Mirror’s Edge (iPhone): COMPLETED!

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The Rev had pointed out that this was excellent. I wasn’t so sure, since I loved the 360 version and a move to a 2D, controller-less version didn’t seem like it would work. If only he’d said “It’s like ‘Run!’, only better”, I’d have bought it like a shot.

As it is, The Rev died this week. Also this week, EA had a sale on the App Store, and Mirror’s Edge was reduced to 59p, so in some strange, possibly wrong, way – I bought it in tribute. Is that appropriate? Probably not. Would The Rev mind? I doubt it. Too late now, anyway.

Today, I played it from start to finish in one sitting. And it is glorious. Just like Run!, there are swipes to do different moves, and you can change running direction, wall run, climb, swing and do an alarming number of things you can in the “proper” game – all in 2D. It feels the same too, with the same graphical style and story. At 59p, it’s an utter bargain.

Mirror’s Edge (360): COMPLETED!

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It would appear that Mirror’s Edge is somewhat shorter than I was expecting. There’s only 9 chapters, and aside from a couple of bits that I was obviously doing the wrong way (a car park and the security servers bits), it wasn’t that hard either – even though I was playing it on Normal and refusing to use guns.

That isn’t to say it’s bad – far from it. It’s just over a bit soon, that’s all. I only paid £13 for it so I’m not bothered really, but if I’d spend full whack (which I never do, so it’s all hypothetical!) I’d be disappointed. It probably explains why the price of the game came down so quick, anyway.

Of course, there’s all the time trial stuff and the speed runs, but having played them for a bit I’ve found I’m simply not cut out for them. I managed to just squeeze in under qualifying time for some of the runs, but that only gets you a single star. I don’t have a hope in hell of getting three stars on any of them!

Mirror’s Edge (360)

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I thought this for £13 was a bargain from Asda the other day. Until I saw it for £9.98 in Blockbuster this weekend. Oh well.

After milking Lego Batman for everything it had, I moved onto Mirror’s Edge. It’s really good too, if somewhat hard and disorientating. It isn’t making me feel sick (like many have found), it’s just I get lost easily and even though there’s a button to look at where you’re supposed to go, that doesn’t help.

I’ve died loads too. Loads and loads. But it doesn’t get frustrating like I’d expect – there are many ways to tackle most of the sections I’ve come across so far, and restart points are frequent so you never have to repeat large areas of the game.

I’m up to Chapter 4, and part way through that – the bit where you have to jump from train to train.