Time Gal (MegaCD): COMPLETED!

First up, let me say this: I completed Time Gal in Easy mode. I’m not proud, but any other mode is completely impossible. You simply have no way of reacting correctly to the action, and it’s unplayable in the same way Dragon’s Lair is.

Time Gal
It is not explained why Time Gal is warping from near-death to near-death across the ages like a crap Sam Beckett.

With that confession out of the way, I’d also have to say it wasn’t worth it. Like Dragon’s Lair (and other FMV games of this kind), it doesn’t work. You see, it’s two things: A reaction (and/or memory) tester game, and a film. As a game, remembering every button press, in order, for 30 minutes of gameplay is not fun in any way, shape or form. As a film, it’s not possible to enjoy it because you have to concentrate on the button presses. As a result, it’s best to experience via watching someone else – who has memorised the entire sequence so they don’t fail too often – play it instead.

Time Gal
Nor why she is wearing such a skimpy outfit. Oh wait! It’s because she’s a woman in a video game.

Time Gal is a stupid relic of an age where video was impressive and what seemed to be an interactive cartoon wowed everyone, but it’s boring, shallow and annoying. And the MegaCD version has terrible grainy FMV anyway. What a waste of everyone’s time.

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Puggsy (MegaCD): COMPLETED!

PuggsyPuggsy was probably my most played, and certainly one of my most enjoyed, MegaCD games. It was huge, and had even more levels and bosses than the plain Mega Drive version, some of which made use of the MegaCD’s hardware with sprite manipulation and FMV.

I’ve been picking away at it over the last couple of weeks, finding it generally easier than it ever was back then, but struggling to find the secret or alternative exits in some of the levels so progress was less quick than you’d expect. Some I could remember, some I could remember but not how to do it, and some I had no recollection of at all – the final boss for instance was not the final boss and I’d totally forgotten about the real final boss. Even though I remembered the really annoying level with the spiky ball you can’t pick up, which comes after what I thought was the final boss.

PuggsyAnyway! It was a lot of fun to play again after such a long time, and I’ve completed about 45 of the 51 levels so may return to finish off the final few. There are some more secrets I’d like to re-see, like some of the bonus levels (I got the Jetpac one, but know I’m missing the Arkanoid one and at least one more) and the Wiz ‘n’ Liz reference. I found Galahad (aka Leander) in one level so that’s prompted me to add that game to the list of must-plays too.

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