Adventures of Lolo 2 (Wii)

Not played this in a while, and didn’t play for all that long today, either. I was on Floor 4, and one of the levels there took 30+ attempts, so I was stuck for a while. I’m now part way through Floor 5.

Adventures of Lolo 2 (Wii)

It would seem that this game has one power-up over the original – a hammer to smash rocks. Possibly this was in the first game too, but I don’t recall it.

Anyway, I’m not on Floor 5. Woo!

Adventures of Lolo 2 (Wii)

I bought and downloaded this for the VC at the weekend, but for reasons explained elsewhere, didn’t really get a chance to play it. But today, I did. And very lovely it is to.

Basically, it’s the same as the first game, which I played (and enjoyed) last year. If you don’t recall, it’s a Sokoban type game, where you have to collect hearts, then some treasure, then escape the room. However, you have to push blocks and take certain routes and avoid baddies (and, often, line of sight with baddies) to progress.

So far, I’ve made it half-way through Floor 3.

Adventures of Lolo (Wii): COMPLETED!

I was so close last night! I was doing 10-4 pretty much how you were supposed to, but I just needed to speed up on my Snakey-pushing. 10-5 (the final level) was way, way easier than I expected, and I did it on my second go.

Overall, it’s a great game. It looks crap, and yes, is just a crate pushing game at heart, but it’s well executed and the difficulty curve is pitched perfectly, so it’s well worth a punt. Ahaha!

Adventures of Lolo (Wii)

A few more levels, although it took me over an hour. I’m now on 10-4, which I’m pretty certain is the penultimate level. I can see how to do 10-4, it’s just I don’t seem to be quick enough at shunting egged snakeys around.

Yes, that does make sense, if you’ve played the game…

Adventures of Lolo (Wii)

OK, so I’m going to try to finish this one off. I’m off to a decent start too, having managed to get from 7-4(ish) to 9-3. Yeah, so that’s not many levels, but it’s really quite hard now and some levels are taking 20+ attempts.

I think Floor 10 is the last one. It certainly implies that the “Demon’s room is on the next floor” or something.

Adventures of Lolo (Wii)

Haven’t played this in ages (I got stuck) and was looking round the games I had on my Wii and decided to try again.

It’s getting hard now. Really hard. I managed about another five levels, reaching 7-3 (I think). Not sure how far there is to go though – I’m assuming 10 worlds?

Adventure of Lolo (Wii)

Next week on ugvm (the newsgroup, not the magazine) is Retro Week. I’ve decided. So, in preparation, I downloaded this from the Wii VC library. I vaguely remember playing it once before, and, in fact, I thought I owned it for the NES, but perhaps not.

It’s a bit like Sokoban, only with less pushing and more baddies. Sort of. The idea is to collect all the hearts on the screen, which activates a treasure chest, and you reach that to open the door to the next screen. But you have to navigate the screen “mazes” in certain ways, avoid things, and try not to block yourself in.

It’s actually pretty good. Anyway, I reached level 3-5 (I don’t know how many there are in total, but there’s 5 on each “floor”) without too much difficulty.