Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch): COMPLETED!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is very much a return to the first game, rather than the multiple small mansion structure of the 3DS second game in the series. Not that the second game was bad, but it works better as one big mansion. Or rather, one big hotel as it is here.

Each floor is themed, with a boss ghost that fits into that theme, and the aim is to beat the bosses to get the lift buttons to allow you to reach new floors. There are a few diversions along the way, Polterkitty being one and a main irritation as she steals a button and you have to chase her around the hotel for reasons of artificially lengthening the game. If you remember, the original Luigi’s Mansion was purposefully short, with Nintendo explaining that’s how people prefer their games, so it’s a little odd to do this.

One of the floors is a nightclub.

Another diversion is when you have to navigate the lower basement, complete with the worst control scheme and associated boss in the game. Moving your inflatable duck around in order to avoid spikes and mines is incredibly fiddly and frustrating, and is definitely the worst bit of the game.

But those two things are pretty much all I can say that’s negative. The rest is a joy from start to finish, with gorgeous visuals in that way only Nintendo can create, pleasing to solve puzzles, humorous events and characters, and the best selection of in-game toilets I’ve seen in a very long time. After I’d cleared about three floors I realised there was in-game co-op too – not just the same sort of multiplayer modes from the 3DS games. This meant I could play the whole of the rest of the game with my daughter, and it was great!

Best toilets ever. You can even hoover up the toilet roll.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS): COMPLETED!

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Our hero had recovered all but one of the Dark Moon fragments, and had located the final piece – inside a giant portal on the roof of the final mansion. After defeating wave after wave of ghosts as they were ejected from the portal, he was sucked into the purple swirly and was confronted with a boss – several suits of armour followed by one massive suit of armour, who was impossible to defeat. Was this the end of our hero’s adventure? Will the Dark Moon ever be stitched back together? Just how many pairs of pants has Luigi gone through anyway?


The giant suit of armour was actually really easy. I just needed to be careful and bide my time. After that, was the real final boss fight with King Boo (which isn’t really a spoiler as it’s obvious he’s the final boss before you even get to the end of the first mansion), which was alarmingly simple. Probably the easiest boss fight in the entire game, in fact, in part due to the many, many hearts thrown at you in the “side scrolling” sections of the battle.

And that’s it! Dark Moon restored, and the valley saved. For now.

Things I’ve been playing recently

phoenixwrightdlcPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS)

I completed it, sure. But then Capcom went and released a DLC case for it this week. So I had no choice but to buy it and play it. I’m not far in yet, as I’m still on the first day of investigation, but it’s awesome. And it has my new favourite character – Marlon Rimes. Who is a sort of pirate marine zookeeper rapper. Oh yes.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

I have to stop playing this soon. I don’t want to, but there are too many games. I’m mainly just chatting to animals and buying all the things in the shop each day now. Thing is, it’s Christmas in Animal Crossingland soon, and that’s going to be special, right?

Wii Sports Club (Wii U)

I managed a high score of 201, but I got much higher than that the other week and it isn’t listed any more for some reason. Rubbish!

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

I’m finally past the Clock Factory Mansion levels, and even past the snowy mine levels after that (which for some reason was two missions shorter). I’m now onto what I suspect, according to the map and the fact I’ve only one piece of Dark Moon left, is the final mansion. Wooo!

Games I’ve been playing recently

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Another roundup! Woo!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

I’ve played this every single day now for more than four months, and you’d think it’d have grown old by now. But no – I’m still finding new things to do. Being October I’m collecting Spooky Furniture, and this week I managed to pass Gracie’s 4th and final test so she’s now opened up a store inside newly renovated T&T’s. Excellent.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

Still in the Clock Tower, but have beaten a few more missions. It’s a great game, but every time I turn my 3DS on, Animal Crossing comes first!

Wonderful 101 (Wii U)

After Brothers (urgh) this was my next big console game to start. Super backlog fighter, yo. And, despite what everyone has said about it, I’m not enjoying it. Having discussed it with lots of people, I’ve come to the conclusion my copy of the game is actually broken. My main issue is that if I draw a circle, I get a red circle. Pressing A should trigger Unite Hand. 95% of the time, it doesn’t – I get a sword. Nobody else is getting this issue, and it’s easily repeatable.

Besides that, I’m struggling to fight big things, and avoid attacks. And figure out what to do half the time as the instructions don’t seem to come up when you actually need them. Ho hum.

I’ll keep trying, but I’m not sure I’m able to “fix” it.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

Slayed (slew?) my first Barioth in a welcome return to playing this. It’s been too long. Awesome.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

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It’s slow going through the Mansions. Not because I don’t like the game – quite the opposite. More the way I’m playing. Since the game is split into missions, each about 20-30 minutes long, I’ve only been doing one or two at a time. Which would still be quite quick, if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I turn my 3DS on, oh look – there’s Animal Crossing.

“Just 5 minutes” on Animal Crossing turns into “oh, no time for Luigi now”, more often than not, so the green plumber is getting a slow burn.

At the moment, I’ve just done the second mission in the Clock Factory mansion. Which isn’t really a mansion, what with being a factory. I also gave the Thrill Tower a go online, which was pretty good fun too.

Things I’ve been playing recently

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Roundup time!

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U)

At less than £15, I couldn’t resist this. The best version of essentially the sequel to one of the best driving games ever (Burnout Paradise)? Sold! And, I’ve not been disappointed. Sure, it’s more realistic with the real cars and less arcadey handling, and yeah, the billboards and barriers you have to smash through aren’t all bright red and yellow, and OK, so there are police cars out to spoil your fun… but it’s still a fantastic game. It’s still just fun to drive very very very very fast for miles down the wrong side of the road for no reason.

I’ve shut down the Most Wanted cars 10 to 6, and have about 500,000 points (it seems you need to hit a million or so in total to unlock all the Most Wanted car events), so that, combined with my Single Player Progress of 49%, I’d say I’m almost halfway complete…

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

I’ve had this for a while but as I acquired 7 top 3DS games all in the space of about a fortnight, it didn’t get played instantly. I made a start on it this week, and although I’ve only done the first four or five missions, I’m loving it already. It’s just so polished and Nintendo. And Luigi humming the theme tune never gets old.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

This is still getting played every single day. Literally. I haven’t missed a day since release. My main task for the last week or so, however, has been to try and increase the number of Public Works projects open to me. I’ve built a few, like the fence, a torch and a wind turbine, but the animals keep suggesting rubbish like signs when I actually want a big flower clock and a lighthouse.

Rayman Legends (Wii U)

I preordered this over a year ago. Then it was delayed. Then the credit card I ordered it with expired. Then it turned up on Tuesday. I’ve not been charged for it. Seemed a shame to send it back.

My daughter and I have been playing it all co-op so far. She’s been Murfy as much as possible, and we’ve been jumping all over the place with the levels, not working through them in order like my brain keeps screaming to, but she’s enjoying it too much to not play it this way. We had a good 45 minute session the other day where all we did way punch and kick each other. Marvellous.

Pokemon Rumble U (Wii U)

Another co-op game with my daughter. She gets to be the All Powerful Kyurem who can defeat everything in a single hit, where I have to keep upgrading my Mewtwo to remain alive for more than ten seconds. It’s button-mashy, but that’s OK because it’s fun anyway.