No More Heroes (Wii)

After defeating the girl yesterday, I was ranked 8th in the game. I didn’t get as far as fighting for Rank 7 today, however, as I stupidly spent all my money on a new beam katana, some training, and a video.

Which meant I had to do a load of side missions and jobs to make enough money. And litter picking is tedious.

No More Heroes (Wii)

With Zack and Wiki completed, it was on to the other Wii game I bought recently. Or one of them, at least. Today, I completed a few jobs (mainly lawnmowing) to make some more money, giving me enough cash to pay for the next fight.

Which was set in a school. After beating up a load of thugs, I had to defeat a schoolgirl with a samurai sword. I’m sort of enjoying the game, but I’m not really sure if it’s going to hold me to the end. It’s very repetitive, and somewhat easy. So far at least.

No More Heroes (Wii)

I bought two new games today. I haven’t bought any in ages, and finally got round to paying in some cheques for my birthday this morning. And they were on offer in Gamestation. So I thought, why not?

So I bought No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki, both for the Wii.

I’ve only played the former today, but so far, it has been excellent. I’ve done the training, killed the assassins ranked at 10 and 9, explored the town a bit, collected coconuts, assassinated a bloke in a car park, and went shopping. I love the style of it, and the controls are way better than I expected.