3D Outrun (3DS): COMPLETED!

tumblr_nl49s9vtv31svmpf2o1_400Long awaited by many, 3D Outrun finally found its way onto the European eShop today, and I had to buy it instantly. It’s a superb conversion, actually improving on the original arcade game by making it widescreen and 60fps (not that I can tell it’s not 30fps any more – I’m fps-blind) and most importantly, 3D.

tumblr_nl49sdkvqy1svmpf2o1_400It’s hard to express just how fantastic the 3D effect is. It was great in 3D Afterburner II and 3D Space Harrier, but in 3D Outrun it is truly astounding, especially on stages with road furniture on both sides and bridging over the road. You really feel like you’re in a tunnel. It’s incredible, and adds to the feeling of speed too.

This version also adds two extra music tracks. Neither are as good as Magical Sound Shower, but then, that’s a near impossible task. They’re at least as good as Splash Wave and Passing Breeze though, and it’s hard to think they were not originally in the arcade version they sound so well suited.

tumblr_nl49sklhph1svmpf2o1_400As the title of the post suggests, yes, I’ve completed it already. It isn’t a long game, and it’s a bit easier than I recall the arcade version being, but it is still so much fun to play. I ran through it five times (plus a few more where I ran out of time) reaching each of the five goals. Each one unlocks a “car tune-up”, such as better cornering or a higher top speed, and using these changes the colour of your car. It does feel a little odd to be driving a yellow or purple not-Ferarri (actually, the car seems to be an Armani now – no, really, look at the logo), it has to be said.

Excellent game and impossible to play without a massive grin. Especially if you pick Magical Sound Shower on the radio.

Outrun 2006 (PSP)

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Yes! I bought a PSP game! Mainly because I saw it in a bargain bin for less than three quid, and I quite like Outrun 2006. And I quite like this too.

It’s not without fault, though. Firstly, there’s the save game bug. Like some other early (and mainly Sega) PSP games, the game won’t recognise there’s any free space on memory cards bigger than 4GB. Mine is 16GB, with 14.5GB free, and Outrun said there wasn’t enough space for it to create a 1600KB file. Oops!

Luckily, a downloaded-from-GameFAQs Outrun save solved that, and I deleted the licence info from it, and it’s all working now.

The other main problem is the controls. The analogue “nub” is useless, and the d-pad doesn’t give enough control, what with being digital and all. Combined with the whatever-the-left-action-button-is-called being used as brake (rather than the right action button), it made drifting a bit hard. I’ll probably get used to it, I suppose.  Unless I just put my PSP away again (which is likely).

I did manage to complete an “Easy” route on the Outrun 2SP course, though.

Outrun Online Arcade (360): COMPLETED!

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Well, I did say that online was the main bit of Outrun, didn’t I?

“Completed”, in case you’re wondering, entailed this: completing every Goal from A-E, and the 15 Stage mode, all on Normal difficulty. Yeah, a bit short, but never mind.

I did try some time trials, but there’s no way on earth I’ll ever manage to get the achievements for them. 4:30 to reach a goal? My fastest time, with no mess-ups, crashes, and very little off-roading, was done in 4:56. Rubbish.

Outrun Online Arcade (360)

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It’s Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast! Only not quite! For 800 points on Xbox Live Arcade!

What is ace: It’s FUN. Like the older versions. It’s also SHINY. What is not ace: There’s less there in the previous games. It has Arcade mode and Heat Attack mode, but no mission mode or anything.

What is a real killer: online mode, the main point of the game, is broken. It’s all too easy to get the BSOD – where the track vanishes and you can’t see the road, essentially making you lose. Not only that, but the leaderboards are arranged so as to be pointless – you can’t use the leaderboard of friends, as the friends leaderboard is arranged alphabetically rather than by time. Rubbish!

But… it’s Outrun and fantastic. So all is well.

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast (Xbox)

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Well, Ye Olde Xbox got dusted off today so I could play two games I bought over Christmas as they were cheap. First up was this. It’s basically Outrun 2, but with the Outrun 2SP levels in addition, and a new single player mode. And it’s lovely. Just as lovely as Outrun 2 was, only more so.

Played Arcade Mode for a bit, and reached goals A, B and C (and failed D), then went into Mission Mode (or whatever it’s called) and did all the first set of Flagman events, and some of the Girlfriend events. I then went and bought some stuff with the “Outrun Miles” I’d “earned”, including some more audio tracks, and another game mode – Outrun 2SP 15 Stage Mode.

Basically, it’s all 15 possible stages, one after another. Ace! I only managed to get as far as 13 though, being about one second from the checkpoint. Bah.