Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

It’s a bit tricky now, it seems. Having finished all of the 4th lab, I’m now onto the 5th (the Geo Lab, I think), and it’s a big step up. Amongst other things, so far I’ve had to navigate hundreds of angled conveyors, and split a blob into three and keep a track of all of the bits.

However, I have unlocked all of the “party” games (I say “party” as, although that’s what the game calls them, they’re all single player only!) now, and played each of those for a bit. The Paint one was OK, but got dull after 8 or so levels, the Metris one is just rubbish and Race is alright, but being single player (with no CPUs to race) makes it seem pointless.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

I’m now half way through the 4th lab (Electro Lab, I think), and things are getting difficult now. There are things chasing me, blocks that move that I have to block the path of to get them to go the way I want, but they leave a trail of slime that kills me, and levels where I have to direct two lots of blobs at once are becoming more common.

I’ve unlocked all bar one of the party games now too!

Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)

Just in time to fill the Resident Evil 4-shaped void in my Wii drive slot, Mercury Meltdown Revolution arrived this morning. If you want it yourself, it’s a bargainlicious £14.99 at at the moment.

I was expecting more of the Super Monkey Ball/Kororinpa thing with this, but it doesn’t feel like them at all. In fact, it’s more puzzles and less steady-hand, and you even hold the remote 90 degrees left from those other two games. Many of the puzzles revolve around you splitting your mercury blob up, colouring each part a different colour, then merging them to form a third colour, which is totally different to the other ball-steering titles.

So far, I’ve done the tutorial, all of the first “lab” (world, basically), and half of the second lab. I’ve also unlocked the Rodeo minigame, so played that a bit, and messed around in the playground for a bit. Seems pretty ace so far!