Lego Star Wars II (360)

With the main story complete, I’m mopping up the extras now. First up, was the Super Story version of Episode IV. Which was crap.

It’s basically just all the chapters of Episode IV one after the other with no breaks and no extras. It also only notched my completion percentage up by just 0.2%, even though it took me over an hour to play. What a waste of time.

After that, I finally managed to unlock the Bounty Hunter missions, curiously by buying Admiral Ackbar from the character list. Completed the first one (to find R2-D2) quite easily.

Lego Star Wars II (360): COMPLETED!

It might only be three days of play, but my saved game says 12 hours. Cripes.

So I finished off Episode VI. The first three missions were really long, but the final couple were really short – a fight with the Emporer, and a Millenium Falcon strike on the new Death Star. And after that? It was complete!

However, there’s more to collect and stuff. So I went back to Episode IV, Chapter 1, and completed it in Free Play with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Ace.

Lego Star Wars II (360)

Worked my way through all of Episode V today. I’m not really enjoying the spaceship flying/shooty sections all that much. They don’t gel all that well with the rest of the game. The sequence on Hoth was OK, but it wasn’t made clear as to what you were supposed to do. This resulted in my shooting down AT-STs and drone things for a good hour before I realised you had to blow a hole in a wall with a bomb you could tow. Duh!

After V, it was onto VI, and I’ve done the first two chapters there. I’ve spent ages around the cantena too, getting studs and buying characters and extras.

Lego Star Wars II (360)

I don’t much like Star Wars, and Lego stopped really interesting me when I was 13. And everyone knows that all film tie-ins are rubbish. So I bought it anyway.

To be fair, it was only £16, and it has had some really good reviews.

And you know what? It’s actually pretty good. It’s not fantastic, but it’s original, funny (more so if you’ve seen the films) and fun to play. So much so, in fact, that I sat and completed Episode IV (that’s the first third of the game) in one sitting.

Had a few niggles with it so far, like the targeting sometimes causing you to bitch-slap your comrades, and sometimes you not having a clue what to do next (when in doubt, smash everything), but overall it’s great so far.