Kororinpa (Wii)

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I certainly wasn’t going to leave the game “done” at that, was I? I mean, 50.4% complete, even though I’ve seen the credits?

So I set about getting all of the remaining green crystals, then completed the rest of the unlocked secret levels, before racking up 10 gold cups for some of the mazes (the first 5 in normal mode, and the first 5 in mirror mode). I also unlocked Space A and Space B, and so completed them.

I don’t know how to unlock Secret 15. For each of the other secret levels, you have to collect three green crystals. But I have all 45 now (Space/Mirror/Secret don’t have any), and still no Secret 15.

Kororinpa (Wii): COMPLETED!

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So it’s easier than Super Monkey Ball. That much is now very clear. But it’s not a totally fair comparison. Yeah, both games have you guiding balls through mazes, but Kororinpa is more about the vertical and the twisting and the almost-upside-downness of the mazes. And there’s the crystal collecting too. So it’s different enough to not be classed as a clone, in my opinion. Anyway.

I’ve finished Level 45, which it told me was the last one. Afterwards, there was the end of game sequence and the credits, and big letters that spelt out “THE END”, so I suspect that’s evidence enough to call the game complete.

However, there are still five squares remaining on the level select screen. I also have 9 of the 10 secret levels left to complete, and what looks like five more left to unlock. I’ve also just unlocked Mirror Mode, which I’m pretty sure is just the normal levels left-right mirrored.

So, “completed”, but not “done”. Yet.

Kororinpa (Wii)

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It’s Super Monkey Ball, only more tilty! Sort of. It’s technically easier than Super Monkey Ball as there isn’t really a time limit. You do have to collect crystals, however, but if you die then any already collected are kept, making the next attempt a bit easier.

What I mean by “more tilty” is, well, exactly that. In The Game With Monkeys In, you only tilt the controller a small way in any direction, and there’s a limit to how far you can tilt the playfield. Not so with Kororinpa! You can turn the controller as far as you like, even flipping the maze upside-down, and further than that. The controller strap becomes a bit of a hindrance actually, so I threw caution to the wind and with no thought given to the safety of small animals, children or (especially) my TV set, I took the wrist strap off. Don’t try this at home, kids!

Anyway. Progress! I’ve done the first 12 mazes, unlocked loads of balls (the pig oinks!) and music tracks, and unlocked and completed Secret Level 1. Aces.

I can’t help but feel that the graphics aren’t that great though. I mean, I’m not a graphics-whore (just look at the age of some of the games I’ve been playing, and enjoying, recently), but the GC version of Super Monkey Ball looks quite a lot better. Not that it detracts at all, it’s just slightly disappointing.