kirby’s Adventure). Instead, there’s a complicated map system where you have to find different exits to access other levels, with occasional mirrors that are found which then leave a permanent link from the main “room” of the game to parts of the map. I suppose it’s a little bit how games like Metroid work, but the map is useless at telling you where you need to go, and it’s too easy to get stuck in a one-way route and have to redo miles of the game before you can try to find another route. I’m sort of enjoying it, but it doesn’t work well with quick bursts of play.

Skyrim (360)

Not progressed much since last time I posted about this, but I have agreed to do some Thieves Guild work (which involves roughing up some locals for money) so started that. I also slaughtered loads of people in the Ratway. I didn’t want to, but they attacked me and things just spiralled into badness. Also: my Flame Atronach is awesome.


Having completed the main game, I was going to go back and collect some more trinkets. However, I got a bit sidetracked with the plethora of other game modes and alternative maps, and so went off and did some of those instead. I also stumbled across some of the “accessibility modes” in the options, so have set the game speed to 60% which makes some of the really hard sections a lot easier. I suppose it’s cheating, but meh – whatdahyahgonnado?

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

There was a patch for this in the week, so I decided to give it another try online. Had some great games with randoms, and I didn’t even come last most of the time. Unsurprisingly, not a single person chose to play the now-fixed (thanks to the patch) Wuhu Loop track, which certainly made it more varied. I think I was suffering from nasty lag though, as some of the other racers appeared to be invincible to my shells, or seemed to get blown up randomly even though nothing seemed to hit them. That’s my connection though, not the game.

Skylanders (360)

I’ll post more about this another time, but it arrived today and my daughter thinks it’s amazing. I enjoyed the half and hour or so I played it for too, so could be a hit. Glad I got it for about £19 though, not the £60 or whatever it was when it came out last year.

Rayman Origins (Demo) (3DS)

Oh! It looks so lovely!

Stuff I’ve been playing recently

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Fable III (360)

It seems the best way to make money is to buy all the houses and shops, then just leave the Xbox on all day. So I did that. Now I have over 8 million gold, can pay off all my debts, and progress with the story. In doing so, I’ve revisited Aurora, pilfered a diamond from a cave, bought more shops and houses, and am now on the trail of a white Balverine in Silverpines.

I also changed my gun for a different one, because I realised that being able to do 79 damage was certainly better than just managing 33. Makes a bit of a difference.

Kirby’s Block Ball (3DS)

I’ve not bought a 3DS Virtual Console game in a while, but since I had to add some more money to my account to buy Mighty Switch Force (see later) I thought I’d pick up some. One was this, a Kirby Breakout game where some levels have paddles at the top and sides of the screen, and have baddies wandering round. After reaching World 4, I also realised you could activate Kirby’s powers by pressing B. That would have made earlier levels somewhat easier, non?

Trip World (3DS)

This was another 3DS VC game purchase. The video on the eShop made it look like fun, but I’ve no idea what I’m doing. You control (well, you try to control) a little cute catbunnyblobthing. Thing is, he doesn’t jump very far and there are spikes. I did, through random button mashing, did manage to turn him into a fish (useless) and a thing with big ears (which can sort of fly but then drops to the ground for no discernible reason), neither of which I can reproduce nor were they of any help.

Mighty Switch Force (3DS)

ACEBEST. So good, in fact, I rattled through the first 14 levels in half an hour. Then I found there are only actually 16 levels. This was a bit disappointing. However, I’ve spent over an hour since then and haven’t finished it yet as Level 16 is nuts.

In case you know nothing of the game, it’s a platform shooter puzzle game where the main “gimmick” is you press a button to make blocks move between the foreground and background. You can’t pass them when they’re in the foreground, but you can stand on them, and you don’t want to be moving them to the foreground when you’re standing in front of them. Unless they’re a special type of block. It’s all excellent though, and different to anything that looks vaguely similar.

Shinobi (3DS)

Picked this up cheap from The Game Collection the other day. It’s very much a 2.5D spiritual sequel to the Megadrive “Revenge of Shinobi” game. The graphics are sort of stark and plain, but it’s fun. For some reason it reminds me of the DS launch title Spiderman 2, though. Maybe it’s the graphic style and all the fire.

I’m stuck though. Went on a raft into a cave, then wall-jumped up to a higher level. Now there’s a huge gap to the left too big to jump, and I can’t latch onto the cave roof to get across that way because there are spikes. Hmm.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (3DS)

Very much a Mash Y And Sometimes X game, but it’s fun. There’s a hook to get me back in with the RPG elements (leveling up your character, merging weapons to make better ones, and so on) though, and you do have to have a bit of strategy in the game to ensure your allies aren’t overwhelmed by foes and die because you’ve wandered off to cause carnage elsewhere or because you didn’t run to their side when they asked you to. Well worth the £7 Morrisons (yes, them again) wanted for it anyway.

3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure (3DS): COMPLETED!

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To look at this game one way, it’s just the NES game “Kirby’s Adventure” on the 3DS.

To look at this another way, it’s OH YES! “KIRBY’S ADVENTURE”! NEEEED!

Yes, I have played it many times. And yes, I have completed it almost as many times. And yes, this is just that game again. But! It’s in 3D!

Of course, it’s not in proper 3D. It’s just the fore- and background layers have been peeled in and out, so the levels have depth. And that’s it – it’s just the same otherwise. Only somehow, it feels better. Maybe it’s the super-sharp graphics, which now appear like those fancy HD remakes with redrawn hi-res graphics you get on the Xbox 360. Or maybe it’s the smoothness, with no janky NES-o-vision scrolling and busy-screen slowdown. Maybe. Whatever it is, it looks and plays fantastically, and I loved it from start to two-and-a-half-hours-later finished. Every bit of it. As always.

I still maintain Kirby’s Adventure is one of the best platformers ever made. FACT.

Kirby’s Fun Pak (Wii): COMPLETED!

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Well yeah y’see I actually completed this a while ago, and not today. Because today I played it to complete what I thought was the final game mode I’d unlocked, only to find that I’d not just played that mode already, but completed it as well.

So it was a somewhat short play session consisting of a quick load of each mode just to make sure I’d done them all, and I had. So, er, hurrah!

Then I played Kirby 64 for a bit instead. It’s not that good.

Stuff wot I are bin playing

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I’ve not posted in a while, aside from to mention Yakuza 3 and Old World Blues, but I have still been playing games. Here’s a round-up of what’s been going down over the last few weeks:

Professor Layton and the Lost Future (DS)

I actually completed this at the start of the year, but as I did with the previous two games once the story was done I left the remaining puzzles until near the release of the following game. So, with that due in November, I went back to Lost Future. I’ve already mopped up all the story puzzles, the sticker book, the parrot delivery puzzles, and the toy car, and have done most of the bonus extra puzzles too.

As usual, the puzzles I struggle with are the slide-a-block-through-other-blocks ones, one of which (having checked online afterwards to see how poorly I did) can be completed in just 9 moves. Took me almost 3500. Yes.

Urban Champion 3D (3DS)

It’s a weak title, sure. It’s certainly not a “NES classic”, but somehow, it’s addictive. I’ve made it up to (I think) Area Champion, but then died. You don’t seem to lose your rank when you die though – you just have to start from the first round again.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (3DS)

The only 2D Zelda game I’ve not completed. In fact, I’ve barely played it. But I put some time in and once you forget it’s a Zelda game and look at it as a Metroidvania game with an overworld and semi-random, realtime battles, it makes a lot more sense. It’s brutally hard though!

Metroid (3DS)

Another one of the NES games us 3DS “ambassadors” got for free. It’s hard. Like, really hard. And there’s no map. I sort of like it, but the difficulty is really putting me off.

Balloon Fight / Mario & Yoshi / NES Open / Wrecking Crew (3DS)

Other NES games that I’ve played for an hour or so each, but not really invested too much time in yet. Wrecking Crew is ace, and NES Open is still a pretty competent golf game.

Let’s Golf 3D (3DS)

Enjoying this. The 3D is pointless (as in, it barely has any effect at all), but it doesn’t really matter. I’m about 35% through Career Mode now, and am starting to get used to the courses. The arctic and aztec ones are particularly difficult! I like the different game modes too, like Closest To The Pin and such.

10 Second Run (3DS)

It’s actually DSiWare, but I don’t have a DSi so it falls under 3DS. So there. Loved it at first, with its super-quick runny-jumpiness, but sadly – just like other games of its ilk (N+, Super Meat Boy) – it became far too hard to be enjoyable. I’ve completed about 38 of the 50 levels, and although I know there are 5 or 6 more I could probably manage with perseverance, some just seem completely beyond me. Boo!

Bomberman Live! (360)

I was online this evening at the same time as some ugvm/BETEO people who were playing this, and I thought I’d join in hoping my useless “broadband” connection could take the pace. It held up for the first few rounds, but by the end of the first tournament the lag was causing me to blow myself up far too frequently, and by the end of the second tournament I was been told over the headset that I’d died before I actually noticed on-screen. Rubbish.

And I’d have beaten all-comers if it wasn’t for Sky! *shakes fist*

Kirby’s Fun Pak (Wii)

The SNES game on the Wii, to be more accurate. Mainly played because my daughter sometimes tells me to play Kirby games, and so this appeases her, but it is good anyway. Only one game mode left to complete, I think, though.

Is that everything I’ve played recently? Probably. Except for stuff I’ve played briefly. Like, but not limited to: Outrun Online Arcade (360), Sonic the Hedgehog (360), Super Mario All-Stars (Wii), Muscle March (Wii), and various iPad “room escape” games. And the usual Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends and Carcassonne matches too, of course.

Kirby’s Adventure (Wii): COMPLETED!

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This was pretty much forced upon me. I mean, I like Kirby. Especially Kirby’s Adventure for the NES. But playing it wasn’t really my choice. I was made to by my two year old daughter. “Daddy, play Kirby” she said. She likes it when I play Kirby because she likes to point out all the doors you have to go through, and find the ‘martoes for me.

I played some last weekend, and the rest this weekend, completing it today. Again.

I then had to buy more Kirby games from the Wii shop (I got Kirby 64 and Kirby’s Fun Pak, of which I’ve played the latter a bit already) to play next time she asks.

Kirby’s Dream Land (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Another short Game Boy game! From buying to completing, took me 32 minutes. Yes, it was short and easy. But oh so lovely!

Many people forget that the Kirby’s trademark ability-copying “power” wasn’t actually in this, his first game. In fact, he has very few moves – he can’t run, slide or squirt water when swimming. In a way, it feels like a cut-down port of the NES game, which of course it isn’t.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I’ve unlocked “hard mode” now, which I’ll probably give a go at some point.