Lostmagic (DS)

Hmm. I’m not really sure if I’m enjoying this or not. The premise is great – draw shapes to cast spells – but the fights are too difficult as a result. You’re under two much pressure to draw quickly and accurately, and your mana bar (which you use for spells) drains much too fast. Even the faux-RTS element with controllable monsters that you’ve captured is clumsy and hit-and-miss. There’s just too much to keep an eye on at once.

Anyway. I’ve run away from the Diva of Twilight, had a few fights, killed an evil mage, and now I’ve found the Sage of Water. Only he’s gone bad. So I have to kill him. But it’s too hard.

Decided to play a duel online then, having given up on the Sage of Water, and got my bottom handed to me in under 10 seconds by someone on a much much higher level than me, who was accompanied by what appeared to be a pack of golden wolves. Oh.

Lostmagic (DS)

Either this game is stupidly hard, or I’m missing something obvious. It took loads of attempts to complete the rescue-the-girl mission, but then the run-away mission defeated me several times too (not least because you’re not given any clue as to where you’re supposed to run to. Silly.

Anyway. I’ve now just found my “grandma” missing and loads more monsters to kill.

Lostmagic (DS)

I’ve had this game for aaaaages now. I bought it when it first came out in the US, and was really excited about the possibility of a decent DS RPG with art in the style of Studio Ghibli. It arrived, got put on my shelf, and then… nothing.

But I’ve completed all my recent DS games (except Final Fantasy III, but I’ve got the first two to make a start on before that), so I’ve dipped into my pile of older games.

So far: I’ve fought some stuff, learnt how to capture baddies, met Leonard, fought more stuff, and found a girl who fell from the sky. I now have to protect her, but can’t as it’s two hard and I die. Tch.