Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Spent most of today with the third case. It is much longer than either of the first two, and quite a bit more complicated. There’s this great character you meet – a director called Sal Manella, who talks in 1337 speak all the time. He’s hilarious.

Again, I won’t spoilt it for you if you haven’t played it, but rest assured there are more twists than a twisted up twisty thing twisting around.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Like Atari MagiMix Sexy Razor Happy Girls 10 Game below, this game also arrived today. And, it too was on offer from Play Asia. I missed out when it first came out as I was worried it might be a little bit dull. I mean, it’s a game about lawyers, right? How wrong I was.

I played through the first trial this evening – I was defending a friend who was framed for murder. There were plenty of plot twists, which made for a great story, and it was fun finding all the contradictions in the testamonies and evidence. And even finding new uses for evidence too…

I can’t say too much as it’d be a huge spoiler, but it is great.

After winning that case, I played through the first chapter of the second case. Which, again, I can’t say too much about. Phoenix has been dropped in at the deep end, though, and so far doesn’t seem to have a hope in hell of winning. Cliffhanger!