The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

I can’t seem to stay away from Cyrodiil, can I? I had given it a break for a couple of weeks as the Shivering Isles expansion apparently introduced a bug that corrupted item drops, inventories and all sorts, so I was waiting for a fix. That fix came in last week, so I continued my quest to scale the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood!

And blimey. What a nasty job was next! Lucien Lechance ordered me to slaughter the everyone in my sanctuary. Yes, the lot. All because one of them may be a traitor. Bit drastic, no?

So I killed them all, which was easier than expected as even killing one in a room full of others went completely unnoticed. I did stop the killing briefly to finish an open quest one of my victims had given me (to find his Shadowscale brother and kill him) before finishing them all off. One had done a runner to Leyawiin too, which was a pain as they were wandering round in plain view for hours. In the end, I trapped them behind a tree, and murdered them in secret. Ace.

Then it was back to Lucien, who promoted me to Silencer (Achievement Unlocked!) and gave me a scary black horse with eeeviiil red eyes. Called Shadowmere. And who appears to be indestructible. He then gave me another task (via a dead drop) to kill a necromancer who was trying to turn himself into a lich. All I had to do was pickpocket him and steal his hourglass, which killed him. Easy!

Now I’m in Chorral, and have visited another dead drop which has told me to go and slaughter an entire family. Nice.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

With Shivering Isles all done and dusted (um, bar all the side quests of course), I’ve decided to mop up the remaining questlines in the main game. First up, was going back the the Dark Brotherhood.

I was given the task of killing an elf in the Imperial City, who was pretty easy to do in. He spend a few hours imbibing Skooma in an abandoned house, so all I had to do was find him there.

Then, I was sent out to a remote fort where I had to replace a bloke’s medicine with some poison. Since I’d made myself a load of great sneak clothes and chameleon jewellry, as well as concocted a 30 second invisibility spell, it was really very easy.

After that, I had to attend a party with five other people in a house in Skingrad, and kill them all. This was also easy, as I just waited until they were alone and then sneak attacked them for instant killage.

Finally (for now), I as required to bump off a retired guard using the Rose of Sithis arrow. I was warned that I’d need to fire it at him whilst he was out of his armour, which I thought was going to be a pain, but in fact was simple as he was swimming without it when I first found him. Thwip! I then needed to remove his finger (mmm, nice) and plant it in his replacement’s desk drawer as a warning not to mess with the Dark Brotherhood. Sadly, I was seen, so I had to make a run for it – and then found the guy at the Imperial City waterfront who could get me off the hook. Phew! Achievement Unlocked!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360): COMPLETED!

Super marathon session today, resulting in the end of the Shivering Isles expansion pack and questline. I’m classing it as a separate game to Oblivion, in terms of completion status for several reasons: the size, the cost, the fact you don’t need to have played the main game to “do” Shivering Isles, and it’s an entirely separate, self-contained world. Plus, Bethesda list in on their site as a separate game anyway, so if it’s good enough for them, I feel justified.

I don’t want to go into details, as that’ll spoil it for others who haven’t finished it yet. And there’s so much I did today that I can’t really be bothered retelling the lot. However, I will say a few things.

Firstly, I predicted the “twist” in the story. It gets more and more obvious as it comes to the big reveal, but it’s still possible to miss, I think. Not that predicting it changed my perception of the game or anything, but the whole plotline is a work of genius.

Things I did today included recreating the Gatekeeper from parts of my choosing, killing the head of a cult to find her eye, having a very bizarre encounter – with myself (which I tried to make easier by coming into the fight naked, hoping my clone would be too, but no), and using some friendly walking trees to halt the spread of Order. Yes indeed.

Oh, and I killed Jyggalag too. Hurrahs!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

Played loads today. Loads. And loads. First off was relighting the great torch, which involved finding a place where there were two altars, one controlled by the Dementia Dark Seducers and the other by the Mania Golden Angels.

Of course, they didn’t want to cooperate with each other to light both, so instead I had to wipe one lot out. I decided to kill off the Dark Seducers simply because they scare me a little. With that, I had the two altars lit, and it was back to the church in Bliss/Crucible to light a fire there. I had to choose either Mania or Dementia, so as a karma thing, I chose Dementia.

Sheogorath then appeared, and asked me to become one of his dukes. Which duke I became was up to me, but basically, it meant I had to kill off either Thalon or Syl and replace them. Again with the choices… I picked Syl, as I thought she might be easier to dispatch, as I expected just a straightforward fight. But no – she’d done a runner down some secret path and I had to go in and get her, killing more Dark Seducers on the way. Tch.

Once she was dead, I was made Duke of Dementia, and got an achievement; but then found out that there was an achievement for becoming Duke of Mania too – game reloading FTL. Did it anyway, and poisoned Thalon, became Duke of Mania, and got that achievement too. Then it was back to my “proper” save, and I carried on.

The Fringe had gone all grey! Because of the Graymarch, of course. And my Dark Seducers were defending it. Had to help out there, then enter an underground passageway to destroy an obelisk. Found a Passwall refugee down there too. After that, I went back to Sheogorath and he said we need a new Gatekeeper. Off I went again, to another dungeon to find the woman wot makes Gatekeepers, and she’s now send me off to her sanctum to find “ingredients”. Do I look like Igor?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

Off I went to the Burrow place to find (and eat) some felldew – a drug which slowly hindered my strength, speed, health and assorted other things. Well, once it started to wear off anyway. While I was still “under the influence” I was super-powerful.

The plan was to enter this place full of big spider things, and find a chalice to cure me of the felldew addiction which I’d encounted because I had to get into the place the chalice was in. Yes. It was all pointless. Unfortunately, as the felldew effects wore off, I had to search for another “hit” – the venom of one of the spiders. So began the lightning fast run through the dungeon splatting arachnids to fuel my drug frenzy. But! Chalice get! Duke of Mania pleased! Achievement get!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

I’m The Grand Inquisitor. LOLZ.

So I Inquisitored some people, with the ‘help’ of the torture bloke, and found out who was trying to kill Lady Syl. People died, I got a reward, and all was happy again. Probably.

After that, I nipped back to Bravil to dump my “spoils”, and returned to Bliss, to start on the quest for the chalice for the Duke of Mania. Seems I’m almost 8 hours into this expansion do far. Cripes.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

First thing today was to head to Xedilian, essentially a giant trap, to activate it. On the way though, was Knotty Brambles – where there was supposed to be a cure for the illness the innkeeper in Crucible has. So I nipped in there first, got the cure, and went back to Sickly Bernice.

Then, it was back to the quest at hand, and a tour round Xedilian, killing goblin things (which aren’t goblins) and activating the three crystals, and finally “turning the place on”. After that, the caretaker appeared and told me Xedilian has already started drawing adventurers in, and I had to kill or confuse them by activating traps. I sent them all mad, and then got my pick of their possessions – including a great sword called Dawnfang (which turns into Duskfang at, er, dusk) which seems to swallow enemies, powering itself up. Ace!

I went to see Cutter the armourer, who crafted me some great armour with my Madness Ore thingies I’d picked up from baddies.

After that, I pushed a guy off a ledge (he wanted me to kill him), and then went to see Sheogorath again, who gave me the power to summon his servant Haskill, much to Haskill’s annoyance. Shoegorath is the best NPC ever.

I’ve now been given two tasks – one for the Duke of Mania, who wants me to find “felldew” – a poison, and a chalice. The other is to find someone who is conspiring to kill Syl, the Dutchess of Dementia. She gave me the services of her torturer, who has helped me “extract” some information from the citizens of Bliss and Crucible. He’s ace too!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (360)

You knows it! I got it working! Actually, I didn’t do anything – I just gave it one last shot, and lo, when I booted the game it told me there was an update for it. An update that didn’t exist an hour previously. Bizarre. But none of that matters now, as I’ve made it into the Shivering Isles!

First of all, there was a chat with a creepy butler type bloke who asked if I wanted to enter the portal. Of course, I did. So I wandered on through (sort of…) and found the little village of Passwall, and the Gatekeeper. Had to talk to some people to find out how to actually kill the Gatekeeper (to get the keys to make it into the rest of the Isles, but he was easily dispatched once I’d got it figured.

Then I had the choice of the Mania door, or the Dementia door. I chose Mania, as it was described as more happy and colourful. I slowly headed my way to the city where Sheogorath was residing, killing strange baddies on the way, picking very strange mushrooms, plants and other ingredients, and finding a few locations. The world here is most odd.

Eventually, I walked into Crucible, a city, and chatted with residents and shopkeepers. One guy wants me to kill him. A woman who runs a museum wants me to find “odd” things – like what? Everything is odd here. Found the entrance to Sheogorath’s palace, and went in.

He’s mad. I mean, I know he’s supposed to be mad, but he’s a complete loon. And his accent is something else. Anyway. He has given me a quest – to go to some place and put judgment things in some other things. Or something. Hurrah!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

Get really quite annoyed at this now. I’ve spent about £20 on this expansion, but can’t get it to trigger. Waiting, sleeping, talking to people, clearing the cache, re-downloading the file, all sorts. Nothing works. I want to play The Shivering Isles, dammit!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (360)

I bought the new expansion for Oblivion the other day: The Shivering Isles. I decided today to make a start on it. So I loaded it up, and…

…nothing. At all. Well, aside from a message on the title screen saying “Loading Addtional Content”. I was expecting a message or something when I started playing to say that the portal was open. But no.

So I went to Anvil, where I thought the island might be. It wasn’t, but I did complete a quest on a pirate ship there instead. Then I headed back to Bravil. Someone on t’t’t’tinternet said I had to sleep for 24 hours to trigger the expansion, so I did. And nothing. I gained a level though (now on 14), and then found out that the portal is supposed to be on an island near Bravil. But it wasn’t. Killed some minotaurs instead. Bah.