Power Factor (Evercade): COMPLETED!

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I got an Evercade for Christmas, and this – originally an Atari Lynx game – was the first title I completed. Not sure why I chose it, but a brief play as I was running through the various games hooked me a little and soon I’d finished it.

It’s a platform shooter, except you don’t jump much as you have a jetpack. Across about 15 levels, all of which feel exactly the same, you have to find elements of a bomb, then find the exit, then beat a boss, then move on.

Although it isn’t really very hard, it’s pretty frustrating as your gun is less effective than a water pistol and even the most basic of enemies need a million shots to destroy, let alone the bosses. You get extra weapons but each only allows a handful of uses, and they don’t carry from level to boss so you can’t even hoard them.

Still, as Lynx games go (damning with faint praise), it’s not bad.

Batman Returns (Lynx): COMPLETED!

tumblr_o1gvmhnl6y1svmpf2o1_1280What a pile of utter tripe. A game that on the face of it looks a bit like the original Batman on the Megadrive (which was actually pretty good), but is actually nothing of the sort.

In this game, Batman moves from left to right failing to avoid enemies and their attacks because it impossible to dodge them all. Sometimes he’ll fall in a hole because of this, and it’ll be Game Over. That’s right – you have a single life, and if you fall in a hole it’s instant death and you start the entire game all over again. Utter nonsense.

tumblr_o1gvlaq3ue1svmpf2o1_1280You can’t even bide your time and take baddies out when you’re able to avoid their guns or bombs or rockets or whatever, as they constantly respawn and crowd you. The game is impossible.

Thankfully, there’s a level skip cheat that I employed to save having to play the whole thing again every time I died. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned it’s a missing Continue option.